Jio TV APK for Android TV 2024 [Download MOD 5.9.5]

Jio TV for Android TV Latest Version: Jio TV App is a free add-on given to every Jio customer. But the limitation is that you can only use the JioTV app on your smartphone.

What if you can run the JioTV app on your Android Smart TV? Watching every Live TV channel for free on a bigger screen of your smart TV sounds great right?

Jio TV App for Android TV
Jio TV for Android TV

In order to watch Jio Live Tv App on Android TV, you need to follow our step-by-step guide shared below. Some Android Smart TVs allow you to run apps directly by downloading from the pre-installed Google App Store.

But in many of them, you need to side-load an apk file using USB Pendrive.

How to Run JioTV on Android Smart TV?

To get JioTV APK on Android TV, go to and type jiotv for android tv in the search bar. Open the first article from the search result. Scroll down and click on Download Jio TV 5.9.5 APK. Now, transfer this APK file to Android TV using Pendrive. Go to JioTV APK file present inside File Manager and press OK button on TV remote to start installation. Finally, open JioTV app and log in to Jio account.

There are many methods for watching Jio TV on TV-

  • Directly downloading from the Google Play Store app present on your smart television,
  • Sideloading Jio TV modded apk file onto your Android television via USB Pendrive,
  • Installing a Jio TV modded app which will work even without Jio internet on any WiFi connection,
  • Using Fire Stick with your television to load JioTV application,
  • Install Jio TV on Smart TV using Kodi application,
  • Or by casting your mobile phone on your smart television screen.

If you are a fan of IPL matches then this time you have to watch them on Jiocinema app. I have created an article on downloading the Jiocinema app on Android TV for our fellow Smart TV users.

Watch this video tutorial on installing Jio TV on FireTV & Android TV:

YouTube video

We will be sharing each and every procedure below. Then you decide which one will be easiest and most feasible for your setup. You can also watch cricket while playing leagues on best fantasy app shared by our expert team.

Technical Specifications of Jio TV for Android TV

App NameJio TV for Android TV
App Size12.1 MB
App Downloadjiotvforsmartv.apk
DeviceSamsung TV, Mi TV, Firestick
DeveloperSweenWolf from XDA

When it comes to system requirements this app can be used on any Smart TV with atleast 1 GB of RAM and ability to play Android APK file from external source.

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Here is the guide on how to run JioTV apk for Android TV using different methods. Try which one works for you and let us know in the comment section below-

#1 Side Loading JioTV Mod apk via USB

This is a specially developed modded apk file that is made to work 100% on your Android TV. Whether you are using Samsung smart TV, Mi TV or any other brand TV, it will work seamlessly.

Not only that, but it will also work on any internet network. You don’t have to use Jio internet to access the app. Just log in using your or your friend’s credentials for your Jio account.

Jio TV on Android TV with Mouse Toggle
Jio TV Modded Apk on Smart TV
  1. Download the JioTV_5.9.5 (Android TV).apk file from the above link.
  2. The best part about this modded apk is that it supports Miracast and also works on other Networks. Also, No Xposed or Root is needed.
  3. Make sure you don’t have Jio TV already installed. If you have then remove it first and then install this one.
  4. You can either download it on your Laptop or Mobile and transfer it to Pendrive. Or directly download using TV’s web browser app.
  5. Also, download Mouse Toggle app from Playstore. This will help you navigate the Jio TV without using an actual Computer mouse.
  6. Once done, open JioTV and log in with your credentials.
  7. With this app, you can use any WiFi network and there is no restriction of using only Jio Network.
  8. After login, use the Mouse Toggle app to move the white dot up and down using remote buttons. It will be helpful in choosing Live TV channels and watching them in full screen.

#2 Downloading from Google Play Store

This is one of the easiest methods to start watching free TV shows. If you are able to download JioTV apk directly from Google App Store.

And if it works then you are a few lucky ones to enjoy live tv app for Android TV.

Google Playstore on Smart TV
Google App Store on Smart TV
  1. Search for the Google PlayStore app present on your Smart TV. You will find this generally under the My Apps section.
  2. Open Play Store and in the search box, type – Jio TV
  3. Now install Jio TV by clicking on the Install button.
  4. Once done, open the Jio TV app and log in using your Jio number.
  5. Enter your Jio mobile number to receive an OTP.
  6. Enter One Time Password to log in successfully.
  7. Now you will be presented with each and every TV channel list as you normally see in your mobile app.

#3 Side Loading JioTV apk using PenDrive

Another method is to use the same Jio TV apk that you currently use on your smartphone.

Just use any apk extractor app and install that apk on your television to get started.

Jio TV side loaded on Mi Android TV
Jio TV apk Side Load
  1. If you don’t see Jio TV on play store then follow this step.
  2. Download the app on your smartphone.
  3. Also, Install APK Extractor app.
  4. Now open APK Extractor and search for Jio TV.
  5. Tap on Jio TV and click on the Share button.
  6. This will save the apk file on your File Manager.
  7. Also, download the Screen Rotation Control app.
  8. Transfer the apk file for both Jio TV and Screen Rotation Control app to your Pendrive.
  9. Connect the Pendrive to your smart television and install Jio TV.

#4 Jio TV on Smart TV using Kodi Application

Just like Amazon Mini TV on Android TV, follow this simple yet effective working method to run and stream Jio TV content on your Android Smart TV-

  1. Go to main menu of your Android TV and open Google Play Store app.
  2. Now type “Kodi” in the search bar.
  3. Download Kodi application and install it on your television.
  4. Open Kodi app and go to the settings option.
  5. Under settings, head over to File Manager and press on Add Source option.
  6. Add this URL under add source box-
  7. Under name type BotAllen.
  8. Now again open Settings and go to Addons option.
  9. There you need to click on Install from ZIP file.
  10. Select BotAllen and press on repository.botallen zip file.
  11. Again go to Addons and press on Install from Repository option.
  12. Select BotAllen Repository then Video addons and finally go to JioTV.
  13. Jio TV will now get installed inside Kodi application using Repository.
  14. After installation, you will get an option to configure.
  15. Go to Configure option and open PVR Client to download client from the list.
  16. Now, go to Configure option and go to Login option.
  17. Use physical or virtual keyboard to type your Jio mobile number and OTP.
  18. Finally, you can open Jio TV app and enjoy free TV on your smart TV.

Jio TV for PC

Check out our guide on how to run LIVE Jio TV for PC or Laptop. We have shared a detailed step by step tutorial just like this one. It also have multiple methods.

FAQs for JioTV on Smart TV

These are some of the queries generally asked. But if you have more unique queries then do leave us a comment below and we will get back to you with a solution asap.

Queries like Where can I find jio tv apk for android tv new version, or How to run jio tv apk for mi tv 4a are popular ones.

jio tv on smart tv faq

Do Jio TV and the Cinema app work on an Android smart TV?

Jio TV modded app can work on Android Smart TV without any hassle. Simply sideload JioTV mod apk file and enjoy Live TV channels on any network.

How can I run a Jio TV app on a smart TV?

There are many ways like directly downloading from Play Store App present on your Android Smart Television, side loading the apk file from your mobile, or downloading modded apk version.

Will a JIO TV application work outside of India?

Many have claimed that even with using Jio VPN for India, Jio TV is not working. But you can try it on Jio TV modded app provided by XDA developers by SweenWolf.

Is there any way I can cast or mirror Jio TV or my smart TV?

Yes, there is a JioTV apk modded by XDA developer’s Senior Member named SweenWolf. That modded app supports Miracast and also works on other Networks too.

Can I access JioTV from my desktop or personal computer?

As Jio stated on their official website – We will be launching JioTV for laptops and personal computers in future. But till then you can try our method on how to run Jio TV mobile app for PC.

Also check out How to download Hotstar for PC.

Conclusion on Jio TV App for Android Television

Playing and running Jio TV mobile app on Android Smart Television is possible with a little help. You are not even bound to one network but can use any network or WiFi connection.

The best part is that we have tested all methods and each and every method is either working on one Smart TV or another. If you are experiencing slow speed then use this Jio APN Settings to get high-speed internet.

Just follow each and every step carefully and enjoy watching Jio Live Tv channel on your smart TV.

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    • Hello Karthik, query is little bit confusing.

      Do you mean, you are unable to see Jio tv apk file inside pendrive when attached to Samsung Smart TV?

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