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Reliance Jio SIM Information: This is the mouth-watering trend setter going on these days, have a look what it is offering Unlimited 4G data for complete 90 days that is 3 months plus unlimited Phone Calls and SMS for 90 days, it is definitely a steal.Guys hope You enjoying our free recharge app and Free paytm cash offer

reliance jio sim trick

Reliance Jio [Full information]

Is it worth ?

My broadband provider roughly charges 1,500 rupees for a month; currently I am using LYF smartphone for downloading movies and huge files. Moreover, that saved a huge sum of money and what more it has been a necessary deal to buy right now.

A phone costing 4,000 INR – lucky you now it is costing only 3,000 INR (25% price drop)

Let us forget the phone for a second, and focus only about the Jio Sim, Unlimited 4G just imagine (after getting this news I was wondering what and what things I can do in 90 days with unlimited 4G)

#News :- Jio Offer Extended till 30th June 2017

I want to ask you one question,
What do you think how much GB’s of data you can download with this LYF’s Jio sim?
10GB? Obviously, it is possible.
30GB? Yes!
50GB? That is something great

What if I say, it is possible to download more than 100GB? That is (1TB+)!
Yes, there are people who have downloaded 1TB+ counting…
It is fast and unlimited.

Here are some exclusive statistics I collected from Facebook group:

jio speed

I have one more researched piece of content to share, even you might be wondering what is highest data downloaded thru LYF’s Jio sim.

I guess you cannot guess this, it is:

73 TB (Not GB!)

That is insane!
Freaking awesome.

After this, I may not be wrong if I say,

“Possibilities are infinity”

Obvious tip: Use it as router and the phone is truly a bonus that you get extra.

If you want more Reliance JIO News Update then we have created a separate post for that were the hottest news currently is JIO validity might get extended to March 2017

Reliance JIO Welcome Offer: After the successful launch of JIO Preview Offer under which JIO customers were getting free unlimited 4G data, voice call and SMS for 90 days. But recently on 1st of September, Reliance JIO launched Welcome Offer which looks exactly same as its previous version.

reliance jio welcome offer

Although JIO Welcome Offer claims to provides you unlimited HD Voice Calls, SMS, High-Speed Data and access to 6000+ movies, 300+ Live TV Channels, 1 CR+ Songs and More, but few terms and conditions which not every one is aware of has been shared under this article.

Brief Information about JIO Welcome Offer

Jio Welcome Offer is an offer for every 4G enabled smartphone user to enjoy True4G experience. You will get unlimited HD voice and video calling, unlimited SMS, high speed Internet and access to all Jio premium applications till 31st Dec, 2016.

jio sim online

Customers who were already in JIO Preview Offer got migrated to JIO Welcome Offer and they will get so called unlimited HD voice & video calling, unlimited SMS, high-speed data.


If you are new and want to avail this offer then process is same as previous offer. All you need to do is,

  1. Download & open MyJio App from Play Store or App Store
  2. Tap on ‘Get Jio SIM’ on the banner
  3. Enter your details
  4. Offer Code can be viewed on the screen along with the documents you need to carry to the store.
  5. Please carry the mobile in which the Offer Code is generated.
  6. Visit the nearest store (Reliance Digital & Dx Mini stores, Modern Trade outlets and prominent multi brand Jio stores) to get you Jio SIM.

reliance jio 4g sim card buy online

Hidden Facts about Reliance JIO Welcome Offer

Below we are sharing some of the hidden facts about this new JIO Welcome Offer which not everyone is aware about.

  • Is Unlimited HD Voice Calling Reliable? : Reliance JIO claims that you will get unlimited voice calling but the reliability of voice calling with other network is not good and you will face interconnection problem. You have to try at least 4-5 times before you finally get connected but if you call on any other JIO sim then you will instantly get connected.
  • Is 4G Data Really Unlimited? : No, the 4G data you get with Reliance Welcome Offer is not completely free. You will get 4 GB of internet data per day at 4G speed and after that you will get only 128 Kbps of speed which is equivalent to 2G speed.
  • Getting Low Speed After Some Time? : Reliance is secretly throttling data speed if you are downloading huge files. This is confirmed by GeekyRanjit (Famous Youtuber) That is, suppose if you are trying to download a game of 5 GB then till 1 or 2 GB you will get very high speed but after that speed goes down and it will continue until you stop your connection and again start downloading.
  • NO Unlimited SMS! : You will not get unlimited SMS in Reliance JIO Welcome Offer. You will get only 100 free SMS per day till 31st December.

Click Here to Generate JIO Code using Bluestacks or any rooted smartphone by using just 2 apps.

What speed it offers?

Test taken by concludes that,

“Jio’s speed at daytime goes up to 2 mbps and up to 3 mbps at night after 11 pm.”
Additional information you should know is:

” 4G and LTE are either same.
” Any 4G should get you at least 10 mbps speed.
” Higher the frequency, better the speed.
Note: It requires higher frequency range to access proper 4G network.

There are total 6 ways by which you can get Reliance Jio 4g Sim to access unlimited 4g internet data for 3 months. Here are they-

#0: Purchase Jio Sim Online

Yup ! Finally You Get Jio Sim online also.As we know many of facing problem in getting jio sim as it is not available to stores or long ques etc and every one want enjoy welcome offer of jio in which till 31 st dec you enjoy data and call free.So For purchase Jio Sim Online Go to and buy any 4G phone and you get 1 4G sim free Now Go nearest store and submit your documents and your sim activate in 1 to 2 days.You can also ask your friends to buy phones on shopclues so you get 4G sim Free.[Official News link]

#1: Contacts in Reliance :D

Yeah seriously, if you have even little contact in Reliance i.e. the one working there. There is nothing unethical about this since Reliance itself allowed their employees to refer some users to give them free Jio SIMs.

#2: Buy Samsung Smartphone

Here is a List of Samsung smartphones eligible for Jio preview offer which convert now welcome offer: Following is a complete list of Samsung smartphones that will be eligible for the Jio preview offer.

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 and A5 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2015 and A7 2016
  • Samsung Galaxy A8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Galaxy Note 5 Duos
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Galaxy Edge Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Latest Update:- Now Jio Welcome offer is available for all 4G handset So If you have Any 4G or LTE handset you can Get this offer.

#Update: Now Get Jio Sim for ALL Samsung & LG 4G Smartphones

#3: Buy LYF Smartphone

Recently we have shared one offer in which on buying Lyf smartphone you get free jio sim and that is the case with all LYF smartphones. There are 4 LYF smartphones present on Homeshop18 at present eligible for this offer but all of them are mostly out of stock still I am leaving a link below. Try your luck!

   Buy LYF Smartphone from Homeshop18

#4: Switch to HP

For HP customers, Reliance Jio is providing three months of free 4G data, but for the wireless compact router you have to pay Rs. 2,899. So if you are planning to purchase HP product then first refer the link below for eligible products entitled for this offer. To avail this you have to go to below link and fill form to get your referral code.

   Visit Offer Link

After getting the code head over to Reliance Digital or Digital Xpress Mini Store. Take your Identity Card like Adhaar card for address proof with passport size photo. After verification you’ll be eligible to buy the JioFi device. This offer is valid only till August 15. But after 15th Aug you can directly go to any Reliance Digital or Xpress Mini Store and show your product bill with serial number to avail this offer upon buying JioFi Device.

#5 Micromax officially announced Jio Preview Offer for their Smartphones

So if you have one of the Micromax smartphones listed below then you are now officially eligible to get Free Reliance Jio Sim.

  • Canvas Tab P701
  • Bolt Selfie
  • Canvas Unite 4 Pro
  • Canvas Mega 2
  • Canvas 5
  • Canvas 5 Lite SE
  • Canvas Knight 2

#6 Using MyJio App Trick

We have given the trick to get free Jio sim for all smartphones below. This method is currently working in few states.

How to get reliance Jio sim without buying LYF mobile?

Raju pp. from Techpp got a trick to get barcode and then the sim,
Yet again, one cannot assure that you will get it from retailers selling it.

The chances are 50-50; with lot of positive feedback, what I can say is do give a try. Again cannot guarantee you get it for complete 3 months, Reliance might take any actions, however there is nothing wrong in trying.

Working Trick to get Reliance Jio Sim

  1. Install My Jio app | APK Download (In app version history you can find any old version like MyJio 3.0.54)
  2. Now Install all 10 Jio apps provided in My Jio app.
  3. Turn off your internet data connection and Wi-Fi.
  4. Close all Jio app opened in background.
  5. Again Open My Jio app.
  6. Click on “Get Jio SIM” option.
  7. On a next page it will show this error “no internet connection”.
  8. Turn on the Wi-Fi or data in your phone.
  9. Open My Jio app and tap again on “Get Jio SIM”
  10. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  11. If it shows that the SIM is not available in your locality, change it to some nearby city or town.
  12. Generate the code.
  13. Now get the Jio SIM.
How to activate JIO sim after getting it?

You need to call on 1977 to activate your JIO SIM.

Got only 2GB ? Here is How you can Get Unlimited Data!

My friend, Om Prakash shared this trick on his website Visit this site and check complete step by step details regarding this.

Okay now if you are having your device listed above then congratulations you are eligible for Samsung Devices Getting Reliance Jio preview offer for 3 Months, well if you are planning to buy a Samsung device you can go to the list which are definitely getting offer.


Go ahead. Enjoy the life with ‘LYF’ and live the life king size by means of ‘Jio sim’.

Reliance jio sim is going to be the best ever network by far by offering such great features at such great price. Do not miss LYF and jio sim. Buy right now in local dealers.

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  1. Aenul As says

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    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      3G phone me NAHI chalega.. tested personally..

  2. avni says

    The barcode is valid for how many days

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Valid till 3rd December.

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  4. krishna kumar says

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    1. avadh narayan sharma says

      Bataiye 3g phone par bio Sim kaose use karu

  5. manoj umashankar trivedi says

    मेरा जिओ नम्‍बर 8770115358 है मैंने 23 सितम्‍बर 2016 को नीमच मध्‍यप्रदेश से सिम लिया सिम पर इंटरनेट सेवा चालू कर दी गई लेकिन कालिंग सेवा आज दिनांक 08 अक्‍टूबर 2016 तक भी चालू नहीं की गई कस्‍टमर केयर पर भी फोन नहीं लगता

  6. krunal says

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  8. Raja kumar singh says

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    8485983858 whatsapp pe bhi bta skate h
    Plz help
    Me bro

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  13. amit says

    M not getting welcome starting msg by jio office so mow what i do???

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      Call to the store and tell him to process your documents earliest

  14. kuna says

    Very good .we lyf user very unsatisfyed we buy lyf for net but jio cheat with us and give it free.THen we lyf user plz complain to jio for extend it 4 1yr all lyf users.u can complain on jio website.i already told it to lyf.then friend plz u support me and complain urself.

  15. Colby Karnopp says

    Aaj 7 din hogia assam goalpara dist Jio office main pura document de kar sim liya hu abhi tak calu Q nehi hua? Yeh office ka log kam karta hai ke nehi?

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    My phone is 4g .sony xperia c4 dual and samsung galaxy s3 also 4g phone but its not showing get jio sim in app

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      Available in all 4G devices now, go to nearest reliance digital store with your 4G device and documents and grab 4G sim for free

  19. manoj thalveda says

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    1. sarvesh singh says

      Nahi bhai just go and get ur sim

    2. Vikas singh says

      Bill ki copy ek I’d proof or bar code lekr Jana

  23. Aziz says

    Samsung galaxy e7 main support hoga ji ?
    Jio 4G

  24. mzalih says

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    1. sarvesh singh says

      All LTE 4G phones support jio

  25. Tejaswi says

    Am not getting “Get Jio Sim” option. Its asking for Sign in. But I don’t have Jio ID. This is from karnataka. Plz help me Bro…. ….

    1. Akshay Raibagkar says

      Even I’m from Karnataka, the problem seems to be unusual!

  26. Bishal says

    mere paas alrdy barcode h but reliance store bale bol rhe he sirf samsung ke kuch set me hi ye sim milega ex-a5,a7,s7,galaxy note

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  30. Rahul says

    Bro mere paas samsung a5 h but baar code expore ho gya plz help bro

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      ab jao, reliance store mein and bolo sim dedo.

  31. Rahul says

    Bro mere paas samsung a5 h but mera code expire ho gya h plz help bro

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      sorry to say, but if that is the case you can not do anything. try using other’s phone.

  32. rakesh jain says

    6.Click on “Get Jio SIM” option. in my phone is not be come

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      try one more time [try properly] it is should work!

  33. PRITHVI says

    i got the bar code from the jio app trick..
    but i dont have any samsung friend has purchased lyf phone. if i show lyf smartphone bill at the reliance digital store will i ll b able to get the sim ??
    please help

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      np, give a try, and let us know :)np

  34. Abhishek says

    Get jio sim not coming.
    When I first installed my bio app it shows install all app then click on get jio sim to avail it for free but after installing all apps get jio sim not coming.

  35. himanshu says

    by ur process i generated the code and get a sim…got a message alsa for verification but not showing network in my motorola g2 3g mobile ple ple help me out to use the sim

  36. himanshu says

    got a jio sim in my moto g 2 3g mobile and confirmation message is also received that call and verify ur no..but not getting network ple help how to get network in my motorola g2…

  37. nimai says

    from where i will get gio sim
    i forgot to see stores while generating code
    is it available in any rel. store
    how this problem will solve
    i live in vellore , tamil nadu

  38. nimai says

    from where i will get gio sim
    i forgot to see stores while generating code
    is it available in any rel. store
    i live in vellore , tamil nadu

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Yes any near store

  39. Reddy says

    Can anyone help I am able to browse data unlimited but I am unable to call/sms even for 1977 also unable to call issue is if a dial any number automatically call getting disconnected ….

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      head over to reliance forum. hope that helps

  40. PPratik says

    Hey how to use this sim in Sony Xperia t2 ultra dual phone?

  41. vicky says

    im also using jio about 1 mounth very high speed i use more then 2TB ,it is very nice

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      That’s good to hear :-)

  42. Tushar says

    I got the sim on my redmi note 3 by showing samsung s6 but i only got 2gb data. Nd now the 2gb data is exhausted and i am not able to use Internet. Is there any way to get the unlimited jio preview offer.

    1. Arman says

      Message me on fb will help you in getting unlimited plan

    2. Arman says

      Message me on fb will help you in getting unlimited plan

    3. Akshay raibagkar says

      Hi Tushar

      Sorry to say,
      but there is no way.

      will notify you if any trick is available :-)
      till then stay tuned.

  43. abhishek kumar says

    get jio sim option not found

  44. Sinchan says

    Same here on Patna also they are asking to show mobile phones

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Coz this trick has been shared on top news sites. Still in few states this trick is working.

  45. akki says

    Is it available in pune…

    1. Akshay raibagkar says

      Try and let us know too.

  46. Zishan says

    Bro digital express jio sim stores are not providing sim without showing device a5,a7,iPhone 6plus like devices…in mumbai

    1. Umesh Kumar says

      Same here in Delhi & Allahabad also!

    2. SHAMIM says

      same here in Kolkata also!

  47. sujeet says

    Can we make hotspot on that phone .so we can use it more .????

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Yes You can

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