Top 5 Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards in India (Updated)

Free Amazon Gift Cards India/USA

Guys, want to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Online then we are going to tell you the top 10 ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. All these methods are legit and working for so long that’s why we decided to share this free method of Amazon Gift card or Amazon Pay Balance.

Free Amazon Gift Cards
Free Amazon Gift Cards 2021

Friends Amazon gift card balance is Very popular these days. In the e-commerce Industry coupons, discount codes, cashback offers, and Gift cards are very popular and attractive ways to Gain the Confidence and trust of Online shoppers.

Today in these posts we are gonna let you know the top 5 ways to earn free Amazon gift cards easily. You have to just follow these steps and make sure you regularly follow these steps and claim your gift cards.

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Amazon is the world leader in Online shopping and they have the Largest user base their Popular Amazon Gift card facility is very popular these days. You can Buy these Gift cards and share them with your family and friends to shop But We are going to tell You how to earn Amazon gift cards absolutely free.

So without Paying any Money You can Get Free Amazon Gift card codes or Amazon gift card balances in Your Amazon account and do free shopping for whatever product You want.

For earning Amazon Gift cards which is Now also Called Amazon Pay Balance there are many ways Like Completing App Tasks, doing an Amazon gift card survey, etc. But as told we only share ways that we are personly using for long and enjoying free Amazon shopping.

Before We Hop Into the ways of earning gift cards Let me Give you a Brief idea of what is Amazon gift card and Amazon pay balance First.

Amazon Gift card is a digital Codes that any Amazon user can shop with Amazon website as an Equal conversion of Your money If you want Rs 500 amazon gift card then You have to Purchase Rs 500 Amazon Gift card which is Equal To your money and You use this as normally shopping.

People use Amazon gift cards to Gift them to friends family members or Those people who don’t have Credit or debit cards Yet like Students.

Amazon Pay balance wallet service of Amazon the same as Paytm Cash, Freecharge Wallet, and MobiKwik Wallet. Pay Balance is used to Pay money to do shopping quickly on the Amazon app or website.

The Amazon Pay Balance service Gives Many Benefits if You are using it For every sale 10 to 20 Percent Discount, free Amazon Prime access, and Also You can use These Pay balances outside of Amazon to recharge and Bill Payments.

So Guys I Hope You understand all about Amazon gift cards and the newly launched Amazon Pay Balance Now let’s start Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift card or also Say Free Amazon Pay Balance Online.

Best apps to earn Amazon gift cards in India:

  1. mRewards App
  2. Cred App
  3. Go Daily App
  4. Sikka Pro App
  5. Times Points
  6. The Panel Station
  7. Magicpin
  8. Valued Opinion
  9. Money Tree App
  10. Amazon Quiz

List Of Top 10 Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards Or Amazon Pay Balance:

S.NoNames Of Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards WaysEarning Amount
1.MobileXpression AppRs 300
2.Earn Talktime AppRs 150
3.RewardAppRs 60
4.Xcel-Online surveyRs 100
5.Valued OpinionsRs 400

1- MobileXpression App

MobileXpression App is a Very Popular and Secret offer that millions of people use and it works in different countries like the United States of America, India, etc. This Android app is a surveying app that monitors users’ daily activity to make the world a better place By analyzing your data For this, they are Giving Rs 300 Amazon Gift card Codes to Your mail address every Month.


You have to simply do a small Survey first and Download this app to stay active the whole month to get these free Amazon gift card codes. You can check the whole step-by-step Process Here or use the Below Download Link to Install the ME app.

Join MobileXpression App

2- Earn Talktime App

Earn Talktime is the Most Popular App for getting free recharge from your Mobile operator they started giving free Amazon Gift card Codes. So what you have to do is Install the App and complete Some tasks to get Offer Money You can redeem it in Amazon Gift card Codes which is Instant or You can get Free Paytm Cash or other Vouchers like CCD etc.

earn talk time earn amazon gift cards

ETT also Gives Rs 150* Per referral which means if you refer your friends you can easily earn Amazon gift vouchers. Below is the Link to download.

Download Earn Talk Time app

3- RewardApp

This App is very interesting I feel Because they are giving so much in a single app In RewardApp you can earn money by doing simple tasks like surveys, app downloads, Making your refer chain which gives you a lifetime income, Video viewing earning, etc.

how to earn amazon gift cards

You can redeem Your earnings in an Amazon gift card, Recharge, Paytm, or In Terms of Bitcoin and Paypal. So This app is worth trying and it can become a regular income machine.

Download Reward App

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4-Xcel-Online survey

how to earn amazon gift cards

Xcel Online Survey is a Very Good source of Free Gift cards which include Amazon gift cards, Flipkart gift cards, shopper stops gift cards, etc. On this site, you receive two to four surveys of 30 to 60 Xcel Points and one Excel point is Equal to Rs 1 which means you can easily Get  Rs200 to 300 and Redeem it with an Amazon gift card code that you receive in your Registered mail Id.

Register On Xcel Online

5-Valued Opinions

Value Opinions is Another Online Amazon gift card survey site that gives free Amazon pay balance or gift card Balance. They offer a regular survey of Rs 60 to 120 and You receive a Daily One Survey of 5 to 10 mins max. This best survey site to earn points and cash in for free Amazon gift cards

reard amazon flipkart

By Completing this survey you can earn decent money and convert it to free Amazon cash here minimum redemption amount is Rs 400 which I Guess reach in 4 days.

Register on ValueOpinions

Amazon India Bonus Codes:

  1. DH8F-WO4MK-K9PQ7
  2. B7R6-LT2ZY-GX6PO
  3. Y3D9-QA1XC-KR5VJ
  4. E2U6-PL7NB-WV9RT
  5. JX5S-MY4ZG-8TQ3K

Here is a list of valid free Amazon gift card codes for 2023:

  1. QX78-PL92-KJ56-MD43-ZF01
  2. 5B9N-KXW0-E3FG-J72M-4HA8
  3. OX34-G9W7-JHR8-UT5Q-1VKY
  4. MNOA-1KBC-3D45-2FGP-H7QE
  5. XYW1-DJK2-Z34Q-098A-67VN
  6. Z1UV-YL03-DC49-KP2M-QW6R
  8. H8Z9-TXYZ-674R-3KWQ-0IP1
  9. VWX5-OPQR-1YBN-67UZ-28AJ
  10. J23I-HMKL-R0G1-WPTV-4F56
  11. QWXY-3ZIJ-TM45-AK0D-1BC7
  12. 5R6N-2TPG-CD9J-LXY7-A0ZF
  13. G6HA-IJ5K-LYUV-WZ14-DQ0R
  14. E7X0-PQRS-TJKW-8N34-6L2M
  15. T0UV-WXYZ-134D-6AKB-789Q
  16. 34BC-DK7G-M6OH-E5I2-1TJP
  17. BQ7R-LK9E-Y034-MN2V-WXCF
  18. QRST-F5WZ-L2XY-B780-AK6D
  19. V8IJ-KLO9-7C2M-X46U-DW3Z
  20. 0YX1-6NOP-AJK2-HIQR-L7ST


What Amazon Gift Card Code?

Amazon Gift card is 15 15-digit unique virtual number assigned by Amazon and it has a fixed amount of value.
Below are Some Unique Working Amazon Gift card codes.


There is no Amazon Gift Card Generators type software or script on the internet. Please make sure as you see such type ads or pages keep away from them because they are traps. No such things exist.

How to get a $200 gift card from Amazon?

To obtain a $200 Amazon gift card, Prime members can apply for a Prime Visa, and upon approval of their application, they will receive the gift card.

How do I get free Amazon rewards?

You can earn free Amazon rewards by joining Kindle Unlimited taking advantage of Amazon Prime Video trials, participating in surveys through the Monetha app, or signing up for InboxDollars to receive a $10 bonus.

How do I get more money on my Amazon gift card?

To increase your Amazon gift card balance, you can reload it using a credit, debit, or pre-paid card, or set up Auto-Reload for automatic additions when the balance reaches a specific threshold or on a schedule.

Is there a 500 Amazon gift card?

you can also choose a variable denomination card, which can be loaded with any amount between $25 and $500.

How do I get $100 amazon gift card free?

Earning a free $100 Amazon gift card typically involves participating in promotional offers, surveys, or loyalty programs, but be cautious of scams and ensure the legitimacy of the source offering such rewards.

So, Guys, That’s it For Today. Hope You like our  Free Amazon Gift Cards list and You earn handsomely by this method and do free shopping.

All the above top 5 methods provide you Amazon gift card code which You can add to your Amazon account and use as a Gift card Balance or Amazon Pay balance at the time of shopping.

Guy’s If You know any method how to earn Amazon gift cards which I have not shared in this list do share in the comments so we can add it to Give all my readers Benefit from it.

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