Earn Money On Your Online Orders By Using Flash Shopping Email ID App

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Online shopping or food ordering is now a part of our day-to-day life. Now, you can earn cashback in your bank account for ordering food items, shopping on different online websites, or booking a cab ride just by using your shopping email ID.

Although this is a completely new concept for earning cashback on shopping or online purchases made by customers, we are sharing the full process in this post.

Please go through the post to understand everything in a simpler way.

Shopping Email ID CashBack Offer

What’s Shopping Email ID ?

A shopping email ID is a new concept in the e-commerce market that provides customers rewards for their shopping transactions.

A shopping email ID is different concept from cashback websites. Customers are rewarded by using their shopping email ID in their account. There is an app called Flash.co that has launched this reward program for the first time.

We will be sharing details of the application flash.co, which is offering reward for the users who uses its shopping email ID in their account before placing any order .

Steps To Create Account on Flash.co App :

  • First of all , Download flash.co application from App Store
  • Now , Verify your Mobile number on the application
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  • After that it will ask you to create an email ID on the application
Screenshot 2023 08 14 15 18 50 463 com.flashmonk.flash
  • Enter and create Email Address of your choice and then confirm it
  • Now set the email address on the shopping site or app from where you wish to make shopping transaction
  • Also , Check the commission structure for your favourite merchants on Flash.co app

How To Use Flash.co ?

After creating an email ID on the Flash.co application, update that email ID on platforms like amazon, Swiggy, Croma, Tata Neu, Samsung, etc.

As soon as you place any orders on these platforms, the application will track the order amount through the email delivered on the app, and reward points will be credited to your Flash.co account according to the cashback rates.

Reward Structure :

This application provides fixed cashback on different merchants, which can be checked under the perks section of the app. Additionally, this rewarding app gives an extra INR 50 for your first transaction, as well as bonus cashback on every 5 orders via Streaks.

You can redeem the rewards earned via this app to your UPI ID. You can click on the coins icon in the top right corner to redeem the earned money instantly in your Bank Account .

Flash.co 2

Is This App Safe To Use ?

As far as we have researched and used this application, it seems to be safe and encrypted. But as a safety measure, do not connect accounts with a balance higher than INR 1000 because anything can happen in this digital era.

We know it’s a very hard task to recover lost money in today’s hectic world.

So, I would suggest you all to use your secondary accounts or accounts that don’t contain much balance in them.

Final Words :

So, guys, this is our article on Shopping Email ID. Through this post, we have tried to explain the process of earning cashback through the Shopping Email ID concept.

I hope this post will surely help you earn extra bucks on your online purchases. If you use this application carefully, you can earn a good amount of cashback in your Flash.co wallet and redeem that amount to your bank account as well.

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