Best Scotch Whisky Brands Under 2000 in India [Experts’ Choice]

Top Scotch Whisky Brands in India

If you’re looking forward to a fine glass of whiskey but unsure of the brand that you should go for, here’s the list of the top 15 whiskey in India under the range of 2000 INR.

We have curated this list after in-depth research where you can find whiskey under 500 INR, 1000 INR, and 2000 INR.

So let’s get started.

List of Top Whisky Brands in India

Whisky Brands ListPrice in India
Original ChoiceRs. 233
Old TravenRs. 308
Director’s SpecialRs. 580
8PMRs. 720
BagpiperRs. 500
Aristrocrat BlackRs. 270
HaywardsRs. 480
Imperial BlueRs. 490
Mc. Dowell’s No. 1Rs. 400
Paul John’s BrillianceRs. 4800
Royal StagRs. 470
Blender’s PrideRs. 750
Vat 69Rs. 1680
100 PipersRs. 1310
Black DogRs. 1720
Price List of Whisky Brands for 750ml

#1 Original Choice

Original Choice Whisky Under 2000

It is one of the top-selling India-made whisky brands. If you are looking to purchase a bottle of alcohol resembling the flavor of malt whisky at an affordable price, Original Choice is the best option for you.

You will find a perfect blend of fresh oak wood casks with a distinct flavor of malt whisky.

Every year 11 million cases are sold of Original Choice which proves its popularity among consumers.

Its iconic ‘Ek Aur’ tagline celebrates the extra happiness of life with just one extra peg.

#2 Old Traven

Old Tavern Whisky Under 2000

The Old Traven is another inexpensive option among the greatest whiskey brands in India. The liquid is dark, gold in color. It is housed in a stylish container that looks attractive while you drink in a glass.

The company has been meticulously combined with tastes to give it a distinct taste and a smooth finish.

United Spirits Limited, which is owned by the massive United Breweries Group, produces whisky, which is one of India’s most well-known whiskeys.

So if you are looking for an affordable yet flavorsome whisky brand in India, it can be on your list.

#3 Director’s Special

Director Special Whisky Under 2000

Director’s Special is the most preferred scotch whiskey in India. It has a mature and rich flavor that makes it so popular among consumers.

It is prepared by combining hand-picked barley and malt and has a pleasant flavor that is enhanced by its rich scent.

The unusual flavor creates an unforgettable impact on those who enjoy drinking it.

It cannot be denied that it is an incredible treat at an inexpensive price.

#4 8 PM

8 PM Whisky Under 2000

If you don’t like your drink too strong or too smooth, you will find 8 PM pleasant. There is the perfect balance between strong and smooth flavors.

The ultimate combination of scotch and Indian grain malt whiskey makes this brand so special.

It is quite cheaper compared to the other alternatives available in the market. Marketed as an unusual malt mix, 8 PM, made history by selling over a million cases in its first year.

This drink is described as beautifully smooth and durable, and it is one of many people’s top selections when it comes to the greatest whiskey brands in India.

#5 Bagpiper

Bagpiper Whisky Under 2000

Bagpiper’s alcohol has a mild malty scent and a pleasant woody flavor. It has been a favorite option among the general public since 1976.

‘The Bagpiper Sardar’ has a great recall and serves as the brand’s mascot.

‘Khoob Jamega Rang,’ their catchphrase, has become a well-known statement in pop culture verses.

To date, the brand has retained its market reputation due to its low costs and consistent high quality.

#6 Aristrocrat Black

Aristrocrat Black Whisky Under 2000

Aristocrat Black is quite a new brand in this industry. It has an incredibly smooth flavor profile.

You will barely get a hint of green apple and spice.

It quickly gained popularity in the country since it is one of the greatest inexpensive whiskeys and has a flowery and honeyed scent.

This new addition can help you enhance your taste level and there is no harm in trying it out.

#7 Haywards

Haywards Whisky Under 2000

Haywards is now being noticed among sellers and consumers. It is fast becoming an important name in United Spirits’ whiskey portfolio, with a strong presence in India.

Extra neutral alcohol and flavorings are carefully mixed with the whiskey.

It is an excellent value for money if you want to taste high-quality whiskey at affordable prices. The careful alcohol blend adds to the smoothness of the flavor.

This is the reason why it has become a favorite among alcohol consumers.

#8 Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue Whisky Under 2000

Imperial Blue is next on the list. It is quite a known name in the consumer community. Imperial Blue has an exquisitely smooth combination of Indian grain spirits and international scotch malts.

It has a significant fan base across the country due to its continuous quality delivery.

So, if you want to taste a glass of high-quality whiskey, you should at least try Imperial Blue once.

You will never find such a big brand under the 2000 INR line.

#9 Mc. Dowell’s No. 1

McDowells No1 Whisky Under 2000

McDowell’s No.1 is a prominent name in the list of Indian whiskey brands.

You can detect the smooth combination of imported Scotch, hand-picked Indian malts, and quality grain spirits in this flavor-rich alcohol.

It is known for its quality whiskey in the world. You can enjoy drinking this brand of whiskey at a very cheap and affordable price.

To strengthen its customer relations, the company has also redesigned its brand identity and packaging.

#10 Paul John’s Brilliance

Paul John Brilliance Whisky Under 2000

Paul John’s Brilliance is another great addition to the list. It is especially distilled in the region of Goa. This classic malt whiskey comes in a unique bouquet of delightful tastes.

You can feel the touch of fruitiness with a creamy texture in this smooth drink.

You will also find hints of honey, apple, vanilla, and cinnamon.

You may taste this tasty whisky with various flavors with your loved ones for just under 2000 INR.

#11 Royal Stag

Royal Stag Whisky Under 2000

Royal Stag is next on the list. It is an Indian whiskey brand that debuted in 1995. With a minimum price, you can get a variety of pack sizes and is Pernod Ricard’s best-selling brand by volume.

This whiskey is made from a combination of grain spirits and imported Scotch malts.

The brand name comes after a kind of deer known for its antlers, which are also included in the logo. Royal Stag was the first whiskey brand to be introduced in India that used no artificial flavors.

It is a well-known and tasty spirit that is an excellent choice if you are looking for the finest budget whiskey.

#12 Blender’s Pride

Blenders Pride Whisky Under 2000

Starting in 1995, Blender’s Pride is a premium whiskey brand in India. It has been created by blending Indian grain spirits with classic Scotch malt.

The most interesting fact about Blender’s Pride is that they do not add artificial colors.

It is an outcome of Seagram’s 140 years of tradition where they have not compromised with the quality and have been consistent throughout the years.

It has an exceptional taste that you can afford to have for under 2000 INR.

#13 Vat 69

Vat 69 Whisky Under 2000

If you like simplicity, Vat 69 is for you. Its flavors are not complex and taste like blended scotch. The color of this alcohol looks mesmerizing in a glass, tasting syrupy sweet with a strong woody aroma.

This classic whisky is a blend of 40 different malt and grain whiskeys.

When consumed, the finish doesn’t last long but the smoky flavor adds warmth to your body.

You can taste the freshness in Vat 69 with the spicy flavor of pepper that elevates its taste profile.

#14 100 Pipers

100 Pipers Whisky Under 2000

100 Pipers is the No. 2 standard whisky in Asia under the 2k budget. It is a beautifully blended scotch whisky that not only smells sweet but tastes sweet too.

This alcohol is prepared traditionally- first distilled, aged and then blended.

After consumption, it leaves a woody as well as vanilla taste on the taste buds. It derives its name, ‘100 Pipers’ from the ballad of “The Hundred Pipes” during Jacobean Scotland.

The rich, complex flavor has a smoky aroma that needs to be served with ice.

#15 Black Dog

Black Dog Whisky Under 2000

The last one on the list is Black Dog. It falls under the category of scotch whisky. It is one of the fastest-moving whisky brands in India that cost less than 2000.

It is quite smooth, and sweet to taste with a vanilla-and-caramel twist.

If you like the taste of fruits, you will love Black Dog. On top of that, you can taste the tanginess of orange, and the wine-like flavor of dark grapes with a bit of spicy flavor.

It’s not too strong and pleasant to taste.

Wrapping up,

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These were the best Whiskey brands that you can easily find on a budget while living in India.

Which one do you prefer among them? Comment below and let us know.

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