Block and Deactivate SIM Cards on Jio, Airtel, Vi, and More!

How to Block Jio, Airtel, Vi & BSNL SIM
How to Block SIM Card for All Network

Now who can forget the first time they lost their SIM Card? I sure haven’t! It’s a worrying experience that leaves you unsure of what to do next.

Immediately a thought comes to your mind that what could be the right method for your situation. You might be wondering – How to block SIM?

That’s exactly what this article is going to talk about!

The following is a step-by-step guide to deactivate your Jio, Airtel, VI and BSNL SIM cards.

How to Block SIM (Jio, Airtel, Vi & BSNL)

Telecom NetworkSIM Block No
Reliance Jio18008899999
Vodafone Idea198
Telecom Network with Customer Care Number

How To Block Jio SIM Card

There are many ways to block your Jio SIM. Here are a few ways to block it with ease:

Block Jio SIM Card

Customer care

You can call Reliance Jio’s customer care number “18008899999” from any number and speak with a representative in order to get help regarding your Jio SIM card.


Jio customers can block their Jio SIM card from the company’s website as well.

  • Fill out the correct details and login onto the Jio website.
  • After, click on your name from the top-bar at the left side of your page and then click on ‘My Account’.
  • Now, click on the gear icon to access your account settings.
  • Find the ‘Suspend & resume’ option in your settings and click on the arrow button next to it. Choose what best describes why you want to block your SIM card from being used. 
  • Now, click on ‘suspend’ and your Jio SIM will be blocked within the next fifteen minutes.


Another way you can block your sim card is to visit a Reliance Digital store and then request for the SIM card to be blocked.

If you are facing any difficulty contacting the Reliance Jio customer care team, you can even visit your nearest Reliance Digital store (you will need proof of identity; they may ask for some additional documentation so make sure to have that on hand) to block your SIM card. If you are looking for Jio PUK Code then check out our post.

How To Block Airtel SIM

Airtel provides multiple methods to allow you to block or unblock your SIM card. Follow the steps below to find out how to do it:

Block Airtel SIM
Block Airtel SIM Card

Customer Care 

  • First of all, you need to call the company’s customer care line: 198 or 121.
  • Now, you have to tell them about deactivating your mobile number.
  • After that process, they will verify your ID ( Aadhaar, driver’s license, passport, or state identification) and address.
  • Once you have completed the verification process, your sim will be blocked.

Note: If you want to deactivate your Airtel sim card by calling from another number then, you will usually have to call customer care by dialing 18001034444. Once connected, you’ll most likely be asked to provide your details. After which you will be requested to verify all the information relating to your number which is being terminated.


You can reach Airtel customer care representatives about any queries related to blocking your SIM and even Airtel mobile services. While you can talk directly to them through the Live Chat facility feature on their official website, you could also download their My Airtel app from Google Play Store and do it from there. 


  • Visit the Airtel store with your identity and address proof.
  • Ask the store manager to deactivate the SIM card. 
  • Submit your documents, proof of identity and address, proof of airtime recharge amount, last recharge date and your lost number.
  • Now your details will be verified and your number will be deactivated.

How To Block VI SIM

There are multiple ways to block your VI SIM. Below you will find the methods that can be used.

Block Vodafone Idea SIM
Block Vi SIM Card

Customer Care 

You can block your Vodafone number online or offline, with the help of an agent or on your own. The following are the methods that you can use:

  • To permanently block a Vodafone sim, you need only call 198 and answer the three authentication questions.
  • A customer care executive will ask you just a few questions like any last five outgoing calls from your log or last recharge amount and then they will proceed to block or deactivate your SIM.
  • There’s no extra cost to block or deactivate your SIM card but you’ll still be billed for the service for the rest of the month if you’re on a postpaid plan.

Note: If you are calling from another number, you may need to answer a few security-related questions on your account.


  • Go to the official Vi SIM block page and enter in the Vi number you wish to block.
  • Click on ‘get OTP’, and the OTP will be sent to a number or email address you provide.
  • After entering your 4-digit OTP and clicking Confirm, your sim card will be blocked. You’ll receive a reference number and confirmation message after blocking your phone line


Customers who use a Vodafone Idea SIM card can also request that their lost SIM be blocked at their local Vodafone Idea store.

  • Visit your nearest VI store
  • For OTP verification, the store’s executive will ask for an alternate number where he can contact you. 
  • After your OTP is verified, your lost SIM card will be blocked.

How To Block BSNL SIM

BSNL gives customers the option to block their SIM cards, and the options are explained below.

Block BSNL SIM Card

Customer Care

  • Call on BSNL Customer Support 1503 or 1800-345-1500 and Talk With BSNL Support Agent About Deactivating Your SIM
  • Provide all the information necessary like SIM card ownership. For example, call history, last recharge(s), address proof of the user and other details which will help in identifying a customer.
  • After your request to have the BSNL line blocked, the relevant department will complete the blocking of your SIM.


  • Convert and store SIM verification documents in PDF file format
  • Now issue a complaint on the portal help desk, and send all your documents on BSNL customer care
  • After this, BSNL teams start working on your request. If everything goes right, then you will get a confirmation message saying that your SIM has been blocked.

Note: This method may take time but there is also an alternative.

There is another online method provided by Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management & Consumer Protection. It is a Government website where you can enter your mobile number and know all your SIM numbers registered under your Aadhar card.

YouTube video
YouTube Video Explanation on How to Block Any Telecom Network SIM Card

Wrapping Up 

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to block SIM cards. With this knowledge, we hope you’ll be able to block your SIM card without any problems at all! If this method not successful you can comment we will tell you DOT website from where you can block your SIMs also.

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