How To Delete Multiple Pending Posts from facebook Group

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In This Post I am Going to Share a Working & Shortest Method Through Which you Can Clear Or Delete Multiple Pending posts of a Facebook Group that Too in Single Click

Sometimes , Due To our Laziness Or Due to too Much Spam Posts Our Pending Posts Increases day by Day .

To sort Out Of This Problem & Clear All Pending Posts Easily This is the Best & Easy Post On The Internet 

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However , There is No Problem if any Post is in Pending state . But sometimes we need to delete the Pending Posts
This Method Requires Script Which we Enter in ” Inspect Element ” Option In Google Chrome Browser .

This ” Inspect Element ” Option Only Appear On Desktop Chrome Browser .

So , If You have PC/Computer Or Chromebook Then You Can Make Use Of This Script & Clear All Pending Post Of Facebook Group That Is showing On The Screen of your Computer



  • Firstly , Goto Script Page & Copy The Whole Script By Pressing { CTRL + C } Or By Clicking On ” Copy All ” After Right Click
wp 1483462415348
  • After Copying The Script Goto Facebook Group In Which You Want To Clear Pending Posts
  • Now , Goto The Pending Posts Section Of The Group & Right Click On The Page After That You Will Get ” Inspect ” Option  ⇩ 
wp 1483462466773
  • After Clicking On ” Inspect ” Click On ” Console ” & Paste The Script There By Pressing CTRL + V   ⇩wp 1483462475063
  • After Pasting The Script In Console Press ” Enter ” Button Of Your Key Board
  • After That Press CTRL + SHIFT + C Or Click On The Inspect Arrow On The Left Corner
wp 1483464289332
  • Now , Move Cursor to ” Delete ” Or ” X ” Option at Pending Post & You will Get something Like ” sx_e8267d ” Or Anything Other You can Get ( Please See Full Screenshot Guide ) ⇩
wp 1483464294273
  • Now , Go Back to ” Console ” Where You Had Entered Script Earlier & Enter This $(“.sx_e8267d“).click()

IMPORTANT : Here Replace sx_e8267d With The Code That you Had copied in Earlier Step .

wp 1483464300100
  • Now , Hit Enter & This Screen Will Appear On Your Desktop Screen
wp 1483462505759
  • Now , Download Any Auto Clicker Application & Set Settings Of Your Choice
  • Now , Move your Cursor to ” Delete ” Option On the screen & Post will Be Deleted Automatically
wp 1483462509849
  • Voila ! The Post Which Was Appearing On Desktop Screen Has Been deleted
wp 1483462513361


Q. Can I delete All Pending Post Of My Facebook Group Using This Script ? 

A. No , You can delete Only The Posts Which Are Appearing On your Desktop Screen . For example You Can Delete Upto 50-250 Posts In One go Using This Script & Auto Clicker Tool

Q. Can I Use This Script In Mobile ?

A. Sorry ! This Script Works only with Inspect Element , So Will Not Work On Mobile Browsers . However You Can Use Facebook Groups Or Facebook Basic Version Site To Delete The Pending Posts Faster .

Q. Can I Use Mozilla Or Other Browsers ?

A . For This Script , No ! But You can Use Different Extensions For Other Browsers & Make Your Work Easier 


So Guys , Here I had shared an Awesome & Working Method By Which you can Delete Multiple Pending Post Of Your Facebook Group In Single Click By The Help Of Script & Auto clicker Tool .

This Trick will Work on PC , Laptop as well as Chromebook Also. For Chromebook You have To Download Auto Clicker Tool From Chrome Store .

If you Have Any Questions / Queries Related To this Post Then Please Leave Your Comments , I will be Try to Reply back to You as soon as Possible .

Thanks For reading !

Disclaimer : This Facebook Post tutorial is only for educational purpose .Try at own risk we are not responsible for any loss you occur.

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  1. I used the code but got ‘undefined’ instead of ‘true’, and it only deleted one post. Could you help me, please?


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