Convert Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid Online (No Store Visit)

Hey guys, converting Airtel postpaid to prepaid SIM is now very easy via the Airtel Thanks app.

You don’t have to visit the offline store to change your postpaid SIM to prepaid. You can do that online without changing your SIM.

That means, your old postpaid sim will be converted into a Prepaid connection. Within 15 minutes you will be switched on prepaid.

Convert Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid Online

Earlier, to do this process you have to visit the offline store to do the MNP process in which by sending a PORT code to 1909 you will get one OTP. To migrate a postpaid connection to a prepaid via an Offline method you had to visit the nearest Airtel store and take a new SIM to migrate.

But now, you can do that by sitting at your home without changing your SIM.

Things Which You Need To Convert Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid Online

  • Postpaid SIM
  • Airtel Thanks App
  • Internet Connection.

If you have these three things in your Mobile then you don’t have to go anywhere you can convert within minutes from your home.

How Airtel Postpaid To Airtel Prepaid SIM Migration Works

The process is very simple as you have Airtel postpaid sim which has been active for more than 90 days and you want to convert it on the same network that is Airtel prepaid.

So Technically you can do that as you are not changing operators (like Jio, Vi) you just changing technology, and now airtel postpaid SIM is equipped with tech that can be switched from postpaid to prepaid without taking a new SIM.

So what you have to do is simply place a migration request from the Airtel Thanks app.

If you have any postpaid dues clear that by paying it online.

Now next it will ask for some details & re-confirm your request to migrate the Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid connection.

As you raise a successful request within 15 minutes your postpaid network will gone and after a few more minutes prepaid signal will come & bingo!

You have successfully migrated from Airtel postpaid to prepaid online via the Airtel Thanks app.

Steps to Convert Airtel Postpaid Connection To Prepaid Online

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  1. To Start Migration You need the Airtel Thanks APP.
  1. Now Open the app & log in Via Postpaid Sim.
  2. You will see all the details of your postpaid connection.
  3. To start the migration process go to the help section (More>help).
help section in airtel thanks
  1. Now in the search bar enter prepaid & you will see options.
  2. You will see the option ” I want to downgrade from postpaid to prepaid “.
convert airtel postpaid sim to airtel prepaid sim
  1. Click On it and it will ask for your postpaid number enter it and continue.
airtel postpaid migration online
  1. Next, it will show pending dues, clear your dues by paying online.
clear postpaid dues
  1. As due paid, Your migration Airtel postpaid to prepaid request was raised successfully.
airtel postpaid migration online without store

I hope you easily converted your postpaid number to a prepaid number. Now your prepaid number has no plan or not recharge pack so you are unable to make call or receive calls.

As your new number is blank to activate your Airtel number you have to do any pack recharge after that your converted prepaid number works normally.

How To Convert Airtel Postpaid SIM to Jio or Vi Prepaid SIM:

Converting Airtel postpaid sim to another network Prepaid Sim is the same as the old method. To transfer or migrate Airtel postpaid to another network you have to use Port instruction to generate MNP Code.

To Generate Code Send SMS PORT <Mobile Number> 1900.

Note down the MNP code and go to the Jio or Vi store and give them the MNP code they do Online Aadhar KYC and give you your new SIM.

And within a few hours, your same postpaid number converted to a prepaid sim.

FAQs Of Airtel Postpaid To Prepaid Migration

Minimum Period to Convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid?

In Airtel Postpaid the connection must be 90 days old from the activation date. After 90 days you can port or convert postpaid sim to prepaid.

Is Converting Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid free or chargeable?

Converting Airtel postpaid to prepaid is totally Free. Just make sure before migrating your postpaid bills are clear.

How to generate MNP code in Postpaid SIM ?

To generate MNP code or Porting code from your postpaid sim send SMS Command PORT <Mobile Number> 1900.

The minimum period to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid?

Officially it takes 30 minutes to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid but usually, it takes 15 min and the process will be done in due time.

In A Family Postpaid Plan. Do I Also Need To Wait 90 Days To Convert To Prepaid ?

No, You can proceed instantly. As you were part of Airtel’s family plan. You do not need to wait for a 90-day cooling period.

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