Airtel Free Data Trick: Get 73 GB Bonus Offer Code Oct 2020

Airtel Free Data 2020

Are you looking for a way to get free internet on your Airtel SIM?

What if I tell you that you can get internet data without paying for it?

Here is how to get free internet on airtel sim. We have shared a few methods to enjoy free internet data on the Airtel telecom network.

Each method contains a step-by-step procedure to get Airtel Free Internet Offer.

Airtel Free Data

Remember the good old days where you can easily get free internet tricks online. There were airtel tricks like free internet HTTP hosts, UC or Opera Mini handler, proxifier or openvpn settings.

Here we will be covering new airtel free internet tricks which 100% works this year.

List of Airtel Free Internet Data Tricks 2020

Airtel Free DataInternet Offer Code
Missed Call Number for 10 GB5999555
Get 2 GB for Missed Call52122
Missed Call No. for 1 GB Data51111
Airtel Delight Data OfferSURPRISE to 121
Airtel VoLTE Beta OfferGet 30 GB Free
4G Upgrade OfferFree Data for 1 Month

New Airtel free data offers are little bit different than old ones. Here are some of them-

  • Airtel Free Internet Tricks for Android. Download Airtel Thanks app for exclusive rewards
  • Get free airtel internet data by giving a missed call
  • Free internet settings for Airtel
  • Refer friends and earn rewards.

There are few more free internet settings for Airtel which we will be covering below.

1. Airtel Free 10GB Data Miss Call Number

airtel 10 gb free data number 2020
airtel free data 10gb 2020

Learn How to Get Free 10gb in Airtel. Imagine getting free data just by giving a missed call. Sounds amazing right? Just follow these steps and get 10 GB free internet data on your Airtel number instantly.

  • Airtel Free Data Missed Call Number: 5999555
  • Internet Data Offered: 10 GB
  • Plan Validity: 10 days

Steps to get instant free data:

  1. Open your phone's keypad
  2. Type this number: 5999555
  3. Call this number from your Airtel SIM
  4. The call will automatically get disconnected within a second
  5. Instantly you will get a message from Airtel with successful activation.

This is the message:

Congratulations! FREE 10GB data has been credited to your Airtel Mobile for 10 days. Start using now. To check data balance & validity, dial *121*51#.

Now you can start using Airtel 4G internet for 10 days.

2. Get 1GB or 2GB Airtel Free Internet by Missed Call

how to get free 2gb data in airtel
airtel 1gb and 2gb data free

Earn Free Data Pack: This is another way to get free data for Airtel by missed call number. Here we are listing 2 numbers that are currently working. One gives 1 GB data and the other gives 2 GB of free data instantly.

  • Miss Call Number for 1 GB Data: 51111
  • Missed Call No for 2 GB Data: 52122
  • Plan Validity: 30 days

You will get this as confirmation message:

Congrats! You have been credited with Free 2GB 4G/3G Data, valid for 30 Days. Ensure you switch network settings to 4G/LTE to experience high-speed internet on India’s widest 4G network. To check balance, dial *121*2#. Free data can be used only on 4G handset.

The 51111 offer is also known as Airtel 4G Upgrade offer. Here they will give you 1 GB of 4G data for a month to test out 4G speed.

3. Free 30 GB Data from Airtel VoLTE Beta Program

airtel volte beta program free data
airtel volte beta activation

How to Earn Free Data: Airtel VoLTE (Voice over LTE) Beta offer gives you 30 GB 4G internet data for testing purposes. Airtel provides your free 4G data and you have to give them feedback.

  1. Open Airtel VoLTE Beta program page
  2. Enter your Airtel number
  3. Press on Check Eligibility button
  4. You will receive an OTP in your inbox
  5. Enter the OTP and press Validate
  6. Congrats, now you are part of Airtel VoLTE beta offer.

This message will come:

Thank you for being part of VoLTE Beta. Scroll down to share feedback.

Airtel VoLTE Services are currently available only in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Karnataka, Chennai & West Bengal.

4. Airtel Delight Data Offer for Postpaid User

airtel delight data offer
airtel delight postpaid data offer

If you are a Airtel postpaid customer and want to get surprised with free internet data then here is the trick. You just have to send an SMS from your postpaid sim and you will get free data instantly.

Make sure to activate this during the starting of new billing cycle.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Open your phone's message app
  2. Create a new message
  3. Type this in message box - SURPRISE
  4. Send this message to 121
  5. You will get 30 GB free Airtel internet data instantly.

How to Earn Unlimited Free Data on Airtel?

airtel refer and earn offer
airtel refer and earn offer

You can literally earn unlimited free recharge/data on your Airtel SIM. For that, you need to participate in the refer & earn program. You will get free recharge for each referral. Then you can use that amount to activate any Airtel 4G internet plan.

Process to Refer a Friend on Airtel Thanks App:

1. Open and Login to Airtel Thanks App

The first step is to download and login to the Airtel Thanks app. Make sure you login in using Airtel prepaid or postpaid SIM number.

2. Go to Refer and Earn Option

From bottom bar tap on Menu button. Now go to Refer & Earn option.

3. Share Airtel Referral Link with Friend

Share your referral link on Whatsapp, Messenger or other apps. Send the link to your friend who have Airtel prepaid or postpaid SIM. Tell them to download Airtel thanks app using your refer link.

4. Your Friend Download & Signup

Make sure your friend clicks on your link and download via Google Play Store or Apple iOS store. Your friend will get Rs. 100 recharge worth of coupon.

Term and Condition for Airtel Refer & Earn Offer:

  • Airtel Thanks Refer and Earn programme is an exciting opportunity for you to earn rewards of up to ₹20,000 by getting your friends signed up to Airtel Thanks app!
  • Currently, the rewards can only be claimed by prepaid and postpaid customers of Airtel.
  • Share your referral link with your friends & family. You get alerts to claim rewards the moment they sign up on the app using your link.
  • As soon as your friend signs up on Airtel Thanks app, you get discount coupons worth ₹50 and you become eligible to participate in weekly lucky draw in which 10 lucky winners will win 43 inch Full HD Android TV and 9 shopping vouchers worth ₹5000 each. Also, referral benefits will be credited only if Thanks app is downloaded by the referee from Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  • As soon as your friend signs up on the app, you get discount coupons worth ₹50. Not only this, There is more - every week there will be a lucky draw where 10 successful referrers stand a chance to win 43 inch Full HD Android TV and 9 shopping vouchers worth ₹5000 each.
  • Once your friends signs up using your referral link, they instantly get discount coupons worth ₹100 (2 discount coupons worth ₹50 each if they are postpaid user and 4 discount coupons worth ₹25 each if prepaid) which they can use on unlimited recharges of ₹249 and above(₹399 and ₹449 excluded) or on their postpaid bill payments of more than ₹500 on Airtel Thanks app. Your friend will also become eligible for weekly lucky draw.
  • You can refer as many friends as you want, coupon rewards will be credited only for first 10 successful referrals. That means, you win sure rewards worth ₹500!
  • You get a notification when your friend signs up using your link. All you have to do is tap on the rewards section on the Refer and Earn homescreen to claim your unlocked coupons.

I hope you liked this post on the airtel free data trick. If you liked then please do share the post link on your Facebook or Twitter and leave a reply below to get a chance to win free recharge tricks.

Airtel Free Data


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