Laxmicoin Price in INR: Refer & Earn, News & How to Buy (Laxmicoin launched)

Laxmicoin Price: Laxmicoin is a blockchain platform soon to be powered by billions of devices. It was started in 2012 but were not recognized very well so the roadmap was paused until the recent rise in the popularity of Bitcoin and whole cryptocurrency all over the world and also in India. Their mission is to make the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications using blockchain technology. So do you think it can become the new currency in India?

Buy Laxmi Coin in India

To simplify: platform is trying to create a P2P transactions system using a mobile number. Just for an example, the flow of earlier Bank system was good but Paypal or India’s own famous wallet Paytm offered much better services.

And to follow their footsteps and provide much better services they believe that cryptocurrency wallet is the next generation of the digital payment.

Before going ahead let me make you aware that Laxmicoin has a policy that they make ‘no guarantee on the fitness or quality of its products and Services. By using Laxmicoin’s platform, you need to understand the financial, professional, and personal risks associated with any investment decisions.’ You can read complete details in their Whitepaper.

Another disclaimer is that Laxmicoin is completely different from the rumor of Government of India launching Lakshmi Coin to promote digital currency in India using Blockchain technology.

According to website, they are going to launch Laxmicoin in India in Q2 that is after April 2018 and soon in Q3 they will launch the mobile mining and P2P transaction solutions.

Click to Signup Future Plans Roadmap

Year / QuarterLaxmicoin Goals
2012Initial Idea
2017 Q3Relaunch
2018 Q2Laxmicoin Launch
2018 Q3Mobile mining & P2P transactions
2019 Q1Rover Network Alpha Launch
2019 Q3Rover Storage
2020 Q1Rover based Apps (Voting Platform)
2022More Rover based Apps

Update: Laxmicoin’s Rover Network testnet on 4th June 2018. Registration for Airdrop will close on 31st May 2018

After the regain popularity in cryptocurrency on a global level, Laxmicoin was considered to be relaunched as an idea which was recently seeking regulatory clarity for launch but Government is yet to decide the actual benefits or harmful effects of launching the whole idea of cryptocurrency hence Laxmicoin was rejected for that time but the idea is still there.

There future planning depicts that in Quarter 2 of 2018 that is after April they are planning to launch Laxmicoin for Indian users as an initial coin offering and then converting it into a crypto asset.

If everything goes by their plan then by Quarter 3 they will finally launch mobile mining platform and P2P transaction services which will provide a boost to digital movement in India.

Laxmi Coin Launch

How to buy Laxmi coin?

#Update: Laxmicoin website have started taking registrations

Steps to Sign up On Laxmicoin

  1. Click Here to Open Laxmicoin Signup page.
  2. Fill your details like Name, email id and verify mobile with OTP.
  3. Now verify your email.
  4. Now login to your account, you will receive an OTP on email.
  5. Enter that OTP to get access to your account.

Refer & Earn 20 Laxmicoin

You can share your referral link with your friends to earn 20 Laxmicoin instantly. Your friend will also get free 20 LaxmiCoin.

You do not have to do KYC process right now and everyone will be eligible to get Airdrop.

Laxmicoin AirDrop Schedule:
  • 7th Mar to 21st Mar: 500 Laxmicoins Per User
  • 22nd Mar to 5th Apr: 400 Laxmicoins Per User
  • 6th Apr to 22nd Apr: 300 Laxmicoins Per User
  • 21st Apr to 5th May: 200 Laxmicoins Per User
  • 6th May to 20th May: 100 Laxmicoins Per User

So earlier you sign up, more Laxmicoins you will get!

Laxmicoin Airdrop schedule

Important Note: AirDrop will start by 7th March 2018. KYC rolled out ! Now no need to submit KYC. All user will be eligible for AirDrop.

Some Important points to clear confusion about airdrop and referral:

1. All users will get laxmicoin reward only once in airdrop. ex. if someone got 500 laxmicoins in schedule 7th march to 21st March, they will not be eligible for another schedule.

2. Users who already received laxmicoins by seminar reward, they will not eligible for airdrop schedule reward.

3. Both referral user will get 20 laxmicoins on successful referral. ex. if someone signup with my referral he will get 20 laxmicoins and also I will get 20 laxmicoins.

4. airdrop will start on 7th March, airdrop coins will be credited as per schedule, hence referral reward will reflect in your account instantly after successful referral.

By the roadmap, you can already see that it is yet to be launched so you cannot buy Laxmi coin right now from anywhere. If you find someone selling Laxmi coin then it is a scam and you should stay away from those sites.

We have given a list of probable scam sites selling Laxmicoin in India below under frequently asked questions section.

What some critics say about Laxmi Coin?

Manish Malhotra says that “Lakshmi coin is going through development phase and RBI will have full control on that. It will be just like any fiat currency hence will never have the potential of bitcoin. It won’t be limited in nature and will not decentralized at all. Unless they make major changes on the fundamentals of Lakshmi vis a viz the Bitcoin ( which is going to be almost impossible), I believe it will be just like the Indian Rupee which will keep getting devalued with time.”

Sam Capizzi (Cryptocurrency Educator & Investor) says that “Laxmi coin first Indian cryptocurrency expected to gets approval from government of India but this not yet confirmed by government and also there is no official statement released yet but its confirm new Cryptocurrency launching which works similarly like Bitcoin, Ethex means your money converted into coin whose value will be fluctuated so investor will buy Laxmi coin and if coin price increase they will receive profit and coin price dropped they will have lost this depends on investor or buyer.”

Rohit Kukreja (Founder of says that “I advice to stay alert and beware of any scams. Do your own research before investing into any cryptocurrency. False claims may be made.”

Since there are still many confusions regarding Government’s understanding and adaption of cryptocurrency without giving leverage to money launders and illegal activities, everyone is thinking that this might be not possible in India and Laxmi coin will be just an attempt and nothing more.

But as you heard Arun Jaitley in Budget 2018 that, Government will be utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology and they have a team to fully understand and discuss the pros and cons of crypto assets in India.

Laxmi Coin RBI
Image Credit: Bittreat

Hence, you may see this happen very soon. The Indian government is greatly promoting the Digital India movement and hence they might consider this as an opportunity to get started with such technology. But there are higher chances that it won’t be decentralized and it will also be regulated to a great extent.

Now let’s clear your basic doubts with some frequently asked questions on Laxmicoin.

FAQs for

When Laxmicoin will launch?

According to some news sources, it is said to be launched in March 2018 but the roadmap suggests that launch is scheduled to Quarter 2 which starts from April month hence let’s wait and watch and make a bookmark of this article for getting regular news and updates on Laxmicoin.

Scam Sites in the name of Laxmicoin or Lakshmi coin?

There are some sites who are spoiling the name of Laxmi coin or Lakshmi coin. Some of those sites are & & & & & & are cheating peoples by claiming to sell Laxmi coin online.

Is Laxmicoin anyway related to RBI?

No, have no collaboration, association or partnership with RBI or Govt. of India. It is an initial coin offering by a private organization.

Would Laxmi Coin be profitable in future?

According to their roadmap and whitepaper, it seems like they are dedicated to bringing digital revolution in India but we can’t say anything unless they get approval from RBI for launching India’s first cryptocurrency asset.

Laxmi Coin Price

During the initial coin offering you can grab it at the least market price but as time passes and people’s trust increases toward the platform and their vision then it will gain its price and soon it will be listed on India’s top cryptocurrency exchanges like Zebpay, Koinex, Unocoin, etc. Hence you will be able to trade Laxmi coin on these exchanges once its hard cap is reached.

Some of the questions which we will be covering in future are:

  • How can I buy a Laxmi coin and digital currency in India?
  • When will the Jio coin and Laxmi coin launch?
  • How could we invest in the Lakshmi cryptocurrency of India?
  • Is RBI planning to launch its own cryptocurrency?

There are few more questions which we will cover in coming days and as soon as we get any news about Laxmi coin or Lakshmi coin in India.

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