PayTm UPI Offer : Earn Rs 1000 Cashback (Bumper Offer)

Paytm UPI Offer: Paytm launched several UPI offers and you can take its advantages by just doing few tasks. There are many offers running at the same time and it might be possible that you get confused which offer are you actually using right there. So, here is the complete post on PayTm UPI offer. In this post, I will show you step by step guide on how to use Paytm UPI offer.


From last few days, Paytm is launching “Paytm UPI offer” back to back. A few days ago they launched 5 ka 250 offer which can be further used to earn Rs 750 on PayTm. At this time, you can earn Rs 1000 but, wait, the offer is quite a confusing one. So, read the full post before actually going to use it.

Latest Paytm UPI Offer (New)

10pe100 Cashback offer



Paytm latest UPI Offer
Paytm latest UPI Offer


Offer: Send Rs 10,000 via UPI and get cashback of Rs 100. Read more in details.

Offer Rules:

  1. Send Rs 10,000 to any BHIM UPI Adress.
  2. Send 10 times to complete the task.
  3. After completion, you will earn Rs 100 cashback from Paytm.
  4. You can use this offer 3 times during the campaign.
  5. Means, you have to transfer 30 times.
  6. Know to avail this offer in just 5 minutes.

How To Avail Paytm UPI Cashback Offer?

  1. First, go to cashback offer page.
  2. Click to activate the Offer.
  3. Send Rs 10,000 to your own BHIM UPI Id.
  4. Means you are sending money from address@paytm to address@UPI.
  5. Now, go to your BHIM a/c and send money to address@paytm.
  6. Now repeat this 30 times.
  7. You will get Rs 300 Cashback within 2 days.

What is Paytm UPI Offer?

In short, Earn up to Rs 1000 on sending Money Via UPI (bank account linked with your PayTm).

Paytm UPI Offers

This offer is running by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). The cashback of previous month will be given on 10th of each next month.

Paytm UPI Cashback offer

There are 4 total 4 cashback offer which total give you Rs 100. Really, it very easy to use this offer. You can earn easily but the cashback will reflect on or after 10th of next month. Let me explain each offer briefly.


Paytm UPI Offer 1: BHIM UPI Cashback Offer

The BHIM UPI Cashback offer itself contains 2 offer which is interrelated with each other.

  • Get Rs 500 after completing 20 transactions each of Rs 100 or more.
  • Get Rs 250 after completing 100 transactions of Rs 10 or more.

Note: Transaction of Rs 100 or more will be counted on both the offer. Means, if you did 20 transactions of Rs 100 or more then you will get Rs 500 as a cashback and you have to do 80 more transactions in order to earn more Rs 250 for the consecutive offer.

  • In short, you have to complete 20 transactions of Rs 100 and 80 transactions of Rs 10 or more.
  • For every transaction of Rs 100 or more, you will get Rs 25. Means, for each transaction of Rs 100 or more you can earn Rs 25.
  • Maximum cashback of Rs 500 will be awarded for completing at-least 20 transactions each of Rs 100 or more.
  • You can earn Rs 250 by completing 100 transactions of Rs 10. If you already did 20 transactions of Rs 100 or more then just complete 80 more transactions of Rs 10 or more via UPI. Here is the list of what you get. It is based on Number of transactions. If you did less than 25 then no cashback will be given to you.

Offers on Paytmm UPI

  • The cashback will be credited directly to your bank account.
  • For more information, you can visit NPCI.

Paytm UPI Offer 2: 7pe70 Cashback June offer (Expired)

So, guys here is another UPI offers on Paytm. It is 7pe70 Cashback offer. Means you have to do 7 transactions and you can earn Rs 70. It is easy and fast. The cashback will reflect within 2 days. Generally, it takes 3-4hrs but sometimes it may take little longer time. So, don’t worry about cashback. Just complete the offer first. It is little tricky. Follow the steps given below for more details.

  • Go, to PayTm.
  • Login/ Sign up with your account.
  • Now To Go Cashback Offer.

Paytm 7pe70 upi offer

  • Now scroll down and check for 7pe70 Cashback Offer.
  • Now Click on it and you will get something like this.

Paytm 7pe70 upi offer

  • Click on “Do First UPI Payment”  and send Rs 5000 or more to any BHIM UPI id.
  • Now, your offer has been activated and you have to complete 7 more to get Rs 70.
  • Every time send Rs 5000 or more on BHIM UPI address.
  • Complete KYC to receive cashback.

Paytm UPI Offer 3: Assured Cashback Offer

The third UPI Cashback offer on Paytm. It is called “Paytm UPI Assured Cashback Offer“. In this offer, Paytm assured that you will get cashback for every transaction of rs 1000 or more via UPI.

  • The cashback can vary from Rs 1 to Rs 180.
  • No matter how much you pay, if you Pay Rs 1000 or more via UPI then you will definitely get cashback.
  • Paytm will decide the amount of cashback. The cashback will be paid within 2 days.
  • Just doing UPI transactions on Paytm. If you are lucky then you might get Rs 180, also.

source of the above offer is here

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  1. Zishan says

    We can only do 5 tx on of 10000 bcoz bank accnt gets locked for 1 day

  2. saikat says

    on Paytm 20 transaction should be on different upi address linked with 20 different bank account else it’s not counted…has to be 20 different upi address linked with 20 different bank account..

  3. Prashanth says

    Hi bro.I have performed transactions of Rs 5000 to receive max cash back of Rs 1000.Please tell will these transactions will be counted for the BHIM UPI offer.

    1. Suraj Sharma says

      It should be counted. But in case of BHIM UPI, you have to do transactions on different UPI id(s). So, whenever you do UPI on the same address it will be not counted as BHIM UPI Offer.

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