Best UPI Payment Apps in India 2024 (Special Offer Inside)

Best UPI APPS 2023: Hey Guys, today we are Going to discuss with you the Future of the Payment System which is UPI (Unified Payment Interface ).

UPI is a Game-changing Payment Technology that is changing all old and complicated Payment Sending systems and making an online payment transfer system via an app.

So today we are going to tell You the TOP Ten Best UPI APPS that are dominating the INDIAN Market & Giving users incentives Cashback and Many more features for using UPI Apps. UPI payments have taken a substantial march ahead and nowadays, the mobile app store is flooded with new and innovative UPI apps in India.

Recent data shows us that UPI payments in India are on a boom and Paytm leading the market with other comparative apps so we are listing those apps here also

Best UPI APP List With Earning Opportunity

What is UPI & How it Works?

UPI is a new Sensational Technology that is Changing Banking. UPI was introduced in order to facilitate faster and more reliable transactions.

UPI full form is Unified Payments Interface which is the successor of IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) which helps you in sending money to anybody within your bank or other banks instantly. The settlement of the Fund is in Real-time & hassle-free.

How to use Unified Payment Interface

UPI Working is very simple and easy to set up which is the plus point of this tech. With UPI you need simply a Mobile Phone & Bank account from which you send money from one party to another party.

From a registered mobile number You can set the UPI System to any Unified Payments Interface App like BHIM, Paytm UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc After a one-time setup You can send money in real-time to any UPI user. or Bank accounts within a few seconds.

Benefits of using UPI :

  • Send or Receive Money from one Bank to others INSTANTLY.
  • No need to remember the Account Number or IFSC Code.
  • You can do mobile recharges & bill payments.
  • You have to choose your own unique UPI ID Code (Virtual ID).
  • You can create any number of UPI alias.
  • You can send or receive money anytime you want (24 x 7).

Safety & Security of UPI Apps in India:

When You start using UPI Payment Apps You must be thinking of how safe these apps or UPI Technology are. Then let me Tell You UPI technology is built By NPCIL (National Payment Corporation of India) which deals with fund transfers. This system is monitored by RBI & Banks.

Each App is going through a Review process by Banks and security experts then introduced in the Market and there is a set of rules for everything.

Like if your transactions fail or do not reach on beneficiary account it automatically return to the sender accounts. This type of feature and more Security features are built to give you full security & safety of your app and funds.

List of TOP 10 Best UPI APPS With Earning Opportunity:

I hope You Get an idea of what is UPI Payment System Technology and how it works. Now we are going to give you the Top Ten Best UPI Payment APPS in India which is the leader of the UPI Market and trusted and reliable.

Top 10 Online Payment Apps in India 2023:

  1. Paytm UPI
  2. BHIM
  3. Google Pay
  4. Phone Pay
  5. Amazon UPI
  6. Cred
  7. Airtel Thanks
  8. Freecharge
  9. BharatPe
  10. Samsung Pay


In the List of Best UPI APPS in India, I am giving Paytm the first position because it is the best UPI App for Business, every Indian Smartphone user uses the Paytm app.

Paytm app is a one-stop solution for all your household needs they are also Integrated Paytm UPI in the same app. From this, You can Link your Bank account with Paytm & send money to any UPI User or any bank within a few seconds.

Paytm UPI Cashback
Earning Opportunity with Paytm :

As you all know Paytm is famous for giving Cashback on your Online shopping recharge or bill payment Same Offer applies with Paytm UPI If You use Paytm you get Cashback up to 750 on sending or receiving money Via UPI.

If you have a Paytm merchant then you can take payment via UPI Bar code and get Cashback for each transaction.

Paytm APP Download Link: Download Now


BHIM app was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India in a process to enhance Digital India’s strength and it is the Official Government app. So You can completely Trust this app because of government monitors and controls each transaction.

The main USP of the BHIM UPI APP is that it is a very simple user interface and the most reliable app. This app is the first UPI Payment app that is launched by Gov ON UPI technology.

BHIM Cashback
Earning Opportunity with BHIM UPI:

Gov of India offers an Incentive Program called Refer BHIM App and Gets Rs 50 cashback on the first transaction made by the invitee.

From this, you can refer this app to your friends & family members & earn Rs 50 cashback for each new BHIM User.

BHIM APP Download Link:  Download Now

3- Google Pay

Google Tej which is now known as Google Pay is one of the reliable & reward-giving UPI Payment apps developed by GOOGLE. They support almost every bank and Provide an extra layer of security with a Pattern lock.

Google Pay is not only supporting UPI Payments but from the Pay app, you can pay Electricity bills, mobile recharges & bill payments, movie tickets, and many more 3rd party payments directly from the app.

Google Pay
Earning Opportunity with Google Pay UPI:

Google Pay introduced the Scratch card Concept where for each unique transaction You can earn cards Which You can scratch it and earn random money up to Rs 10000 which will be deposited directly into your bank account.

For each new friend whom you invite to get a card, it means to earn lots of scratch cards and scratch it and win real cash.

Google Pay APP Download Link: Download Now

Here is the earning proof from Google Pay. You can earn by sending money to your friends on QR code as well as by referring Google pay App to others.

google pay cashback

4- PhonePe UPI App:

PhonePe is dominating the UPI Market with its offers and cashback. PhonePe was launched by Flipkart early when UPI Started making noise in the market. Its functions encompass digital wallets and e-commerce payment systems.

PhonePe is the most popular or top UPI app in India that offers multiple payment options for all your Online needs from phonepe you can make mobile recharges & bill payments, use it as a wallet to buy a gift cards, and movie tickets, etc., and all of these transactions you can earn money back, direct discount, etc.

PhonePe Cashback Offer
Earning Opportunity with PhonePe UPI:

PhonePe from started giving cashback discounts on recharges and bill payments. Recently they also started giving Scratch cards like Google Pay which makes this app more interesting.

As you send UPI Payments to anyone You earn a scratch card and by scratching it you earn a random amount of discount. So whenever you are going to Use UPI you can this platform to earn real money via PhonePe.

PhonePe APP Download Link: Download Now

Well, you guys can earn a lot from referring and earning. This app gives you Rs 75 per referral. For more detail, you can read this post on “Phonepe Offer“.

Phonepe UPI

5- Amazon UPI:

Amazon is also taking entry in UPI Payment they recently introduced Amazon UPI with the tagline “Now Pay directly from a bank account”.

By entering Amazon in the UPI market users get lots of cashback because you know Amazon is a market leader in the shopping industry so when You shop with Amazon UPI using a QR code and they are giving cashback plus from a single Amazon app you can send money to any UPI users or bank account directly.

Amazon UPI
Earning Opportunity with Amazon UPI:

Amazon UPI is new and has lots of earning potential You know the Amazon app has giving inbuilt UPI feature so whenever you shop on the Amazon app use the Amazon UPI Virtual ID to pay your shopping so you get cashback or discount offers on Amazon UPI. They also planning more cashback offers and refer offers so be prepared to earn with this.

Amazon UPI APP Download Link: Download Now

Hey, Guys above are the TOP 5 Best UPI apps in India 2022 which are dominating the market but there are other UPI App too like Airtel Payments Bank UPI, AXIS BANK UPI App, BHIM ABPB App, WhatsApp UPI, etc.

Bank with UPIUPI App Free Download
UPI ICICI AppClick Here
PNB UPIClick Here
SBI UPI AppClick Here
HDFC UPI AppClick Here
Andhra BankClick Here
Axis BankClick Here
Bank of MaharashtraClick Here
Union Bank of IndiaClick Here
YES BankClick Here
PhonePeClick Here

So in the future, if they give earning opportunities and more features we will add him to the list so you guys enjoy it.

If you are confused about any app let me know we are here to help with these top best UPI apps in India.

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Google Pay.
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Best UPI app for cashback
The best UPI app for cashback may vary depending on your location and specific preferences, but popular options known for offering cashback include Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm.
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PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm UPI, BHIM, Amazon Pay
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BHIM, Mobikwik, Jio Pay Business, PhonePe, Airtel Thanks, Mobile Pay by ICICI Bank, BHIM SBI Pay, BHIM Axis Pay, Google Pay.

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