Cancel Meesho Order: Steps & Post-Shipment Options

Looking for the latest method of How to Cancel Order in Meesho? Are you having trouble canceling an order on the Meesho app? Can’t seem to Cancel Order in Meesho After Shipped? Or you might be having issues with the Meesho apk. Then Earticleblog is here to help you with your questions.

Meesho is a popular Indian e-commerce platform that enables individuals to start their online businesses by selling products through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. The well-known shopping app, Meesho, has some rules and regulations for canceling order. 

how to cancel order on meesho
How to Cancel Order in Meesho Before Delivery

After shipping, canceling an order seems impossible on Meesho. You cannot revoke it after shipping even if you have the necessity to cancel it. But in reality, you have time till the day of delivery to Cancel My Order in Meesho After Shipped by simply rejecting the order at the time of delivery.

Thus, be cautious and cancel the order before shipping is done. Moreover, you have seven days from when you get the merchandise to exchange your order.

Given below is the step-by-step guide to canceling your order on this fantastic shopping and reselling app

Key Takeaways

1. Canceling orders on Meesho is possible even after they’ve been shipped.

2. Meesho’s customer support plays a crucial role in the cancellation process.

3. Proper communication and adherence to Meesho’s policies are essential for successful cancellation.

4. Earticle Blog offers comprehensive guidance on canceling Meesho order processing.

How to Cancel Meesho order?

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Method 1: Cancel Shipped Order in Meesho From App

Following are the instructions showing how to cancel your order on Meesho

  • First and foremost, open the Meesho app apk.
  • Then choose the order you want to cancel.
  • Click the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • Select the correct reason for canceling your order.
  • Select ‘Cancel Product”.
  • Congratulations! Meesho cancel order was successful.  

Method 2: Cancel Order on Meesho After Shipping using Customer Care Number

  • In the Meesho apk, find the “Help” section to solve your order canceling issues.
  • Mainly, there are two ways to get a meesho helpline number.
  • One way is to directly call +918061799600 and ask to cancel an order.
  • Another one is the go-to Contact Us section in the Help section available on the app.
  • Thus, Meesho customer care can be the best way to solve your queries. 

Method 3: Cancel the Order in Meesho using Support Email

  • First of all, email is another way to contact customer care Meesho to cancel your order.
  • You can write your query through Meesho mail support at
  • Notably, write the proper query in a systematic order and if required send some images too.
  • Thus, customer care will resolve your query as soon as possible. 

Method 4: Cancel an Order on Meesho via Twitter account

  • The Meesho team is mostly active on their official Twitter account.
  • So contact through for cancel order query at
  • The Twitter team will reply back to your query soon.
  • That’s it!! Order cancellation on Meesho is that easy from Twitter. 

What Are the Allowed Reasons for Cancelling Orders on Meesho by The User?

The following points exist for the user to cancel the order on Meesho:

  • If an Order for testing was made.
  • if the user has ordered the same product several times.
  • If the user finds the anticipated delivery date unacceptable.
  • If the user wants to change either the billing or delivery address.
  • If the customer decides not to place the order.
  • If the user want to modify the contracts terms, such as the payment method.
  • In case user wants a different size or colour of the product.
  • For any other purpose.

How To Cancel the Order After the Order is Shipped?

If an order has already been dispatched, Meesho won’t be able to cancel it. In such cases the customer should politely decline to accept the order when the delivery person brings it to their location. Without incurring a cancellation fee, the order will be canceled and the meesho order cancel number will be given to the user.

In the event that a consumer cancels an order, there are no Meesho order cancellation charges. There are no hidden fees or costs associated with cancellation. However, the canceled order won’t be taken into account for their bonus program.

Meesho Return & Refund Policy

Concerning specific products, refund is the system given by various merchants listed on Meesho’s website available at or the Meesho mobile app.

Meesho cancels order refund has certain rules to be followed. One of the noteworthy points is that products can only be returned within 7 days. However, only products in good condition, as decided by Meesho and/or sellers and suppliers, are eligible for return. 

Most items purchased from merchants and suppliers listed on the Meesho return app that is within the return window are eligible for returns.

Products that are marked as ‘not returnable’ on the product detail page, however, cannot be returned. Other sections of this meesho return policy apply to all returns.

In addition, all the Meesho refund money is credited to your bank account. Even if the Meesho order is COD, then also you need to give your bank account to receive Meesho refund money after the order.

Also, the order return money is processed in the original payment you make on placing an order. 

Meesho Replacement

When you return an extra or different product, Meesho will not be liable for its exchange or replacement, nor will it be responsible for its return to you.

However, for replacement, if the cost of the new product is higher than the cost of the original product supplied, you must pay the difference. 

If the cost of the new product is lower than the cost of the original product delivered, the difference will be repaid.

While talking about the replacement of Meesho products, the app has two replacement options:-

  • Incorrect/defective item return option 
  • Choose any other reason given as shown on the app.

If a product does not contain the above-mentioned return choices, you cannot replace your product. The company will pay back your money once you return the items with showing the proper cause for replacing the product.

Now that you have successfully cancelled your order, let me interest you in how to download Meesho for PC. With this tutorial, you will be able to run Meesho app on Windows or Mac laptops.


To summarize, you can easily cancel an order on Meesho by following the steps outlined above.

Return and Meesho exchange are also available, with details provided above. As a result, enjoy shopping on the best #1 Reselling App Online and receiving discounts while doing so.

With our methods, you can also easily cancel an order.

Finally, please let us know if you have any questions.

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