Top 9 Best Ludo Earning Apps to Win Real Money in 2024

Ludo is the best indoor popular board game for entertainment. Back in the day, I used to play with offline friends and now we all are playing it online with friends or random players. Today I am going to share the best ludo earning application for 2024. You can use your ludo gaming skills and earn lots of money in Paytm cash or bank withdrawals.

Ludo is an addictive game but it is a game of skill. It can be played with 2, 3 & 4 members. LUDO games help all of us make connections with new friends.

best ludo earning app
Best Ludo Game to Earn Money

According to Statista Survey, Ludo will be the 4th most popular casual gaming app worldwide in November 2022, by downloads.

In the mobile app market, there are hundreds of ludo apps but some are really cool and offer paid ludo matches where by using our ludo skills we can earn money.

It is like cricket fantasy apps where we use our cricket skills and play fantasy cricket in apps like dream11, my team 11 apk, etc.

List of Best Ludo Earning Apps without Investment

We are gonna jot down the top best ludo earning apps, app details, sign-up bonuses to try out the app, and important points of each app.

Ludo App ListBenefitsDownload Link
Ludo Culture by GamezyRs 100 Welcome Bonus Click Here
LUDO Win and Ludo DiceRs 100 Welcome BonusClick Here
Playerzpot LudoRs 50 Sign Up BonusClick Here
LUDO Supreme GoldRs 10 Sign Up BonusClick Here
LUDO NinjaRs 10 Sign Up BonusClick Here
Ludo LeagueRs 25 Sign Up BonusClick Here
Aqua LudoRs 10 Sign Up BonusClick Here
Ludo FantasyRs 10 Sign Up BonusClick Here
Ludo KingRs. 100 Sing Up BonusClick Here
best ludo earning apps

How You Can Earn with the Ludo Application

Earning with Ludo apps is very simple, you just need to play a paid Ludo match with an online player just like you and if you win you can get your winning amount.

In every Ludo earning app there are free & paid matches, You need to play paid matches and contribute some amount or you can use a sign-up bonus to play paid matches.

When the tournament or Ludo match starts just play & make sure to win that game if you win the match, the winning amount will be credited to your Ludo app wallet and you can withdraw it to your bank account or redeem it in Paytm cash.

1. Ludo Culture by Gamezy

Gamezy is the 2024 most popular multi-gaming app which offers super ludo games in it plus fantasy cricket games. Super ludo is an inbuilt game in the gamezy apk app which is unique in different ways.

In super ludo gameplay, you get only three GOTI (tokens) and the opponent also get the same tokens Plus you will get three life & three kills option. Which team three likes or the kills got those team losses.

Ludo Earning App 1
Best App to Play Ludo and Earn Money

In this app, you can play with two players i.e. H2H only and you can play with Rs 1 to Rs 6000 & win up to Rs 10000 with single gameplay.

You can play with gamezy signup bonus which is Rs 100 to try out & also you can refer your loved ones and earn more Gamezy bonus cash to play free games in it.

Steps :

First of all, Install the Gamezy app >> Open it & create an account >> Verify your number >>Go to All games >> Super Ludo>> Play paid league >> Win it >> KYC>> Withdraw bank account or in Paytm cash.

2. LUDO Win and Ludo Dice by MPL

Now on the MPL app, you can play Ludo online in two versions- Ludo Win and Ludo Dice.  You are all familiar with the MPL app promoted by cricketer Virat Kohli.

MPL also offers attractive rewards in other games like fantasy, cricket, carrom, etc.  

Ludo Earning App 2
Best Ludo Money Earning App

Both Ludo Win and Ludo Dice have two gaming modes- Number and Dice. In the number mode, you’ll get a random number from 1 to 6 in your turn, and in the Dice mode, you will get a number as per the dice roll.

As you win your winning amount is credited to your MPL wallet from where you can withdraw it to Paytm cash, Amazon pay balance, or via UPI in your bank account.

You can try out this game first time as MPL gives Rs 100 bonus cash and each referral also Rs 100 cash to try out this game.


Install MPL Pro app >> Create account >> Verify with OTP>> Got MPL referral cash >> Go to View all games >>Ludo attack >> Join paid battle >> Win it >> redeem it.

3. Playerzpot Ludo

New Shark in town with the new launch of the Playerzpot Ludo app. This is a super gaming app where you can play basic Ludo games and win real money with your gaming skills.

Ludo Earning App 3

Go and play without wasting any time because it is a new app and give more opportunity to win.

4. LUDO Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold app by the popular app Zupee Gold. It is one of the best purely LUDO apps which gives you a classic Ludo game experience.

Ludo Supreme app offers Ludo game four formats where you can play 1v1 battles to up to 3 winners games. This game offers classic ludo gameplay which makes it the best and anyone can play.

Ludo Earning App 4
Best Ludo Real Money App

To try out Ludo Supreme they are offering Rs 10 sign-up bonus which you can use to play any paid league for free.

You can withdraw your earnings in Paytm cash or in the bank after doing KYC.

This app also runs a refer-earn offer where by referring your known ones you can earn Rs 5 bonus cash & chance to win up to Rs 100 when your referred user starts playing.

Steps :

To join this game >>install Ludo Supreme Gold apk >> then create an account & verify your mobile with OTP >> Start playing paid game >> win >>Do KYC >> withdraw the amount in the bank.

5. LUDO Ninja

Playing Ludo is always fun and enjoyable. Ludo ninja is one of the advanced level ludo games where you will get two modes of play, the first is Turbo mode & second is Ninja mode.

Turbo mode will allow you fast gameplay and Ninja mode allows you to a smart games and play both paid and free tournaments.

Ludo Earning App 5
Best Ludo Game for Earning Money

By participating in the ludo paid game you can win unlimited free Paytm cash and a chance to play as much as the game you want.

To try out this game you will get a Rs 10 sign-up bonus first time in this app and Rs 30 per referral which uses your link.


Download LUDO Ninja APK>>Install it >> Create an account with mobile >> OTP Verification >>Choose mode >> Select tournament >> Play & win >>KYC >> Redeem it in a bank or Paytm wallet.

6. Ludo League

Ludo League is a unique professional ludo app that offers four game modes i.e. play online, Play 2 Peg live, Play Free Game & Play Private.

In this app, you can play by creating your own tournament or by joining a paid tournament or free ludo gameplay.

Ludo Earning App 6
Best Ludo App to Earn Money

This app also offers a rs 25 sign-up bonus by using the Ludo league refer code and you can earn more refer cash for free gameplay.

There is one game mode which is flash mode where whoever cuts the first Goti of another player that player is the winner.


Download Ludo Flash APK >> Install it >> Verify with OTP>> Select mode >> Choose tournament amount>> Play it & win >> Redeem it in UPI Cash.

7. Aqua Ludo

Aqua Ludo is a newly launched playing app that gives a joining reward of Rs 10. This app gives three different types of playing modes which makes you love this app.

In this app, you can play multiplayer, the computer & play with friends.

Ludo Earning App 7
Best Money-Earning Ludo Games

They have launched a Rs 10 joining bonus plus Rs 10 for each referral. You can use this cash to play Paid LUDO games & convert it into cash and withdraw it in the bank or UPI.

Refer Code: 32UT8DPA


Download AQUA LUDO APK >> Create account >> Verify with Mobile OTP>> Rs 10 reward given >> Play Online mode >>Win >>Redeem it in bank or UPI.

8. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy is a great app for those who want to play the classic game of Ludo. The graphics in this app are really attractive which will keep you entertained throughout the game. What’s more, you can also earn money, and that too in real-time!

Ludo Earning App 8
Ludo Fantasy App APK

With this app, you can play ludo with your friends, family members, or online acquaintances in an online environment. The real-time environment provided by this app makes the game even more exciting, and you may win money prizes. This app is 100% safe and secure, so there is no need to worry about any potential problems.

If you want to be entertained and enjoy some real ludo, download this app.

That’s it above are the top 5 Free best ludo earning apps that allow you to earn money. Now I am going to give you one free Ludo app which is the best in the market and offers you lots of advanced features & You can download it via Play Store directly.

9. Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the best and oldest Ludo apps which makes the Ludo app popular online. This app gives a voice chat feature during the ludo game play plus you can earn lots of coins by daily bonus & do lots of other activities.

Ludo Earning App 9

In this app, you will get 4 modes that are Play online with a random player, Play with friends, Play with a Computer and pass, and play the classic game.

If you wanna enjoy real ludo and entertain your self you must have to download and try out this app.

If you know any new Ludo app that offers money or a big winning tournament then comment down below we will add you to this list so everyone gets benefits.

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