Airtel Safe Custody Charges 2024 | Deactivate or Hold Broadband

Broadband internet connection is the new digital fuel of our life, it is very important part of our life now on .

Airtel providing Broadband Internet connection to every house hold and it offering up to 1 Gbps speed which is huge.

Today we gonna discuss how you hold or push your airtel broadband connection temporarily and hold your connection.

Airtel is India’s largest broadband service provider it has own ISP and providing various internet related service in India & all over the world.

Jio also launch Jio AirWiFi (Jio AirFiber) but they lack with Airtel as airtel giving best service and quality in broadband service.

safe custody airtel broadband
Safe Custody in Airtel Broadband

For domestic users airtel offering airtel Xstream broadband fiber service where user will get fastest internet speed up to 1 GBps at affordable price.

That’s why for quality & uninterrupted internet mostly consumers depends on airtel broadband that’s why today we gonna tell you a airtel broadband safe custody service from which you can hold, push or temporarily halt your services or recharge Plans.

What is Airtel Broadband Safe Custody Service:

Safe custody is a service offer by airtel to it’s broadband customers where airtel Xstream broadband user has a option to hold their connection till 90 days.

In this duration customers do’t have to pay broadband monthly rental but you will pay for safe custody a fixed monthly amount.

Example : Imagine you have to go out station for 1 or 2 months & you have activated 6 or 3 months airtel Xstream broadband plans. Now when you are not in home why you wanna pay for those months for that reason you can hold your connection by taking safe custody and when you return you will deactivate safe custody and start using your plan from that day.

How To Activate Safe Custody of Your Broadband Connection:

Their are two official method by airtel from which you can activate or deactivate safe custody of your existing connection. Follow below steps carefully to learn how to do it.

1- Airtel Thanks APP:

As you know airtel has promoting their all in one Airtel thanks app aggressively for that reason you can mange your broadband connection to airtel mobile number connections, Airtel DTH and all other in this app .

Hold or Push your Airtel Xstrem Broadband Connection
Safe Custody Airtel Broadband

To activate safe custody from airtel thanks app open your airtel thanks app and link your Airtel Broadband connection in it.

After linking open your broadband connection and go to service in it or on broadband page go to Quick actions & you will see Safe custody .

Activate Airtel Safe custody
Safe Custody of Airtel Broadband

Click on it and select duration from how long you wanna activate safe custody and place request.

After few hour your safe custody will be activated and your connection will be pushed for that time duration which you selected.

To deactivate safe custody do same steps and place deactivate safe custody option to acces internet.

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2- Calling Airtel Customer Support:

If you do’t want to download airtel thanks app or do’t have access on mobile or facing any issue in app to activation .

Simply call airtel broadband customer care (121) and ask them to activate safe custody. They will tell you all about safe custody and ask you for how long you will be want to hold or push your connection.

They will tell your charges if you are agree then they will activate safe custody for you. To deactivate safe custody call customer care or use airtel thanks app to deactivate.

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Airtel Safe Custody Charges in 2024

Airtel will charge you a fix amount and pro data rate basis that means for activating one month safe custody they will charge Rs 100 plus Govt. service charge and pro rate data that means how much you used activated broadband plan till the date of every month.

Example : If you want to activate airtel safe custody from 10 of any month then you will be charge Rs 100 plus taxes and till date of 10 broadband usage charge .

Note : Airtel previously charging Rs 250 plus taxes . Now they have reduced it to Rs 100 plus taxes.

FAQ Of Airtel Safe Custody :

What is Safe custody Charges of Airtel Xstream Broadband ?

It will charge pro data rate .It is Rs 100 per month plus taxes and usage charge till date of activation.

Airtel safe custody deactivation Process ?

To deactivate airtel broadband safe custody go to airtel thanks app and deactivate their or call customer care to deactivate.

How long can we activate airtel safe custody ?

You can activate airtel safe custody for 90 days maximum after that you can place another request to extend another 90 days.

What is Airtel safe custody charges?

Airtel previously used to charge Rs 250 plus taxes but now they have reduced it to just Rs. 100 plus taxes per month.

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