21 Best Money Earning Apps for Students [ZERO Investment]

A student’s life is filled with late-night study sessions, coffee runs, and a constant cash crunch. In fact, your ambitions are sky-high, but not your bank balances. Sound familiar? Fear not! It’s time to turn your smartphone into a smart money-making tool with some best money earning apps for students without investment.

Fortunately, your smartphone can be more than just an Instagram-scrolling device; it can be the best tool to make some cool cash. No investment, just instant profit in your bank account. With exciting games, survey apps, reselling products or referring friends, there are a ton of ways to earn money online for students side-by-side to your daily grind. 

Best Money Earning Apps without Investment for Students

And if you’re always short on cash, this is the best-ever guide on money making for students without investment. No extra effort, no time-consuming hours; just follow our guide for some quick earn cash. Now, it’s time to change your luck! Read along with us. 

What are the criteria for selecting the best money earning app?

Here are some of the essential factors to consider before opting for the best no-investment earning apps in India:

  1. 100% Legal apps: Safety and privacy always matter! Always double-check that the app is legal and has high user ratings. Read the positive reviews from the internet and confirm thrice before installing these apps on your device.
  1. User-friendly Interface: As a student, you are always juggling between study, part-time jobs, tuition – and whatnot! So make sure your chosen free money earning app has a simple interface that lets you earn quick money.
  1. Payment Authenticity: Many times we encountered apps that don’t pay out after your hard efforts, especially scamming you. To be aware, always verify the legitimacy of payments. You can look through user reviews to discover if there are any recurring issues with payments.
  1. Flexibility: The student life is always busy with a constant focus on studies. So it must be that these real money earning apps in India give you flexibility to earn money hassle-free in your availability. 

As you read further, know more about zero investment earning apps containing all the aforementioned criteria, making your search for the ultimate pick. 

Ways to earn through money earning apps in India without investment in 2023

With numerous money-earning apps available in the market, we’ve categorized it into several categories. This makes it easier for you to choose apps depending on your interests, skills, and availability. From gaming to freelancing, from surveys to reselling, there’s something for everyone

So, without any further ado, let’s find out the top online money earning apps without investment in India 2023:

1) Cashback & Rewards apps

Cashback and rewards apps act like your shopping buddy. Every time you buy from their associated stores or complete ongoing tasks, they give you a slice of your spending back either as real cash or on a commission basis. It’s like getting a thank-you bonus for shopping! So, next time you’re thinking of buying online, use these daily earn money apps and watch your savings grow.

Here are a few best cashback apps in India:

Easy Cash

As the name speaks, Easy Cash provides a straightforward way to earn money legitimately. It has quickly captured users’ attention owing to stress-free tasks. 

Its tie-ups with well-known brands offer students to earn free online money without investment and an added bonus, allowing them to earn rewards on their usual purchases. Your earnings totally rely on your engagement and the effort you put in.

Money Earning Cashback App 1

Ways to earn on Easycash app: 

  • Sign up and earn up to Rs 50 instantly
  • Check in-daily for consistent rewards
  • Play quizzes and games, or watch videos to win real cash
  • Shop online and enjoy extra rewards
  • Earn additional cash when you read ebooks and newspapers
  • Refer friends to the app and get 100 coins for each download

Sikka Pro

Sikka Pro is among the best earning app paytm cash that has over 1Cr+ installs. This indicates its trustworthiness in providing real cash for completing simple offers.

What sets it apart is the premium Sikka Pro version that comes with extra rewards, offering an added avenue to boost your income. They have raised their withdrawal caps, which bridge the gap between your everyday financial capital.

Money Earning Cashback App 2

Ways to earn on Sikka Pro app:

  • Sign up and stand a chance to win up to Rs 100
  • Open the app daily to receive a reward
  • Complete top offers for high payouts
  • Join their quiz tournaments
  • Invite friends and earn 100% when they complete their first three offers


CashNGifts stands out with over 100+ games in the list of best cash earning apps. This app offers more than just cashback. You earn points on a diverse range of activities, offering an enjoyable and convenient platform.

When it comes to redeeming these points, the primary option is their digital partner, Paytm. Additionally, points can be exchanged for rewards from top-tier brands like Flipkart, Myntra, and Cafe Coffee Day, among others.

Money Earning Cashback App 3

Ways to earn on CashNGifts app:

  • Sign Up Bonus: Register now and instantly receive Rs 15
  • Daily Offers: Complete daily tasks and earn up to 4000 points
  • Fun Activities: Play entertaining games, spin the wheel of fortune or solve problems to earn up to 1000 points each day
  • Digital Vouchers: Sell them and earn up to 2000 points
  • Online Shopping: Shop from your favourite online stores and receive up to 500 points per purchase
  • Referral Program: Invite friends and earn up to 50% of commissions

2) Gaming apps

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Do you love to compete with fellow gamers virtually? Below-mentioned cash earning games are for you all. Whether it’s playing Teen Patti, Ludo, fantasy cricket or other ways, these apps let you turn your skills into real cash. Compete, score, and stand a chance to win big – sometimes, even in the millions, totally based on your luck. 

Let’s explore the best gaming apps in India:


MPL has revolutionized the Indian mobile gaming platform with its unique approach. Think of it as a one-stop shop for many of your favourite games like Ludo, Teen Patti, Fantasy Cricket, Opinio, Rummy, etc. bundled into one app. 

Not just for fun, when you participate in MPL’s tournaments or challenges, you have a chance to earn real cash. Undoubtedly, it is one of the real cash app games that offers you an earning opportunity in lakhs.

Money Earning Gaming App 1

Ways to earn on MPL app

  • Register & grab instant cash up to Rs 200
  • Engage in 60+ diverse games
  • Share your opinions via Opinio
  • Make your ultimate 11 in fantasy leagues
  • Seize a swift opportunity to gain up to Rs 200 with their referral scheme.

Paytm First Games

A brainchild of one of India’s most prominent digital wallet companies, Paytm First Games promises a next-level gaming experience. Former India’s legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, is the brand ambassador who created awareness about this app. 

This daily paytm cash earning app not only offers games but also fantasy sports, quizzes, and more, enabling a broader range of opportunities for earning.

Money Earning Gaming App 2

Ways to earn on Paytm First Games app

  • Receive an immediate Rs 10 upon first sign-up 
  • Participate in games like rummy, Teen Patti, and fantasy sports 
  • Join daily competitions 
  • Invite friends and earn as much as Rs 200 for each referral

A23 Games

A23 Games has made a significant mark with its emphasis on card games, especially Rummy and Teen Patti. This earning app game without investment offers a premium feel, with its user-friendly interface and opens a world of earning opportunities.

Moreover, it has grand prize pools and exciting fantasy options, enabling you to win real money. This real cash withdrawal games app has the complete potential to win a great amount of Paytm cash and fulfill your needs.

Money Earning Gaming App 3

Ways to earn on A23 Games app

  • Sign up for the first win & get a reward of up to Rs 75
  • Win real cash by playing rummy, poker, fantasy, and varied games
  • Get up to Rs 10000 as a welcome bonus on a first-time deposit
  • Regularly participate in weekend and daily tournaments
  • Its referral program offers up to Rs 15000 real money

3) Survey Apps

Survey apps are like little question games on your phone. Companies ask you what you think about stuff, like toys or TV shows. When you answer, they give you small rewards or money. It’s an easy way to share your thoughts and get a little extra cash. Just pick, click, and earn with this safe earning app for students without investment!

Some of the best survey apps in India include:


With ySense, you can quickly enter surveys of your own choices and earn more rewards. This is a global-based community which indicates you get paid in dollars. Fear not, you can convert it into your local currency later on.

On another note, asking your buddy to join this dollar earning app without investment earns you a chance up to 30% of their winnings. Essentially, these surveys are designed for testing new services, watching videos, or registering on new websites. All in all, it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

Money Earning Survey App 1

Ways to earn on ySense app

  • Participating in paid surveys
  • Get cash rewards for downloading apps, exploring websites, etc
  • Recommend friends through the ysense referral scheme & earn up to 30% from your referred friends


AttaPoll is one of the best trusted online earning sites that connects users with a wide range of surveys tailored according to their profile. It’s an easy way for students to earn some pocket money on the side.

The app is designed with simplicity in mind. Surveys are short, often taking between 1-10 minutes, making them suitable for students who might be short on time. Payments vary based on the length and complexity of the survey, with longer ones typically offering more cash.

Money Earning Survey App 2

Ways to earn on Attapoll app

  • Get excellent rewards by taking surveys 
  • Invite your near ones & win substantial commission

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey-based app created by Google. Users typically receive a few questions per survey, often related to Google services, products, or other brands. 

The credibility of being a Google product gives this app a trustworthiness that many others lack. With over 50 million installs, this earn real money online app is unmissable. You can convert points into Google Play credits and use them for in-game purchases.

Money Earning Survey App 3

Ways to earn on Google Opinion Rewards app

  • Take brief surveys on the platform
  • There may be questions based on your location
  • Share your honest feedback on Google offerings and services
  • Invite your friends and earn complimentary Google Play credits

4) Task-based apps

Task-based apps are your golden ticket to speedy earnings! Just dedicate 15-30 minutes daily, and you could earn between Rs 1000 to Rs 30,000 pocket money monthly. Whether it’s watching videos, trying out new games, or downloading apps, these free earning apps without investment offer simple tasks you get paid for. No skills, no investment – just a smart way to optimize your cashback and rewards experience.

Find out the best task-based apps in India:


Rozdhan is an authentic real money earning app from India that has an easy-to-navigate interface and is efficient for pocket money. This app has become the talk of the town as every day, this app offers fun tasks, exciting videos, and interesting articles. The best part? You get paid for indulging in these! 

You always stay up-to-date by browsing popular sites in your niche from jobs, and shopping to fantasy leagues. Besides, you even earn money just by walking, making it a delightful way to merge fitness with rewards.

Money Earning Task Based App 1

Ways to earn on Rozdhan app

  • Receive an introductory bonus of Rs 50
  • Download apps & finish surveys to earn as much as 5000 coins
  • Sign up on partnered platforms & get up to 200 coins each
  • Get points while you walk & jog
  • Browse your preferred news & earn from it
  • Engage in exciting games for additional cash rewards
  • Refer your friends & earn up to 300 coins for each one


For those who love multitasking and performing numerous tasks, mRewards is the perfect fit. This daily 100 rupees earning app without investment works on a simple promise: you complete tasks, earn points, and then redeem those points for rewards.

With this student earning app free, you get rewards like Google Play credits, Spotify and Netflix passes, PayPal funds, Amazon vouchers, and even digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s a simple way to make passive income—even while you sleep!

Money Earning Task Based App 2

Ways to earn on mRewards app

  • Earn a generous 100 Rs Paytm cash as a welcome bonus
  • Take surveys to easily accumulate points
  • Spend the required minutes watching videos
  • Download and explore new apps
  • Complete daily tasks before they’re due
  • Recommend the app to friends and relatives to potentially earn up to Rs 500

Pocket Money

From its name itself, Pocket Money connects with the students. With an Indian user base of 1 Cr+, users can get complimentary rewards like unlimited paytm cash. And the convenience of withdrawing your earnings instantly via UPI. 

They spotlight top well-known apps by increasing your chances of earning a decent cash flow. This stellar app welcomes everyone, be it students, housewives, or working professionals, irrespective of age or gender. This makes it the best app for students to earn money for those searching for part-time opportunities.

Money Earning Task Based App 3

Ways to earn on Pocket Money app

  • Earn as much as Rs 100 upon initial sign-up
  • Win up to Rs 100 for every successful referral
  • Participate in quizzes and share your thoughts and perspectives
  • View all top and trending apps in one spot
  • Daily activities bring both fun & opportunities to earn
  • Play different games and win genuine cash

5) Refer & Earn apps

The beauty of refer & earn apps in India lies in their uniqueness. You don’t need any special skills or expertise. When it comes to the potential to earn, they’re a cut above the rest free real money making games. For those with a broad network or community, sharing these apps can fetch you a generous commission.

These apps operate on a simple premise: Introduce users to the app, and in return, you’re rewarded with a good amount of commission. Their only primary aim is to let individuals earn huge rewards, with less effort. Besides, they present alternative avenues to earn, whether through affiliate commissions, investments, or completing tasks. Hence, it stands out as a reliable option for students aiming to effortlessly earn as much as 1 lakh/month on a part-time basis.

Discover with us some of the best referral apps in India: 


If you’re looking for the best referral apps for students, Upstox definitely goes without saying. It is India’s largest Stock trading app. They provide handpicked suggestions to boost your investment returns and help you earn genuine money.

Its distinctive referral program makes it stand out among the best money generating apps in India. Take a break from your everyday routine and tell your friends about Upstox to earn an exclusive sum of up to 1000 for each referral. This implies that just by referring 50 people in a month, you can significantly shape your financial future.

Money Earning Refer and Earn App 1

Ways to earn on Upstox app

  • New users can win up to Rs 500
  • Win a one-time bonus up to Rs 1000 for every referral
  • Make investments in stocks, mutual funds, and a lot more


Earnkaro is a unique platform that allows users to earn by sharing product deals from various online retailers. Since its launch, this platform has seen a surge in popularity. This solidifies its position as one of the premier choices for affiliate marketing. 

To get started, all it takes is picking a deal from this free daily earning platform and sharing it. Students can then earn a commission for each sale generated through their shared link. The platform’s referral program is also noteworthy, offering numerous benefits to its participants.

Money Earning Refer and Earn App 2

Ways to earn on Earnkaro app

  • Get free commission from shared product sales
  • Earn Rs 50 on first registration
  • You get 10% of your referral commission
  • Bonus on reaching specific sales milestones


Groww is an online investment platform, makes the world of mutual funds, stocks, and other investment options. For students with an interest in finance, this offers a dual benefit – learning about stocks and earning on the side.

Although this platform’s main function is to make investments easier, it also has a rewarding refer-and-earn program. Thus, it’s an ideal choice to earn money from home for students online without investment.

Money Earning Refer and Earn App 3

Ways to earn on Groww app

  • Earn Rs 100 signup bonus
  • Win up to Rs 400 through the referral program
  • Additional rewards based on referred user activity

6) Reselling apps

Students seeking quick ways to make money have found that reselling apps in India has become popular. They can profit from every sale by selecting from a list of products and marketing them on social media or among friends.

In a nutshell, these real ways to make money from home for free allow students to sell products without having any physical inventory. It is comparable to operating a small internet store without the difficulties of inventory or shipping. Simple, practical, and successful!

Let’s explore top reselling apps in India:


Being a market leader in the reselling space, Meesho enjoys widespread recognition. Even it gives tougher competition to gigantic shopping platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra. It’s a platform designed for students to choose and sell products spanning across fashion, electronics, home decor and more.

The easiest way to earn money is by opting for fashioned-trend products, thereby expanding your audience and building ever-lasting trust. Plus, this online earning app in India keeps browsing very generically and sharing products on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and others.

Money Earning Reselling App 1

Ways to earn on Meesho app

  • Get Rs 200 off & 30% discount on first sign-up
  • Upto 25% Margin on every sale
  • Weekly cash bonuses based on milestones
  • Win commissions on the sale made by your friends


Glowroad is another best free money earning app games in the reselling sector. By putting your strategy and expertise, selling products through Glowroad becomes exceptional. Primarily, it targets the women’s sector, like apparel, beauty and jewellery. 

Additionally, there are numerous other sectors you can explore to maximize your earnings. All of the items on Glowroad are quite reasonably priced, which makes it a great platform for reselling. What’s even better is that you may sign up as a supplier if you have your own product line, which gives you access to further benefits.

Money Earning Reselling App 2

Ways to earn on Glowroad app

  • Earn up to a 20% commission on each sale
  • Receive referral earnings up to Rs 300
  • Indulge in periodic incentive programs

Shop 101

Shop 101, though lesser known, is experiencing significant growth in its user base. This app aspires to become a dependable option for housewives and students looking to make money online from home through reselling. Every resale contributes to your profit and rises up your level.

Offering a hassle-free work-from-home opportunity, Shop 101 offers an unmatched competitive edge. With more than 90 lakh resellers across India, it’s a top-notch platform that ensures weekly payments.  With the help of this, managing finances and budget becomes super easy.

Money Earning Reselling App 3

Ways to earn on Shop 101 app

  • Sign up & get Rs 50
  • Win profit margin set by the reseller
  • Every seasonal promotional incentive
  • Receive 10% commission on your friend’s first 5 orders
  • Through amazing referral programs

7) Freelancing apps

Freelancing apps connect freelancers with potential clients looking for various services, from writing, transcription, and video editing to designing, and others. The main advantage of this app is the freedom to set your prices, choose projects that match your skills, and work flexibly.

With the right abilities and expertise, you can even win international clients from these daily money earning apps in India. Therefore, no particular level of talent is necessary for students to earn money. These apps provide the ideal mixture of academic tasks and earning opportunities, no matter whether you are skilled in painting, video editing, photography, or any other area.

Eager to know top freelancing apps in India? Let’s explore it out:


The digital age has transformed our way of working. From work from home to hybrid works, Upwork stands tall as a global freelancing platform for students. This top earning app in India offers a platform for people to present their skills and services to clients worldwide.

You can work from your dorm room, library, or coffee shop, whenever you have free time between classes. Over time, as you do more jobs and get good reviews, you’ll find it easier to land bigger projects and earn more money.

Money Earning Freelancing App 1

Ways to earn on Upwork app

  • Hourly projects 
  • Fixed-price projects 
  • Long-term contracts 
  • Agency representation 


With offering digital services over 500+ categories, it is one of the largest platforms for freelancers to showcase their expertise. Besides, while working you gain real-world experience in your field of interest. This not only earns you good money but also prepares you for a brighter future.

In addition to this, this best earning app without investment free has highly protected payment that ensures you get your payment on time. You have to list out your “gigs” or services on this platform, to get started.

Money Earning Freelancing App 2

Ways to earn on Fiverr app

  • Create unique gigs 
  • Offer package deals
  • Upsell with gig extras 
  • Participate in Fiverr Pro 
  • Offer services in Fiverr Business


If you are a student looking to monetize your skills, freelancer.com is the ideal platform. Think of it as a big marketplace: clients post jobs they need to be done, and freelancers bid on those jobs. These work from home earning app gives total flexibility to withdraw your winnings anytime in your preference mode. 

Plus, there’s a cool feature where you can compete with others to win a job by showing off a sample of your work. So, even if you’re just starting, you can jump in, learn, and earn at your own pace.

Money Earning Freelancing App 3

Ways to earn on Freelancer.com

  • Bidding on projects 
  • Joining contests
  • Recruiter upgrade projects 
  • Preferred freelancer program
  • Local jobs & services

Which is the safest earning money app in India in 2023?

In 2023, apps like Google Play Rewards, Upstox, MPL, and many others listed are among the safest for money transactions and earnings in India, thanks to their awesome security features.

Which are the best part-time earning apps for students without investment?

For students, apps like Pocket Money, Upstox refer app, Meesho, and others are great for part-time earnings without any initial investment.

Which are the top 10 money earning apps without investment?

Popular money-earning apps without investment include Upwork, Fiverr, Meesho, Pocket Money, Google Play Rewards, MPL, Paytm First Games, Freelancer.com, ySense, and Swagbucks.

Do money earning games really give money?

Yes, many money-earning games, like MPL and Paytm First Games, do offer real cash rewards. However, it’s essential to read reviews and be cautious of any too-good-to-be-true promises.
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The above-listed top money earning apps for students without investment is truly a masterpiece for every individual seeking to earn real cash. We only offer clarity on genuine platforms to earn money without any upfront investment. 

Plus, with these genuine income apps in India, you can secure a decent passive income. Do tell us which app has caught your eye. And, don’t hesitate to inform us if we’ve missed any valuable money-making apps.