Jio Plans for Fiber Broadband 2023 [List of All Offers & Benefits]

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans, Installation Charges & Process
Jio Fiber Plans

Ever since Jio has taken a place into our lives, getting internet data and unlimited calls in an affordable price has become a thing for every household.

Back in 2018, Reliance announced Jio Fiber that is Fiber to home internet broadband services provided by Jio.

And if you’re here to know about Jio fiber plans 2022 and details, we’ve covered you all. 

How to Apply for Jio Fiber?

Before we jump into the plans and packages, it is mandatory to know the application process for JioFiber.

And for that, you do not need to visit their office.

Instead, follow these easy steps and get started-

  • You need to visit the official website and tap on the book now. 
  • Once you do that, you will be asked for some information such as name, mobile number and address. 
  • You need to fill the OTP and enter your current location. 
  • Mark the location as home or office.
  • Now enter your email address.
  • The company will contact you within 24 hours via call and mail. 

What are the Jio Fiber Installation Charges?

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Jio has a free trial policy available for the new users where they have two choices given.

In the first one, they will have to pay INR 2500 security charges and they will get 4K set top box, an access to 10 OTT apps while the other will require the users to pay 1500 INR as a security deposit with no 4K set top box or OTT apps.

The amount will be refundable in both the plans however, customers are required to tap on not continuing the services. 

Jio Fiber Free Trial and How to Get it?

Jio Fiber has also introduced a flat 30 days free trial exclusively for the Jio Fiber New Connection.

Here, the users will be getting the speed of up to 150MBPS, a 4K set top box and an access to 10 OTT apps.

Also, they will be given the unlimited voice call services for 30 days as a trial and after 30 days, one can either book for their installation or can disconnect the services and no questions will be asked. 

How to sign up for a free trial?

As said above, Jio comes with a 30 days free trial policy where one can easily have all their services for free of cost and then decide whether they should take the paid services or not.

However for getting the free trial, here’s the process that one has to follow-

  • First, visit the official website of Jio Fiber.
  • Now tap on “Book now” under your preferred option. Note that option 1 is for the set up box while the 2 is without.
  • Now add your name and mobile number and go through the OTP verification process once.
  • Add your address and email address. 
  • Tap on submit.

Once you do it, the team will check for the connectivity and if it is available in your area, the team will contact you within 2-3 business days. 

Internet speed offered by Jio Fiber

Jio Broadband Speed
Jio Broadband Plans

You will be amazed to know that their internet speed for INR 399 and 699 is 30Mbps and 100Mbps while for the greater plans such as 999, 1499, 2499 will enjoy speeds up to 15Mbps, 300Mbps and 500Mbps.

For the 1GBPS speed, one can use the 3,999 and 8,499 plans. 

What are the Jio Fiber plans?

Below mentioned is the chart where one can see all the Jio fiber plans with their monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual pricing.

Along with that, there are also loads of benefits included that you can see here too.

You can refer to the table given below for all such information about Jio fiber plans and packages.

Name of the planMonthly PriceQuarterly PriceSemi-annual PriceAnnual PriceBenefits
Rs 399 Jio Fiber PlanRs 399Rs 1,197Rs 2,394Rs 4,78830Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling
Rs 699 Jio Fiber PlanRs 699Rs 2,097Rs 4,194Rs 8,388100Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling
Rs 999 Jio Fiber PlanRs 999Rs 2,997Rs 5,994Rs 11,988150Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 14 OTT subscriptions
Rs 1,499 Jio Fiber PlanRs 1,499Rs 4,497Rs 8,994Rs 17,988300Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 15 OTT subscriptions
Rs 2,499 Jio Fiber PlanRs 2,499Rs 7,497Rs 14,994Rs 29,998500Mbps, unlimited data, 15 OTT subscriptions
Rs 3,999 Jio Fiber PlanRs 3,999Rs 11,997Rs 23,994Rs 47,9881 Gbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 15 OTT subscriptions
Rs 8,499 Jio Fiber PlanRs 8,499Rs 25,497Rs 50,994Rs 1,01,9881 Gbps, up to 6,600GB data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 15 OTT subscriptions
Jio Fibre Plan Prices excluding GST

What are the benefits of Jio Fiber?

It is required to know the benefits and reasons that justify ditching your current broadband connection and using the Jio Fiber for your home and office.

So let us read some of the features below-

  • Jio Fiber will make your internet connectivity direct to your home and not to the building that would help in giving the best speed and user experience. 
  • One will also get unlimited HD voice calling and video calling through the JioTV camera.
  • The company is also providing 4K set up box at low cost along with the JioTV camera and security cameras. 
  • One will also get free OTT subscriptions such as JioCinema, Netflix, Prime, Voot, Hoichoi and more. 

Wrapping up,

These were the Jio fiber cost, package details and more.

Our overall experience with the company has been smooth so far and we do recommend our users to take their services.

If you’re not someone who is taking the subscription for office or heavy work, then using the 399 or 699 plan will be enough for you.

Also, if you want to enjoy the OTT services, then you can use the 999 plan and enjoy all the services at one place.

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