Vi 2 GB Free 4G Data For Voda-idea Mobile Users

The data war is not over yet because Vodafone idea (Vi) brings free 4G data offer to every Vodafone user. In this Voda idea data offer, every user gets 1+1 GB Free 4G Data. To get this offer you have to follow simple steps which we are gonna share with you in this article.

Free 4G DATA Vodafone

As you know after entering Jio in the Indian market there is Data & Voice war between Airtel, idea & Jio.

Jio forced other networks to reduce data prices drastically which brings good offers to customers. In this war First Airtel reduced prices and they give 30 GB Airtel free data offer.

After Airtel Voda & Idea now offering the same offer, you get a 2 GB Free 4G Data offer by calling a special number.

By dialing a number you get Free data instant and you can start using free Internet instantly.

What is mobile data?

In today’s mobile-centric world, we rely heavily on our smartphones for a wide range of activities, from grocery shopping to banking. We’re constantly online, and when Wi-Fi isn’t available, our devices connect to the internet through mobile data provided by our cellular network provider. Unlike Wi-Fi, which is limited to the range of a router, a mobile data plan allows you to easily access online apps and web pages from virtually anywhere while on the move.

How To Get 2 GB Free 4G Data Offer in Vi :

  • First of all, Make sure you are using a Voda SIM card.
  • Open the Calling app and dial Vi Data Delight Code


  • It will connect and you hear a message after that please press 1 button.
  • Bingo! You have successfully activated the Free Vodafone data offer.
vi 2022 free 1 gb data
Vi 1 GB Free data
  • If the call is not connected dial USSD Code*111*2*2#
  • You see the USSD message choose 1 GB Per day.
  • Bingo! You have successfully 1 GB Free data offer & it is Activated successfully.

Note: You can activate it two times a month on a single number which means you will get 2 GB 4G Data for free.

Important Points:

  1. This data comes from 1 day availability
  2. This offer applies to every Voda user who hears this offer on call.
  3. If you did not hear the offer detail on call then you are not eligible for free data.
  4. For Old users sometimes it does not work so must try it to check.

Vi Binge All Night Free Internet Offer:

Vi has introduced the most affordable internet pack which gives you official free vi internet data. In Vi Binge all Night data pack, you can enjoy unlimited free internet data from 12 AM to 6 AM.

The pack starts from Rs 249 Per month in which you get unlimited free calling, 1.5 GB Data Per day plus 12 am to 6 am unlimited free browsing & downloading.

Vi Unlimited Data Pack Name (Benefits)Rs 249 Data Pack
Data1.5 GB / DAY
Unlimited Night Data12 am To 6 am
Validity28 Days
CallsUnlimited Calls*
Extra BenefitsWeekend Data Rollover, VI Movies & TV
Vi Rs 249 Night Data Pack

In the night you can get speed up to 10 Mbps which means you can download any big files in seconds.

Vodafone VI unlimited night data offer

So next time you’re going to recharge then choose VI BING DATA Plans for free vi internet.

Vi Data Delight Offer!

Vi is here to enhance your data experience by providing abundant data and data-saving choices through this exclusive offer. When you opt for a Vi recharge plan, you can automatically store up to 2GB of backup data every month without any additional charges. Furthermore, the Data Delight Offer grants you an extra 2GB of data each month, in addition to your regular daily data allowance included in your plan. To illustrate, suppose your recharge plan offers a daily data limit of 1.5GB. If you use up this daily data, you can activate your Data Delight Offer for the month and enjoy an additional 2GB of data absolutely free!

Vi data Delight SMS link- click here

Data Delight Vi direct link- click here

All Vi Free Data Offers September 2023:

Offer NameFree Data
Vi Free Data OfferFree Data
Vi Whatsapp offer1 GB Free
Vi App Method2 GB Free Data
Vi Miss Call MethodDaily 2 GB Data
Paytm Hattrick1 GB Free Data
Paytm Cashback Points1 GB Free Data
Vi Binge All NightUnlimited Free Data
Vi USSD Code1 GB Free Data
Vi Amazon Offer1 GB or 3 GB Free Data
Vi Freecharge Offer1 GB or 3 GB Free Data

How to Claim 2GB of Free Data Through the VI App?

  1. Initially, all users are required to visit the Play Store or App Store and download the official Vi app.
  2. Launch the app and log in using your Vi number (Vodafone or Idea).
  3. Complete the OTP verification process to gain access to the app.
  4. Grant all necessary permissions and navigate to the app’s home page.
  5. On the home page, you will find Vi offering an additional 2GB of data for you.
  6. Simply Click on the Banner. for Claim Free Data
  7. Confirm You Claim and Instantly You Will Get 2GB of Free Data


How do I claim free GB on Vi?

To claim free GB on Vi, you typically need to participate in Vi’s promotional offers or recharge plans that include additional data as a bonus. Check Vi’s official website or app for the latest offers and follow the instructions to avail the free data.

Is Vi still giving free data?

Vi’s exclusive offer, Unlimited night data, provides you with complimentary data from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. at no extra charge.

How to get free data in Vodafone Idea?

To obtain free data in Vodafone Idea, you can check for any ongoing promotions, special offers, or recharge plans that provide complimentary data as part of their benefits. Additionally, participating in specific Vodafone Idea loyalty programs or engaging in promotional events may also grant you access to free data rewards.

Vi free 1GB data dial number

121249 toll-free number

How to get extra data in Vi for free?

To get extra data for free on Vi, you can check for ongoing promotional offers, recharge with specific plans that offer additional data as a bonus, or participate in special campaigns or contests run by Vi to earn extra data.

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