7 Best Gadgets under 500 Rupees on Amazon for Oct 2023

Amazing new technology gadgets keep coming to Amazon and Flipkart. However, we are not aware of it. As a result, we are unable to purchase things like these that might make our work simpler and our days happier, and nevertheless we miss that product.

Best Gadgets to Buy Under 500 Rs
Top Gadgets Under Rs. 500

So let’s look at some unique gadgets under Rs 500 today just like we shared gadgets under 100 rupees.

On the other hand, the key benefit of these items is that they are reasonably priced. Their features are magnificent, which will just blow our minds away. Additionally, the cool gadgets on Amazon India under 500 are the ones we should consider.

So without further ado, here are the top 7 gadgets under 500. 

7) Thermos Insulated Water Bottle with Temperature Display 500ml

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Best Gadgets Under 500 Rupees on Amazon

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Price – Rs. 240 – 350

Product Details – This Thermos Insulated Water Bottle has a temperature display, as the title indicates. This 500ml Bottle is made of 100% BPA-free stainless steel, and it also resists corrosion and is waterproof. Most interestingly, this amazing gadget has a storage capacity of 8 hours for cold water and 3–4 hours for warm water. 

Uses – Good to store cold water for long duration and hot water for small duration.

Key Features

  • It ensures you get the best usage for a longer period
  • It is made up of premium quality material
  • This product comes in a safe packaging.

6) RUilY® Foldable Mobile Phone Cooling Holder Bracket Fan Radiator for Phone Tablet

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Gadgets Under 500 Rupees

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Price – Rs. 449 – 499

Product Details – This is one of the best smartphone gadgets under 500 in Amazon for cooling down heated items after lengthy use. This cooling fan improves the smoothness of your gaming experience. This product has high-quality OTG that is USB operated. You can watch your preferred TV shows while using a bracket attached with it. 

Uses – You can use it while playing a high-end games like PUBG, BGMI, Free Fire, etc. This will help you to cool down your phone and you will get better performance from your phone without any lag.

Key Features

  • Portable mini mobile cooler
  • Best to cool down heated device after prolonged use due to games and other workloads
  • Settings can be adjusted in various brand Smartphone to work with OTG.

5) smars® USB Rechargeable Wearable Portable Hand Free Neckband Fan

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Best Gadgets Under 500 Rupees

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Price – Rs. 400 – 449

Product Details – The next item on the list of gadgets under 500 rs is a cooling necklace fan. Be cool whenever you use this product, whether you are playing, camping, fishing, playing golf, etc. Use the free 360-degree rotating fan in his palm whenever you’re feeling hot. Experience the three modes in addition to that with the 2200 mAH lithium battery.

Uses – This unique device help you to cool down your face and head in a hot days. You just have to keep it wrapped around your neck like a headphone.

Key Features

  • Stay COOL Anywhere Anytime
  • Three modes let you choose
  • Long working hours and USB charging.

4) NIYAMAX Sky Night Projector Bed LED Light Lamp

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500 Rs Gadgets

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Price – Rs. 399 – 435

Product Details – Currently, a color-changing night lamp with 8 appealing, brilliant, and vivid hues is another top gadgets under 500 in the list. This Star Master lamp will illuminate your environment with stars and moonlight. Both options are available, whether you want to use it as regular lighting or turn it on for a special occasion.

Uses – Helps you to get a calm environment at night. Best for kid’s room where they will love this LED projector of night sky.

Key Features

  • Star Master Made with the safety of children in mind, sturdily constructed and provides a 100% safe playing environment.
  • There are 8 color options, warm white, blue, red, green and multi-color.
  • You can make it operate as a normal night light or have a romantic projection show of the moon and stars!

3) Portronics Ruffpad Multicolor LCD Writing Pad for Drawing, Playing, Handwriting Gifts for Kids & Adults

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Things Under 500 Rs

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Price – Rs. 250 – 399

Product Details – One of the best things to buy under 500 is the Portronics electronic Ruffpad. Use this electronic writing pad from Portronics to write down important things, construct a to-do list, or anything else. It’s a special device to buy because it features a single use erase option and a long-lasting battery.

Uses – Kids are always attract by new things. Its the NextGen next level thing. Creating new picture every 5 minutes. Wastage of paper gone. So it’s truly eco friendly. Gift to kids and unleashed their creativity.

Key Features

  • Easy Electronic Writing
  • Single-Tap Erase
  • Long Battery Life

2) ELECTRO WOLF USB Hub All In One Card Reader

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Unique Gadgets Under Rs 500

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Price – Rs. 395 – 439

Product Details – Four card readers and three USB ports are included in this all-in-one card reader from Electric Wolf. Having many adapters is no longer necessary; all you need is this high-efficiency device to transfer movies, music, and other files from your desktop. Finally, it uses less energy and is portable and lightweight.

Uses – You can use it as a USB hub or card reader for almost every USB device and SD card out there.

Key Features

  • You can read and write on 4 different card types as you use 3 USB ports at the same time.
  • Easily to transport data from each card or connection device.
  • All in for 1 USB port on your computer PLUG AND PLAY: Plug and play for PC platform.

1) SONATA GOLD Super Bass Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with inbuilt Phone Stand

gadget 7
Cool Gadgets Under Rs 500 Amazon

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Price – Rs. 499 – Rs. 500

Product Details – This Bluetooth wireless speaker is one of the best gadgets to buy under 500. Get all features with this, whether it be a mobile stand, multi-color USB port, TF Card Slot, or built-in microphone. Therefore, there is no need to search any farther than these little yet potent wireless mobile Bluetooth speakers.

Uses – It is one of the best portable wireless speaker with additional uses like mobile stand and card slot. You can also use inbuilt microphone to chat with anyone over phone and listen their voice on speaker.

Key Features

  • Compact & Powerful Certified Wireless Portable Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Delivers Powerful Sound And Robust Bass
  • Portable Mobile Bluetooth Speaker With Good Battery Backup
  • Long Playtime & Super Bass Splash proof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Final Thoughts

These gadgets under 500 are the most thrilling things I and our family have ever used. After looking at the ratings and reviews, I just ordered it. And I am currently enjoying this extraordinary and innovative gadget to the fullest.

Why are you waiting then? Purchase it right away.

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