Jio Effect: All Free Voice & 4G Data Offers by Other Networks

After the successful launch of Reliance Jio and it's surprising offers, many other Indian network operators are having a tough time in attracting new or old customers since Jio is offering free voice and data offer to all of their customer and recently they launched another plan for another 3 months of extension.

With this plan of Rs. 399 user will get the same benefits as previous that is, unlimited voice calling and daily 1 to 2 GB of 4G internet data.

jio effect on airtel bsnl idea vodafone

After the impact of reliance jio on the telecom industry, Indian Operators like BSNL, AirTel, Vodafone Idea (VI) are trying their level best to hold their customers by introducing plans similar to Reliance Jio like unlimited free voice calling & free 4G internet data.

Some of the network companies like AirTel and VI have even matched the exact price as of Jio but they have missed few premium options like free roaming and premium apps.

Free Voice & 4G Data from Operators by Jio Effect

In this blog post, we are sharing all offers launched by other Indian networks by the effect of Reliance Jio. Previously we have shared Jio effect on another operator by Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer, and now Jio effect is moving towards stage 2 of Dhan Dhana Dhan offer offer.

Vodafone Unlimited Calls and 1GB per Day Offer

After the continuous pressure from Jio offers, Vodafone is also trying to encourage customers to stick to them or buy Vodafone 4G SIM. Recently Vodafone launched a plan similar to Reliance Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer but this comes with a twist. You will get unlimited free local and national calling but you will be charged for roaming. Apart from that you will get 1GB of 2G, 3G or 4G internet data as per your device and network availability. Price of this plan is Rs. 349 and you will get this offer valid for 28 days.

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Do you think this is worth it? Well looks like Vodafone is confused and launching random plans. Check the below offer,

Vodafone 1 GB per Day offer at Rs. 244

Vodafone has launched another plan worth Rs. 244 which comes with benefits like daily 1GB of 4G data plus unlimited voice calls and sms. This offer will be valid for 70 days on first recharge and then 35 days for second time recharge.

Airtel Rs. 244 Plan against Jio

Airtel have also launched Rs. 244 plan to counter Reliance Jio. With this plan you will get 1GB 4G/3G data per day for 70 days. Apart from that other benefit includes unlimited Airtel-to-Airtel calling (local and STD) with some limit. Their are two other plans of Rs 345 and Rs 399 where you will get extra free minutes and extra data respectively.

Vodafone Campus Survival Kit @ 352

To attract students, Vodafone have launched campus survival kit which includes a free bag-pack for their promotional branding, some discount coupons for cab or food order. This offer is currently valid only in Delhi / NCR circle but may soon be implemented across India. For the first recharge you have to pay Rs. 445 to get 1 GB of 4G internet data daily with unlimited voice calling and then on subsequent recharge you will have to pay Rs. 352 for the same benefits without bag-pack.

BSNL 5GB per Day Offer

BSNL knows what they are doing and hence they have better measures to counter Jio offers. BSNL is offering 5GB data per day at 548 Rupees valid for 90 days. This plan will only have free data and you will not be entertained with free voice calls. Other plans like Rs. 378 and Rs. 258 comes with 4GB data per day and free talktime respectively.

-- Below are the Old Offers (May be Active) --

Vodafone Double 4G Data Plans & Offers

Due to Jio Effect, Vodafone has now doubled their 4G data for plans starting from 255 Rs. This offer is valid for both old and new Vodafone prepaid customers. Although it is the effect of Reliance Jio 4G still Apoorva Mehrotra, Business Head of Vodafone Delhi / NCR said that we got a good response to Vodafone SuperNet4G and henceforth introducing double data to all 4G customers.

Vodafone Double Data Offers on 4G Recharges
4G Data Price4G Plan BenefitExtra 4G DataValidity
2551GB1GB28 days
4593GB3GB28 days
5594GB4GB28 days
99910GB10GB28 days
199920GB20GB28 days

On comparing Rs. 999 plan, you will get 20 GB of 4G Internet data which is same as Rs. 50 per 1 GB data offer by Reliance Jio which is yet to become commercial after March 2017, but until then you can enjoy free data of 1 GB per day via Jio new year offer.

Get 9 GB free with 1 GB Vodafone Data on New 4G Phone

Vodafone free 9 gb 4g data

This plan is exactly similar to the Airtel Free 4G data offer where the user needs to do 4G recharge for 1 GB plan from there new 4G enabled mobile handset, and they will get additional 9 GB free 4G data. Same is the case with Vodafone where you will Now get 9GB of FREE data on your new 4G Smartphone for as many as 3 months.

How to get free Vodafone 4G SIM upgrade?

Looks like Vodafone is stalking AirTel with its plans and offerings, and this time is the case with free 4G sim upgrade. Yes, you can upgrade your 3G SIM to 4G absolutely free of cost. Just visit any Vodafone Store and ask for 4G upgrade.

Upgrade to Vodafone 4G SIM & Get Free 2 GB Data

Now once you upgrade from 3G to 4G SIM that too free of cost, Vodafone will greet you with free 2 GB of 4G internet data to make you aware of internet experience with Vodafone SuperNet4G.

This offer is applicable only for existing Vodafone customers with a 4G phone in select locations.

Reliance Jio Effect on AirTel 4G Plans & Offers

Due to Jio Effect, Airtel has launched many offers and plans to hold their customers. We have created a detailed blog post for the same where we have listed all Airtel free 4G data offers which are currently active and how you can avail them.

Free 5 GB 4G Data MyAirtel App

Offers include free 4G SIM upgrade, 10 GB 4G internet data at price of 1 GB, Free 1GB 4G data by giving missed call and many more offers listed in that blog post. So make sure to check out those before it gets expired.

Free Unlimited Airtel to Airtel Calls

Airtel has launched a plan with which you will get unlimited free voice calling from Airtel to Airtel mobile number whether it is Local or STD. This plan costs Rs. 145 and not only free calling but you will also get free 4G data with it.

Apart from free voice calling, Airtel prepaid user will also get 300 MB of 4G Internet Data. Moreover if you do not have a smartphone and you are using a featured phone then you will get extra 50MB of internet data.

This plan is valid for 28 days.

Free Unlimited Voice Calling from Airtel to Any Network

Another plan launched by Airtel is Rs. 345 plan under which prepaid users will be eligible to call freely to any network. Means you will get free calling from Airtel to any network provider in India.

Secondly, you will get 1 GB of 4G Internet data and same 50 MB of additional data if you have featured phone.

This plan is valid for 28 days.

Idea 4G SIM Upgrade & Get 2GB Free Data

Similar to Airtel & Vodafone, Idea also giving away free 4G SIM upgrade with free 2GB data offer for new 4G customers. Also, you can get 10GB internet data for Rs. 255 on upgrading to a 4G smartphone.

Another great offer is that you can get 1GB 4G data for just Rs. 51 per month till 1 year after doing a 4G recharge of Rs. 1499 in which you will get 15 GB of 4G Internet data. This price may vary across circles, but this plan can be compared with Reliance Jio 4G plans.

After Jio Effect, Idea is running in the track of data war, and almost every operator like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone are running side by side with the same sets of plans.

Reliance Jio Effect on BSNL

Out of all other telecom operators, BSNL was the first and closest competitor to Reliance Jio with its internet plans and free voice calling offers. Not only in the mobile network but BSNL launched unlimited broadband plans to grab as many customers as they can in this telecom industry race.


BSNL recently launched STV 498 plan as a promotional offer for winter holiday season, and this plan can be activated till 7th January 2017. This is an unlimited 3G data plan which is valid for both new & old users, and valid for 14 days as usual.

An interesting fact is that there is no FUP limit on the 3G speed provided by BSNL that is there is no speed limit, and you will get maximum 3G speed.

BSNL to Launch Unlimited Voice Calling Plan

BSNL state-run operators are about to launch an unlimited voice calling offer which is exactly same as one of the Reliance Jio monthly plan. This plan is expected to be priced at Rs. 149 and with that, you will not only get free unlimited voice calling but also 300 MB of internet data. It is expected to be launched in January 2017.

BSNL Chairman, Anupam Shrivastava admitted that 'Jio has come up with disruptive strategy and we are ready to match whatever tariff is being offered by our competitors'.

Aircel Offering Free Voice Calling for Delhi Users {Over}

With Aircel new combo voucher of Rs. 148 you will get free voice calling for 3 months. Free calling includes all on net calls free and all off-net Calls free (15000 seconds capping/month) for 30 & 60 days respectively. Post expiry you will be charged 30 paise per minute for all local and STD calls.

aircel unlimited free call

Moreover, you will get unlimited Data (FUP of 500 MB) for 28 days. This offer is valid only for Delhi subscribers. Remember that you need to have at least Rs. 50 in your account balance.

Aircel launches unlimited voice calling packs

#Updated on 14th Dec: Aircel has now launched unlimited free voice calling plans for their subscribers across India. The plans are RC14 & RC249 applicable for both existing and new prepaid customers. Price of the packs may vary according to different circles.

RC14 Plan worth Rs. 14 offers unlimited free Local & National calls to any network in India for 1 day.

RC249 Plan worth Rs. 249 offers unlimited free Local & National calls to any network in India for 28 days. Moreover, you will also get unlimited 2G internet data valid for 28 days.

Tata Docomo Free Internet Data & Free Calling for Postpaid Users

Tata Docomo also came into the race with free 1500 minutes voice calling and 2GB of Internet data for their postpaid customers. They are calling it as 'Simple is the Best' combo plan which is priced Rs. 299 for postpaid customers.

This plan comes with 1500 minutes of free voice calling for local & national calls.

That is it for now, but we will add more plans and offers which came after the Jio effect in this blog post. Hope this post helped you to earn free 4G internet data for your desired telecom company.

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Disclaimered : The data plans are shared here is up to dated at the time of article written .In time frame data plans may be changed please before making any recharge confirm it from official sources.

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