5 Tricks To Open/Install Blocked Binance App In India

Bitcoin bull season is running but Indian users can’t trade on world largest exchange Binance due to Indian Indian Gov Ban on it. That’s why today we gonna tell you top 5 methods to unblock binance app & website in India easily.

These methods are very easy to do and after doing one time you will normally operate your binance, kucoin or OXK app.

Trick To Open Blocked Binance App In India

Before we jump on trick and bypass method to access these blocked website and app first let me tell you why this happens and what’s next in it.

Why Binance, kucoin and OXK Are Blocked in India ?

As we all know Indian Gov is not in favor of private cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , ETHER etc that’s why they have issued a showcause notice on dec 2023 that comply with Indian Laws or Gov not allow this exchanges to operate in our country .

After one month (14th jan 2024) of this notice Gov blocked this crypto exchanges website and apps that’s why Google remove binance app from play store for Indian users.

Until these exchanges not registered with Gov of India they will be blocked & they can’t operate until further notice.

What’s Option Available For Indian Crypto Communities :

India is supporting block chain technology but they are not favor in out side currencies. As we all know before blocking many Indian using foreign exchanges for trades and sudden blocking hang them in water.

Due to this blocking we can’t access this sites or apps for this reason we can’t move fund or trade .

Their is one option official way we can use Indian exchanges like wazirx etc or we can use foreign exchange binance by using bypass method which we gonna discuss in this article.

5 Method To Access Blocked Binance Crypto App In India :

I have found five working methods to access blocked binance app or website plus this method also work on kucoin or OXK exchanges also.

1 – Access Binance by using Mirror Site :

Mirror site is the official copy site of binance.com . You can go mirror sites and login with same details and start operating binance account normally . Binance on their twitter officially launch two such sites for Indian users i am putting below for use.

  • binance.me
  • binance.info

Note : Make sure you use only these two and nothing else due to many scam site circulating .

2. Download / Update Binance APP by Changing Country :

This exclusive trick for apple iOS users where they can change the country and download and update binance app for running .

Changing country in iOS app STORE is very easy and by changing country where binance not blocked . Apple app store allows blocked app to reopen in app store so you can use normally .

After update or new download you can switch back to original country India and use normally your phone.

Steps To Change Country in App Store:

  • Go to app store.
  • Go to your profile & click it to open account setting page.
  • Now from here change country /Region India to Croatia country .
  • Complete Random address & save to change country.
  • Now go to app store search binance or any blocked app & update it.
  • Bingo ! After update switch back your country.

This is very effective method and never gonna be ban this trick so use this trick and enjoy uninterpreted app usage.

3- Access Binance by Changing DNS :

If mirror site not work for you then you can try DNS method which mostly work for many of us and this not only open door for binance plus you can access other blocked exchanges like OKX, Kucoin etc.

In this method you have to change your Mobile or PC DNS to Only . Save this setting and start using these blocked website and apps easily .

To Change DNS in Mobile Follow These Steps:

Go to mobile Setting >>Connection & sharing >>Private DNS >> Select Designated Private DNS >> and save it .

If these not work enter DNS to Mobile network APN Setting also.

If these option also not work the download DNS App and connect with it and start using it.

4- Access Binance by using VPN :

These method is 101 % working and best sure shot method to use any blocked apps in India . Virtual Private Network (VPN) is special mobile and pc app which change your device IP location to India from any other country where these apps are not banned.

After installing VPN start vpn server and go to play store or official website to install binance app .

After installing binance app you can stop VPN app and open binance app and start using it .It will work flawlessly as binance app server keep changing and Banning not work here.

You can install any Free VPN from play store and do all these steps.

5- Access Binance On WiFi Network :

This method is work on some wifi network and on others not but my main motive to show you all methods so you can try it .

In these method binance is still accessible on on certain WiFi in India . You just have to download binance app one time over wifi it will work without wifi after that also.

Or Until you connected over WiFi you can use all blocked apps easily as you normally do.

That’s it guys we have shown you 4 methods to access binance app in India & how you can bypass blocking of these apps.

their is lot’s of methods but we have shown you only methods which is working properly.

I have to tell you clearly if you install Binance app one time in mobile after that you can use it on smoothly because Indian Gov Ban binance.com IP address and binance app inbuilt use dynamic IP address so blocking whole app is not possible yet.

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