Checking Airtel Call Details Online: Guide for Ebill Download

Sometimes you want to know your or any other person’s full call details for some reason and mobile has some days details only but by fetching Airtel E-Bill statement you can view full call details, calling time, SMS sending numbers & all other details.

Airtel is a major telecom services provider with over 400 million users. Its exceptional services and plans have earned loyalty from customers over the years. Moreover, I personally appreciate Airtel’s feature that enables both prepaid and postpaid users to check their call details.

Check Airtel Call Details

If you are an Airtel consumer seeking to check your call history, you’ve come to the right place. This article provides detailed information on how to check Airtel call history. In airtel mobile network now it is possible for prepaid users to check Airtel call details online Via Ebill Download, previously this facility was available only for postpaid users.

The method is very simple you have to send a text message from your Airtel number and you will get a complete call details statement in an e-mail

In this article, we will show you how you can download and see airtel call details number-wise & duration of the call. Follow the guide to know how you can also do this.

Steps to Download Prepaid Airtel E-Bill

Downloading an Airtel bill is very easy you just need to send a few commands via SMS and you will get instantly your Airtel prepaid e-bill in your email id with a password. By using this password you can open your PDF file and see the details.

To Download your Airtel bill send an SMS from your Airtel mobile to 121.

EPREBILL<<space>>MONTH NAME<<space>>YOUR EMAIL ID to 121.

Example: EPREBILL June

airtel ebill on sms

Send this command to 121 to get Ebill. Here Month name is the month on which bill you want to download & your email id is the email id where you want your bill.

Airtel Bill on Email

Note: Remove <<space>> this while sending the SMS command.

Steps To Check Call History of Airtel Number :

You have downloaded your bill via the EPREBILL command now you have got the email with a password-protected PDF. Open your PDF by entering the Password you got in your SMS or mobile bill password is your Year of Birth plus the last 4 digits of your mobile number.

Now you will see the date & time of every call history like which date and time which number the call was made & duration of the call. You can check full month data via full call details.

How to Check Airtel Call History through Different Methods?

Sometimes, it’s crucial to have access to your call history to reach out to individuals you’ve recently contacted. You can always check it from your call log, but it is not an ideal solution to get detailed information about your call history. Below we have listed some of the ways to help you know Airtel cellular call details Prepaid, and Postpaid numbers without any hassle.

  1. USSD Codes
  2. Online Method
  3. Airtel App
  4. Contact Customer Care

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How To Download Airtel Postpaid E-bill :

How to Download Airtel EBill

Whenever you buy a postpaid connection that time you fill up your email id and home address and you will receive your bill statement on that but if you want to download then send the below command to get your Airtel Postpaid bill.

Send SMS EPREBILL <<MONTH>> to 121 and you will get your Ebill on your number and registered email id with Airtel.

Example: EPREBILL June to 121

Some IMPORTANT Points While Checking Bill:

  • Your Airtel Ebill is protected by a unique password which is sent to your mobile
  • Your mobile Ebill password is the Year of Birth plus the last 4 digits of your mobile number. For eg: if your year of birth is 1984 and your mobile number is 9810012345 then your password will be 19842345.
  • Ebill’s password remains the same every month and is case-sensitive with no special characters
  • Add to your email address book to avoid Ebill from going to the spam folder
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat to open the attachment. If you don’t have Acrobat, please click here
  • Your web/IT/email administrator should permit emails with attachments.

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How to Get Airtel Call Details in Postpaid and Prepaid Numbers Online?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to check Airtel call history online is through its website. All you would have to do is visit the official website of Airtel and follow these below-listed steps.

  • Click on Log-in and input your mobile number and password or OTP.
image 4
  • On the next page, click on prepaid.
image 5
  • Subsequently, it will show you all your packs and services, transactions, and devices.
image 6
  • Select Transactions, which will prompt you to recharge to view your call history.
image 7
  • After recharging your number, you’ll be able to access your Airtel call details.

FAQs Of Airtel Call Details:

How To Check Call History of Airtel Prepaid Numbers?

To check the call history of the Airtel number send these commands (SMS) EPREBILL<<space>>MONTH NAME<<space>>YOUR EMAIL ID to 121 from the Airtel number.

Can We Check Any Airtel Number Call details?

From sending these commands we can see any number call details via e-bill. Make sure sms command is sent via that number which the details you want.

Checking Airtel Call details is Free?

Yes, it is absolutely free for every Airtel user.

How to get incoming and outgoing call details in Airtel prepaid?

You can get the information of outgoing and incoming call details in Airtel prepaid number by typing then type APRELBILL along with the month and your e-mail ID and send it to 121.

What is the method to get the call history of Airtel postpaid number online?

You can either visit Airtel’s official website to download its app to check Airtel postpaid call history.

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