5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy Under Rs-250 From Amazon India

So friends again I’m back with my gadgets deals and this I bring 5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy Under Rs-250 From Amazon India. I have personal experiance with these gadgets and they really help lots.  You can buy these gadgets under Rs-250 and these will help you in day to day life.


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1). USB Flameless Lighter, Windproof, Electronic and Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter

Amazon Gadget 1

Price Range – Rs-200 – Rs. 250

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It is a USB type Flameless Lighter that can be used for Cigarette. You can even charge it. So if you do smoking then this is a best deal gadgets for you. You can hide it. It’s just like a USB.

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 2). Universal 3 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Amazon Gadget 2

Price Range- Rs- 200 – Rs. 250

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You can use it to focus your camera on a distant object. It will improve your Image quality and give you high quality images as like DSLR.

3). Selfie Ring Light Clip On Phone or Camera 3-Level Brightness Ring Light for Making Reels 

Amazon Gadget 3

Price Range- Rs.200 – Rs. 250

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I think it helps me lots at night time. It can be used as a external flashlight for selfie and back camera. You can make Reels video for Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and for many more social media sites. You can also burn its flashlight without using mobile. There is a switch to adjust light intensity.

4). Gadget Deals Mini Portable Micro USB/OTG/Smartphone/Tablet/Mobile Fan (Multicolour)

Amazon Gadget 4

Price Range- Rs150 – Rs. 200

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It more useful in summer days. You can use it as a Fan. Really it gives air and have much potential. It comes with a mini light weight motor and a Micro USB port. You can plug it into your charger pin.

5). Akline Plastic Mini Dual Bladeless Fragrance Fan(Multicolor)

amazon gadgets5

Price- Rs- 314  (More than Rs-250)

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It is a Mini Type Cooler for personal uses. You can use it on your study Table, Office Table, In front of your Laptop, Computer etc. It really gives cool air.It is small but have large potential. You can even adjust the direction of air. It is same as a big cooler. You have to put ice, water in it.

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