Top 20 Refer & Earn Money Apps In India | Earn Money From Home

Refer and Earn apps 2023: this is the new way of earning from home or places where it suits you. In these rapidly changing times making money is also changing.

Today we are going to guide you with top refer and earn money apps from which you can make thousands of rupees from home.

Do you have Android or iOS smartphones that you regularly use for day-to-day tasks? In the task, you use many mobile apps which ease your way of living.

Top Refer Earn Money Apps

Due to heavy competition in the same field, most of the apps running refer offers i.e. Invite friend offers. By inviting your friends & family members you will earn money, points or cash back.

Today in this article we are going to list industry-wise best refer earn apps in free paytm cash you can earn good money from the RojDhan app.

In the share market, you earn good commission from ICICI demat account, Zerodha, 5Paisa, Fyers Refer and Earn, etc. In Crypto, you can earn from Binance, Ftx, Bybit Etc

Don’t very we will give the list of Top referral and Earn Money Apps In India in this article so you can choose in which field you are an expert and choose your app to start referring people and earn lifetime money from them.

What is Refer System?

Referring simply means recommending something to others like you enjoying the PAYTM app and it’s service and now you tell your friend about paytm app benefits and motivate them to use them.

Then it is called you refer your friend to use the paytm app.

Now if Paytm starts giving incentive (free paytm cash) to refer your friend to use paytm then that mean you are recommending good things to your friends and also earning from doing this.

What is Earn Money Apps in India :

Earn money apps are those apps that give you the opportunity to earn via doing some activity like playing games, installing apps, or referring someone to the apps.

In India, many apps are earn money apps from which users make thousands of money. Some examples are Roj Dhan, MPL, Gamezy, etc.

Top 10 Refer And Earn Money Apps In India :

So NoRefer App NameReferral BenefitsDownload App
1.Google Pay Rs 1,000*Download G Pay App
2.Paytm AppRs 50Download Paytm App
3.5Paisa Trading AppRs 500*Download 5paisa App
4.Upstox Trading AppRs 500*Download Upstox App
5.MyTeam11 Fantasy AppRs 100*Download MyTeam11 App
6.Real11 Fantasy AppRs 75*Download Real11 App
7.Dream11 Fantasy AppRs 100Download Dream11 App
8.Binance Crypto Trading App40 % CommissionDownload Binance App
9.WazirX Crypto Trading App50 % CommissionDownload WazirX App
10.CoinDCX Pro Crypto Trading App30 % CommissionDownload CoinDCX App
Top 10 Refer And Earn Money Apps In India 2023

We are going to start sharing refer earn and earn money apps section-wise. From this, you know which app is best in that section, and you can start sharing the app’s inbuilt refer system and start earnings.

Why are referrals so effective?

Referrals prove highly effective because they tap into the inherent trust people place in recommendations and viewpoints from their friends and family, surpassing the impact of conventional advertising. This phenomenon stems from the principle of social proof, wherein individuals are more inclined to trust and act upon information when they witness others doing the same. When a product or service is endorsed by a friend or family member, it carries an intrinsic sense of trustworthiness and credibility that is challenging to replicate through alternative marketing methods.

Furthermore, referrals often yield higher rates of conversion and customer retention because the referred customer is more likely to possess a genuine interest in the offering. This is because the referrer typically recommends the product or service to someone they believe will truly benefit from it, thereby generating a more focused and relevant audience. Referral marketing also enables businesses to tap into a broader network of potential customers, as the referred customer may subsequently refer others, initiating a cycle of new customers and heightened engagement.

Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In UPI Category For 2023 :

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the oldest UPI apps in India where you can send or receive money & make lots of bill payments online.

UPI has changed the banking system in India & UPI apps play a major role in it. From the start, the Google Pay app runs to Invite friends & get reward offers.

Google Pay Refer earn money app

By inviting your friends to use UPI app payment service you will get scratch card as a reward and by scratching it you can earn up to Rs 1000 per referral.

The referral system of the G Pay app is great by inviting anyone on the app you can earn unlimited scratch cards which means unlimited money by referring your friends.

  • Per Refer Up To Rs 1000 Cashback.
  • Scratch Card on every transaction.
  • Rewards section.
  • Special Offers section.
  • Special referrals section.

To Refer your friends to use Google Pay app you need a special referral code which you get in Google Pay> Profile >Invite Friends, Get Rewards section.

Share with your friend to use this code or link during account creation. As they create an account and send any amount via UPI you will get a scratch card and earn money.

Download Google Pay App

Paytm App

Paytm is the most popular app in the UPI category and they offer lots of services. As you know paytm gives free paytm cash to those who have been using their services for a very long.

Paytm now focusing on UPI services which means we have a good opportunity to refer and earn free paytm cash or cashback. Paytm gives cashback for UPI payments on bill payments or merchant payments.

Paytm refer earn money app
Paytm refer and earn money app

They also now offer paytm points which you can convert into paytm cash plus paytm fantasy games app.

Paytm also runs a refer-earn system where paytm gives Rs 50 for everyone who joins with your link and also to those who refer them i.e. both parties get Rs 50 for each refer.

  • Per Refer Rs 50.
  • Cashback points on every transaction.
  • Scratch Card on transactions.
  • Refer & Earn section.
  • Apply IPO & trading account.

To refer your friends on paytm go to the paytm app and search refer you will get the refer & earn section click on it you will see all invite friends offers and details.

Now copy your paytm referral code or click on the share button. Now share with those who have not installed the paytm app yet and ask them to create an account on paytm and do any transactions. As they transaction, you both will get Rs 50.

Download Paytm App


Mobikwik Logo

Mobikwik is one of the largest online payment apps in India. They are a leader in the e-wallet industry, with more than 40 million users.

The Mobikwik app lets people transfer money, pay bills, book tickets for travel and events, recharge their phones online, buy items from online retailers like Amazon India or Flipkart, and many more.

Mobikwik offers excellent incentives for referring your friends: they will reward Rs 75 to new users who sign up through an existing referral code.


  • Recharge, pay bills, and more.
  • Get cashback, instant discounts, and coupons. 
  • Send money quickly within a second. 
  • Online Shopping and other options
  • Best Platform for Online Transactions.


PhonePe Logo

PhonePe is an Indian digital payment app that lets users pay with UPI and other digital payment methods. Phonepe app download is straightforward, so do it immediately.

You have a wonderful chance to earn a free Rs 100 cashback if you have some friends who don’t have a PhonePe account yet.

You may invite your friends and relatives to download the app and use UPI to make transactions.

You will receive 100 each time one of your friends makes a purchase.


  • Go to flow and earn huge benefits
  • Money Storage Option Available 
  • Receive and Send Payments
  • Linking Bank Accounts with PIN Authorization
  • UPI transaction makes your payment easy.

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CRED is one of the best bill payment apps on the market. It is the industry’s first innovative app that gives incentives & rewards for making bill payments.

The founder of this APP is Kunal Sah who is also the founder of Freecharge which gives us huge cashback on recharges.

Cred is basically started for credit card bill payment where you pay bills and get equivalent reward points which you can use to redeem gift cards and physical goods.

you can earn in cred up to Rs 2000 for each referral you need to invite those people on this app who have Credit cards and encourage them to pay bills from the cred app.

You can earn an enormous amount by referring a few friends and they will also enjoy this great app.


  • Super Fast Bill Payment.
  • Up to Rs 2000 Referral real money for each refer.
  • Spin & Win.
  • Cashback on every bill payment.
  • Buy daily needs product at a huge discount.

Download CRED APP

Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In Share Market Category :



Groww app is a free app for investing in direct mutual funds. It is straightforward to use and is entirely paperless.

With Groww, you can invest in immediate plans from 28+ AMCs and over 4000 different mutual fund schemes.

This app also provides daily updates on the stock market and keeps you informed about the latest market trends.

You can refer it to your friends and family members in different ways and win Rs 100 through this referral code program.


  • Easy-to-use, simple, and clean user interface.
  • Easy one-click ordering.
  • Secure and safe app.
  • Accessible for Both iPhone and Android devices
  • Live analysis of the stock market is also available 

5Paisa App

You have mostly seen many people talk about the share market and how they make tons of money. Share market is the trend which gives a lot of people bread & butter.

I am going to tell you a way by which by referring people to the 5paisa app you can make up to Rs 500 cash for their joining and if they start trading you will make up to 40 % of their trading fees.

5paisa refer earn apps
5paisa refer earn apps

Motivating people to do trading is the best thing as nothing bad in it if you refer the right people to do trade & if they make lots of money by trading you will earn a commission lifetime easily.

  • Up To Rs 500 Cash per refer
  • Lifetime trade commission.
  • No AMC (annual maintenance charge)
  • Simple Mobile /desktop trading Interface.
  • Free Trading courses.

To refer people on the 5paisa app you simply need to go to the 5paisa mobile app menu>> then invite friends > > Here you will get a special invite code or link. As your friend use the invite link or code during sign-up.

As they start trading you will get your refer cash plus trading bonus each month. You can earn unlimited commission by referring your trading friends.

Download 5PAISA Mobile App

Upstox App

Upstox is yet another earn-money trading app where you can buy/sell stock, mutual funds & many more market-related activities.

Upstox is known for its very simple user interface and quick buy-sell service.

Upstox best refer earn apps
Upstox best refer earn apps

Upstox also running a very lucrative offer where you can invite your friends & earn up to Rs 100 to 500 per refer real cash. The amount of per refer depends on the running offer in the app.

  • Zero brokerage on delivery trading and ₹20 per transaction on Intraday and F&O trades.
  • Backed by top investors including Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital & GVK Davix.
  • Up to Rs 500 per refer.
  • Fast and efficient trading platforms for traders and investors who value time.
  • Interconnected trading software that enables you to trade on both mobile and web using the same account.

To refer people in the app first you need an upstox account if you have to go to the mobile app settings then invite friends, collect your invite code, and refer links .

Send to their friend as they create an account you will be credited you refer money and you can earn unlimited money by referring your friends there is no limit.

Download Upstox Mobile APP


Zerodha logo

Zerodha is a brokerage app that allows customers to trade online.

The Zerodha app also offers trading services in equities and equity derivatives, currency futures, and commodity futures.

It heavily uses technology to serve its customers and has very few branches & offices. Similarly, you can open a Demat account and start investing your money in Stocks, apply or cancel IPO, Mutual Funds, etc. You may earn up to 10% of your friend’s brokerage, which is a fantastic advantage for users.  


  • Provides 5-minute live market depth. 
  • Online fund transfers and withdrawals for equity and commodity accounts.
  • See available account balances, used margins, and exposure margins. 
  • Great Earnings on Successful Sign-Up
  • Greatest apps to invest money

Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In Fantasy Game Category :

Myteam11 Fantasy App

Cricket is loved in India & most of you reading this must watch IPL & cricket tournaments. In the market, new cricket fantasy apps launched that give chance to use your cricket skills & earn lakhs of money in a single match.

In fantasy cricket, you have to create your fantasy 11-player team from both sides and participate in paid leagues where many fantasy 11 teams present whose fantasy points are more than the team winning real money.

myteam11 refer earn app

Try out the myteam11 fantasy app which gives Rs 100 Bonus cash to play a paid mega league & you can invite your friends to earn Rs 1000.

  • Rs 100 sign-up bonus.
  • 100 % usable bonus cash.
  • UP to Rs 1000 refer to cash.
  • Instant Paytm withdrawal.

To refer your friends on the myteam11 fantasy app you need to go to the app menu >> select your profile >>invite & earn >> collect your myteam11 refer code and link.

Share with your friends & ask them to join with your code or link. As they join both of you get instant Rs 100 myteam11 bonus cash. You can get unlimited myteam11 bonus cash to play paid leagues by inviting your friends.

Download MyTeam11 App

Real11 Fantasy App

Real11 is one of the new fantasy apps that launched recently in the market & its brand ambassador is cricketer Gautam Gambhir.

Real11 refer earn apps
Real11 refer earn apps

In this fantasy app, you will get a Rs 75 joining bonus to try out this fantasy app & lots of cashback coupon codes to load money and play cricket, football, or hockey-related fantasy apps.

  • Rs 75 Sign-up Bonus
  • 1 crore mega leagues.
  • Exciting refer & earn offer

To refer your friends to try out the real11 apk app go to the right-side menu then go to the refer & earn option. Then you will see your code and refer link.

Send this link to your friend who might be joining a fantasy game. If he starts playing you will get a Rs 75 instant bonus.

Download Real11 Fantasy App

Dream11 Fantasy App

Dream11 fantasy app is the oldest & most popular app in the gaming industry in India. The app provides cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, and basketball fantasy games.

You can compete in this app with millions of people and win crores of money.Dream11 apk gives a robust playing experience in the game app.

Dream11 best earn money app

You can earn Rs 100 dream11 game cash for trying out fantasy games plus you can earn Rs 100 for each friend you invite in the dream11 app.

Download Dream11 App


Gamezy Logo

Gamezy app is a fantasy cricket app that offers users a chance to earn up to Rs. 100 for every friend they refer to the app.

It has 4.6 ratings which denotes Gamezy is a safe app.

The money earned from referrals can be used to join paid contests on the platform. Further, you can earn up to Rs 12,250/ via Referrals, which is quite good. Besides, also enjoy 15+ games and also earn through that.


  • Apart from referral rewards, the platform also offers 25% cashback on joining fees for all new users. 
  • Play more than 15 games like rummy, poker, cricket, etc. 
  • Joined by more than 1 crore users.
  • Excellent UI and app interface.


My11Circle Logo

My11 Circle is a mobile-based application that helps users get paid by just creating a perfect team. Besides that, Shubhman Gill and Ruturaj Gaikwad are the brand ambassadors of my 11 circle app.

My11 Circle app has a referral program where you can earn up to Rs. 551 as a signup bonus. Earning on this platform is one of the easiest ways to earn at your convenience.

Don’t wait for another opportunity; start your fantasy journey now with us.


  • Cricket tournaments, both domestic and international, can be found on my 11 Circle
  • Live scores are also provided by the platform
  • Under Indian laws, My11Circle operates
  • Experts designed the game.

Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In Crypto Category :

Binance Crypto Trading App

Binance is world popular crypto trading app where you can trade in thousands of coins & tokens. Crypto is a booming industry and new for most of us .

If you are a crypto lover and love to trade and earn money by working from home. Then you have to try an international finance app.

Download Binance Crypto App

WazirX Crypto Trading App

WazirX is a popular Indian exchange which is the first few exchanges that open the crypto world to Indian users.WazirX offers trade in popular tokens, and coins & opens the door for NFT also.

Download WazirX Crypto App

CoinDCX Pro Trading App

CoinDCX Pro is a popular cryptocurrency trading app. This app offers many crypto products like lending, futures, staking, etc.

Download CoinDCX Pro Crypto App

CoinsSwitch Kuber

CoinsSwitch Kuber is a cryptocurrency app that allows you to earn money by referring people to the app. The app has a wide range of products, including Bitcoin Ethereum, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies.

The referral program consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each of these levels has its requirements regarding the number of referrals you need to make to reach them.

Once you get the higher level, you will receive more coins.

The quantity of coins you earn at each level is determined by the number of referrals provided by other users.


  • Hundreds of cryptocurrencies can be instantly bought, sold, and traded with just a single tap.
  • There is no initial deposit and no broker fees. 
  • No lock-in period.
  • Multiple payment options. 
  • Quality customer service. 

Top Refer And Earn Money Apps In the Shopping Category :


Meesho Logo

Meesho is the best shopping app, with over 2,000,000 Indian users and 3,500,000 Indian merchants. The Meesho app helps the average Indian user make a profit by selling products like clothes and beauty items to their friends and family.

You will earn 25% of your friends’ sales for the following 12 months if they join the Meesho App through your referral.

The more people you can sell products to, the more money you will be able to make. 


  • India’s No.1 Reselling App
  • Offers that are worth checking out
  • Cash Pickup and Deposit with No Hassle
  • Transfer quickly
  • One of the fastest-growing apps.



Shopsy is a shopping app that gives you access to both local and international brands at discounted prices.

The app was founded by Ashish Jain and Arpit Agarwal in 2016 and has grown tremendously over the past few years.

The Shopsy affiliate program is another way to make money. You will earn 10% of what your referred friend spends on products from any merchant on Shopsy’s platform within 30 days of signing up with them!


  • Easy to manage 
  • Build e-commerce websites with beautiful themes that are responsive and customizable
  • Faster and more reliable
  • Reliable delivery to end customers within 7 working days
  • Easy return/refund policies will help you if your contacts are unhappy with the product.

Above are the Top Refer And Earn Money Apps which give you recurring income plus instant cash as monthly income & if you try out the commission structure you can earn a lifetime.

We will update this article with the latest and most beneficial app from time to time keep checking this page for more refer apps.

If you have any queries do ask us in the comments or reach our social media we will help you in the refer process or resolving your query.

Refer & Earn Money Apps 2023


Which is the best payment app for refer and earn?

The best payment app for refer and earn depends on your specific preferences and location, but popular options include PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo, which often offer referral rewards for inviting new users.

Which apps refer to earn money?

Apps that offer referral programs for users to earn money include popular platforms like Upstox, Uber, Airbnb, and many cashback and rewards apps like Rakuten and Ibotta.

Which app gives 500 rupees?

You can refer and earn 500 with these apps
Sikka Pro
TaskBucks App
Big Cash
EasyCash App
Frizza App
Ipsos iSay App

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