How To Activate AirTel Postpaid Safe Custody | Pause Monthly Bill

Do you have multiple SIM to make call or communicate with your customers & clients ! but you don’t want to keep doing costlier monthly recharges to keep it active.

Then we have a solution for you AirTel Postpaid Safe Custody option offered by Airtel.

Activate AirTel Postpaid Safe Custody

Why We Need Airtel Postpaid Safe Custody?

We all know that many telecom companies like JIO, AIrtel, BSNL, IDEA & Vodafone type companies exist they all offer many attractive & cheaper call, internet & SMS packs.

So consumers bought different operator SIM to avoid costly data packs.

But now it is not possible as only 4 mobile network companies remain and they decided to terminate lifetime validity plans due to this we need to make recharge every month for all the sims.

If we have more than one SIM then sometimes it creates a problem as we don’t want to continue that SIM but if we don’t make a valid recharge then SIM services may be terminated & Mobile numbers may be allotted to other users.

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What is Airtel Postpaid Safe Custody Offer :

To solve this issue Airtel launched a Safe custody plan for its postpaid users where you can hold your Mobile number & it’s services until you don’t want to continue.

For this, you will be charged only Rs 50 per month.

By this method, you can save every month validity recharge packs plus you can save your number as long as you want.

How To Activate Airtel Postpaid Safe Custody :

  • First of all Install Airtel Thanks App from play store.
  • Open the app & login with your airtel postpaid number.
  • Verify with OTP so we can access safe custody options.
  • Go to services & select your postpaid number.
  • Now on go to shortcuts you will see Pause Plan option.
  • Click on Pause button to send request to push your plan.
  • Give Confirmation & confirm you will be charge Rs 50 + GST.
  • After Few Minutes your Postpaid SIM got on Hold until you want.
  • To activate again go to airtel app & resume postpaid connection.

Things To Remember :

  1. For activating post paid safe custody you will be charge Rs 50 + GST every month.
  2. Your monthly rental plan will be stopped & will charge Rs 50 only.
  3. You can activate/deactivate safe custody from airtel app or by calling customer care.
  4. During Safe custody activation you will not receiving any call, SMS or able to use data plan.

What are the benefits of Airtel’s Safe Custody?

As of my last knowledge, Airtel, a telecommunications company in India, offers a service called “Safe Custody” for its landline and broadband customers. Safe Custody is essentially a service that allows customers to temporarily suspend their landline or broadband services for a specific period without disconnecting the connection permanently. Here are some of the potential benefits associated with Airtel’s Safe Custody service:

1. **Temporary Suspension:** Safe Custody allows customers to suspend their landline or broadband services temporarily. This is beneficial for customers who may be traveling or relocating for an extended period and do not wish to continue paying for the service during their absence.

2. **Service Retention:** While the service is suspended, customers can retain their existing landline or broadband number. This can be essential for customers who want to keep their phone number for future use.

3. **Cost Savings:** Safe Custody can help customers save on monthly subscription fees during the suspension period, as they are not charged for the service while it’s inactive.

4. **No Reconnection Charges:** When customers decide to reactivate their landline or broadband service after the suspension period, they typically do not have to pay reconnection charges.

5. **Convenience:** It offers the convenience of easily resuming services without the need for a new connection or a change in phone numbers.

Please note that the availability and terms of Airtel’s Safe Custody service may change over time, and specific benefits may vary. To get the most up-to-date information on this service, including its availability and any associated costs, I recommend visiting Airtel’s official website or contacting their customer support directly. Additionally, keep in mind that new services and changes to existing services may have occurred.


Where is safe custody button in Airtel App?

Open the app and select your specific Airtel broadband connection. c. Look for the “Quick Actions” section and click on the “Safe Custody” option.

What is the cost of safe custody of Airtel postpaid?

To keep your postpaid sim active, postpaid number users can keep their numbers in safe custody by paying charges of Rs. 150 every three months.

What is safe custody in Airtel?

Safe Custody is essentially a service that allows customers to temporarily suspend their landline or broadband services for a specific period without disconnecting the connection permanently

How to deactivate safe custody in Airtel postpaid number?

You can contact them by any Airtel number at 121. Explain your issue clearly and follow the steps directed by the executive.

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