How Much YouTube Pays You for 1,000 Views in India 2024

YouTube functions as a social media platform that allows users or content creators to generate earnings. The primary requirement for this is to provide entertainment, although solely offering entertainment may not prove satisfactory.

Your idea to become a YouTuber can be proven as the best career nowadays. This is because it is a growing industry and it will emerge more in upcoming years. People have already started taking an interest in it and are curious to know about the most-talked-about question – “How much Youtube Pay for 1000 views in India?

1k views on youtube money in india
youtube 1k views money in india

Youtube Money Calculator

YouTube is considered the simplest, best, and a quick way to earn money online.

As the scope of earning on YouTube is increasing, the number of people on YouTube increasing day-by-day which is resulting in high competition. Despite this, the specialty is that there is no stopping point for generating cash.

Anyone with skills and abilities can make crores in today’s world. You just have the knowledge about the topic “how to earn money on YouTube”.

Moreover, we have analyzed several top YouTubers in India who are earning crores, as well as spoken with smaller YouTube creators to gather as much information as possible on YouTube’s 1k views money in India.

Hence, we will be discussing “How much does YouTube pay for 1k views in India” in this blog post. So go on reading!!!

What is the amount that YouTube pays per 1000 views in India?

It’s important to remember that YouTube does not have a set amount for payment per 1000 views, providing an opportunity for potential variability. It depends on many factors such as niche, views, subscribers, watch time, and a lot more. But note that a higher score of these factors will lead to providing you the more amount as YouTube income per 1000 views is not based only upon views. 

The YouTube income per 1k views is directly proportional to the growth of your YouTube channel in a specific genre. And the average YouTube income per 1000 views in India is nearly ₹40 – ₹80.

As a YouTuber, you should know that there is no accurate YouTube money per view calculator made till now. The more analysis you can grasp about the channel’s growth, the longer you remain engaged in it and earn substantial money.

Our Survey during YouTube FanFest

In a bid to shed light on the lucrative world of YouTube earnings, I conducted an extensive survey during the YouTube FanFest event, engaging with thousands of YouTubers from diverse channel categories.

Our goal was to uncover the answer to the burning question on every aspiring YouTuber’s mind: ‘How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in India?

The results were revealing, highlighting the dynamic nature of YouTube income.

Unlike a fixed payment rate, it depends on a multitude of factors, including your niche, views, subscribers, and watch time. However, as a rule of thumb, the average YouTube income per 1000 views in India hovers around ₹40 to ₹80.

This data underscores the enormous potential of YouTube as a career, where anyone armed with the right skills and knowledge can chart a path to success. It’s not just about views; it’s about understanding your niche and harnessing the platform’s diverse revenue streams, making YouTube a promising career choice for those willing to put in the effort.

YouTube Earning in Different Niches per 1000 Views

If you are interested in making money through YouTube, you are not alone. Millions of content creators use this platform to share their talents and make a living. However, not all niches are created equal, and earnings can vary greatly depending on the type of content you produce.

The given below is the compiled data collected for you to analyze the profitable niche on YouTube in 2024. This data shows the average youtube income in different niches. This will definitely help you to identify your passionate niche. 

YouTube NicheAverage YouTube income per 1000 views ( in INR )
Beauty and FashionRs. 20-25 
ComedyRs 22.05-29.4
Movie ReviewsRs. 19-44.03
Science and technologyRs. 24-139.05
Blogging and VloggingRs. 9-17
Educational and Teaching ContentRs 9.24-71.04
Motivational and self developmentRs. 10-50
Cooking/RecipesRs 7.35-66.17
DIYRs 8-30.11

Top 5 Indian Youtubers Income List

Indian Youtubers Income

Likewise, the entire world, Indian citizens are also making million-billions on YouTube. At this point, you should know about the top 5 Indian YouTubers with their annual income list.

This data is given below in the form of a table. Check thoroughly once to get more information.

Indian YouTubersTheir Annual Income (in INR)
CarryMinatiRs. 5 crores
Gaurav ChaudharyRs. 3 crores
Sandeep MaheshwariRs. 2.5 crores
Ranveer AllahbadiaRs. 1.5 crore
Physics WallahRs. 1+ crores

With the abundance of information available at our fingertips, it’s clear that the opportunities for starting a lucrative career on YouTube are virtually limitless.

So, why wait? Seize the moment and begin your journey tonight by discovering the secrets to earning 1000 views on YouTube money in India in the above section.

How much money do Indian YouTubers make on average?

In particular, there is no limit to obtaining cash from YouTube. With 1k views on YouTube Money in India, you can generate revenue as much as you can. YouTube income in 2024 depends on various factors such as consistency, views, analytics, and many more. In actuality, YouTube money per view in India also varies in different niches. 

In general, YouTubers in India can expect to earn around $0.01-$0.03 per view, which means that for every 1000 views, they can earn between $3-$5. Further, it’s worth noting that making money on YouTube is not just about views and subscribers. YouTubers can also earn money through sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other revenue streams. 

According to reports, some of the highest-earning YouTubers in India are in the entertainment and comedy niche. They can earn anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars per month. Other popular niches in India include gaming, beauty, food, and technology. 

The average YouTube salary for 1k views in INR is Rs. 4,00,000 annually. This is an estimated value that is taken from a survey. As a result, with hard work, dedication, and a loyal audience, it is possible to make a good income on this platform.

YouTube Monetization Rules 2024

A sincere YouTuber should know that he has to monetize his channel to begin earnings. The very first thing that you should know before starting to earn from YouTube is its monetization rules and requirements.

Thus, there are three rules for YouTube Monetization 2024.

YouTube Monetization Criteria

You have to fulfill some criteria to get your YouTube channel monetized. According to the YouTube Monetization Policy, these criteria are provided officially by YouTube. 

Achieve requirements to apply

There are three kinds of YouTube channels. The first one is where people post shorts only. Second, is the one, where people post long videos and in the third one, people post both types of videos.

There are separate requirements to monetize YouTube channels for both types.

  • For the shorts channel- The Youtuber must have completed 10 million views on the shorts and 1000 subscribers in the last 90 days. This is the only YouTube shorts monetization requirement.
  • For long videos channel- 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos is a must-have stuff to fulfill the YouTube monetization eligibility 2024.
  • For both videos channels– You have to achieve both the above-mentioned requirements to get your YouTube channel monetized.
Complete the basics

Most importantly, a YouTuber must follow community guidelines. Note that you shouldn’t have any copy content on your channel. Otherwise, if it happens, you will receive copyright strikes.

In that case, you become ineligible to apply for the YouTube monetization scheme. Also, you have to complete your two-step verification in your YouTube channel studio which is now compulsory.

Here, no need to worry as it provides security to our YouTube channel. It prevents our channel from getting hacked. 

Pass Channel review

You have to pass the channel review test of YouTube. After following the above two rules, you will submit your application for monetization.

The team of YouTube will take around 15 days to check whether your channel follows all the guidelines or not. In this way,  monetization on YouTube works. 

7 Proven Tips to Grow YouTube Channel in 2024

  • Post videos regularly- You have to continue making and posting YouTube videos for better growth of your channel. This helps you to elevate your YouTube channel organically.
  • Use Tags and Hashtags- Relevant tags and hashtags are essential to make your channel come in the search bar. When it comes to the search page, it increases the people per view rate. 
  • Create compelling & eye-grabbing content- Your content should be creative, effective, and watch-friendly so that your audience can watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. 
  • Use proper title and description- Keep in mind that your video’s title and description shouldn’t have any clickbait. It must match with the content you have put in the clip video.
  • Paid promotion- One more way to promote your YouTube channel and earn money online in 2024 is paid promotion. You can now run your channel video advertisement on YouTube and other social media platforms. This will increase your views inorganically. 
  • Make customized thumbnails- Make sure that you are utilizing customized thumbnails for your channel instead of using simple and plain thumbnail covers. Your thumbnail should seem crisp and attractive.
  • Promote on social media – The easiest way to promote your YouTube channel & increase your YouTube earnings per view is by sharing your YouTube channel with your friends and family members. Apart from that, you can also promote your business on various social media platforms like Telegram groups, WhatsApp groups, and Facebook.

Different ways to Earn Huge Money from Youtube

Ads Revenue

When your YouTube channel reaches the threshold for monetization, a powerful tool becomes available to you – the automatic placement of ads within your video content. This means that as viewers engage with your videos, they will be presented with ads that are contextualized to the content they are watching. When someone clicks on an ad or watches it for a certain amount of time, you will start generating ad revenue that is deposited directly into your YouTube account. 


  1. Must be 18 years old 
  2. Should own an Adsense account

An exciting opportunity awaits content creators on YouTube as they now have the option to sell their merchandise to their audience. This can range from branded apparel such as T-shirts, to other customized products. The best part? You can determine the prices that are ideal for your business needs and earn a high commission. 


  1. Should have 1k subscribers 
  2. “Made for kids” option should be disabled. 

One of the best and easiest ways to make money from YouTube is through memberships. You can offer special perks to your subscribers. Those who desire the offer will make payments every month in exchange for additional benefits. 


  1. Must be 18+ and live in a country where membership is available.
  2. Shouldn’t be a music channel 
Super chat, stickers, and Thanks

YouTube’s newest feature, introduced just a year ago, has become the go-to method for content creators to generate revenue in 2024. With this feature, fans of a YouTuber’s content can express their appreciation by giving stickers and thanks, which translates to a monetized reward system.


  1. Have completed monetization criteria
  2. No sensitive content
YouTube Premium

Becoming a part of the YouTube Partner Program is now more accessible than ever. By paying a small subscription fee, content creators can join this program and monetize their channel. Once enrolled, subscribers can pay to access the creator’s content, with the option to become a premium member via YouTube Premium.


  1. Should be a YouTuber
  2. Must follow community guidelines
Sponsorship and promotions

When your channel begins growing, more brands and businesses will start approaching you to promote themselves. You can charge fees from them to make their promotion. This is known as paid promotions or sponsorships. 


  1. Everyone is eligible
  2. Must confirm 2-step verification


Who is the highest-paid YouTuber in India?

In the crowd of numerous skilled YouTubers, Carryminati is the highest-paid YouTuber in India in 2024 with a net worth of 41 crores in INR.

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in India in rupees without ads?

YouTube pays Rs. 1000-2000 on average for 1000 views in India in rupees without any ads.

How much does YouTube pay for 1k views in India?

Typically, YouTube creators in India earn between 2000-3000 Rs as YouTube 1k views money in India. However, the exact amount can be influenced by a variety of factors, including the topic of the content and the level of engagement their channel receives.

How much money can we make from a YouTube channel?

No limit! You can make lakhs and crores. This totally depends upon you, your growth, and your channel.

How to calculate YouTube income per 1000 views in Indian rupees?

People now utilize many “YouTube earnings calculators” that typically provide an estimate of earnings. Although we cannot draw the conclusion that it is accurate, we may use the assumption to enhance our skills.

Is YouTube the best career in 2024?

A big Yes! YouTube is one of the careers that pay endless money for your hard work and efforts.

How to earn money from YouTube views?

Earning money from YouTube videos requires enabling monetization on your channel. After that, your earning potential is determined based on the visibility and genre of your content. The more views and engagement your videos receive, the higher your earnings can be.

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