Top 10 Best Fitness Apps Gives Rewards For Being Active

Today we are gonna discuss about Top 10 best Fitness apps of 2022 in India that reward you for being active.

In Today’s world lifestyle of every human being is very busy and we do not have time to fit ourselves. For that reason, many startups brings Health app that encourages you to be active daily and gives reward for your activities.

As the saying goes “Health is Wealth” is nowadays very true because if you become ill all the money goes to treat you or your family members but if you stay active and fit yourself you can save lots of money and spend it on other needs full things.

Best Fitness Apps
Top 10 Best Fitness Apps

In India, a new start-up is coming that brings a concept where you have to install a Fitness app. The app helps you track down your daily activity and tells you how much energy you have spent or how much you have to spend daily to be active.

This health app tells you which food has how many calories, fats, and vitamins in it and gives you suggestions on what food is best for you.

Not only this if you install this app and take their help to fit your self they give you reward points which you can convert into Gifts or digital gift cards like Amazon vouchers, Flipkart vouchers, etc.

How You Will Be Rewarded For Being Fit/Active in Fitness Apps:

Yes as this blog post is meant to guide you on how you fit and are rewarded. You have to understand how these fitness apps work.

Then let me tell you these fitness app use your phone sensor to track your body movements like step counts, hand movements, etc.

On these moments they count how much on average calories burn and give you points on it and when you reach a specific point balance you can convert this into rewards.

Google Fit App:

Guys before we tell you about top 10 Best fitness apps let me tell you that you have to first install Google Fit app because in android mobile mostly apps use Google Fit data to track your Body Movements.

Google Fit

So to earn rewards you have to install the Google Fit app and keep it. Google Fit app is officially Google’s own app which also tells you the exact movements of your body and helps you to track your fitness.

List Of Top 10 Best Fitness Apps of 2021 which Helps You Being Fit & Gives Rewards:

So NoFitness App NameRefer Code For BonusDownload Link
1StepSetGosarves44mxStepSetGo APK
2MyntraNo CodeMyntra APK
3Walkifyqrc6pig3Walkify APK
4ThunderpodSAR34525Thunderpod APK
5FeetApartFTZURFeetApart APK
6Walk and Earni2mQeuWalk & Earn APK
7BeneFitNo Code BeneFit APK
8Goqii GOQII58328Goqii App
9HealthifymeSARDAUV2GHealthyfyMe APK
10LifesumNo CodeLifesum APK
11GrowFitterSARV9LI0GrowFitter APK

#1- StepSetGo

StepSetGo is the most popular app in India which gives rewards on your daily step counts with levels which means if you are more active then you get more points.

When You collect enough points You can redeem them in the Bazaar section of to app You can convert your health points into Amazon vouchers or any products listed there.

Not only this if you invite your friend to be as healthy and active as you on the app you will get 5 SSG Points and a level increase also.

stepsetgo reward

AppName: StepSetGo

Refer Benefits: 5 SSG Coins

Invite Code: sarves44mx

#2- Myntra

Everyone knows about the Myntra app it is a popular shopping app in India. Myntra app is a lifestyle app and they are good in the Clothing industry. They have introduced the Myntra Move Program.

In the Myntra Move Program, they give reward points on your walking movement which means you walk you can earn Myntra points and for every 100 points you can redeem Myntra gift vouchers and other brand vouchers.

Myntra move

AppName: Myntra

Refer Benefits: 0

Invite Code: Direct Download

#3- Walkify

Walkify is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by giving Free Paytm Cash/Google Pay cash On every walk you have. If you walk or run you will gain points and earn money.

In this app, you can have two points Global points and Walkify Coin which you can redeem in cash payment and can challenge another friend to earn more rewards.

Download Walkify Now

#4- Thunderpod

Thunderpod is a Social health & fitness app that keeps you active and gives you a chance to build social health with you. In This app, you challenge your friends or influence your users to challenge being active.

Key Features of Thunderpod are Getting goals personalized to your lifestyle, AI Tracking Workouts, Fitness Challenges, Home Exercises, and brain Games.


App Name: Thunderpod

Refer Benefits: 5 Coins

Invite Code: SAR34525

#5- FeetApart

FeetApart is another fitness app that rewards you on your walking in this app on every 1000 steps you will get 1.5 Feet Coins which you convert in the reward tab on various gift cards or discount codes.

Not only this in feetapart you can invite your friends and earn extra FeetCoins.On every successful referral, you get 6 FeetCoins which means by inviting only you can redeem the reward.


App Name: FeetApart

Refer Benefits: 6 Feet Coins

Invite Code: FTZUR

#6- Walk and Earn

Walk & Earn are very simple fitness app that counts your steps and gives you points and you can convert these points into rewards or Paytm cash. In this app inbuilt step analysis which analyzes your step counts and notifies you of your Performance.

In the Walk & Earn app, you can invite and earn Also for each referral you get 50 sweatCoins which you can unlimited coins and convert in Paytm cash.

walk & earn

App Name: Walk & Earn

Refer Benefits: 50 Sweat Coins

Invite Code: i2mQeu

#7- BeneFit

BeneFit is very unique fitness app that tracks your step counts and tells you how many calories burn during walking or running. BeneFit tells you how much distance covered, how much time you took, and the average Steps of the day.

BeneFit also rewards you for your activity it gives you BeneFit Coins which you will convert in the reward tab. The main benefit of this app on fewer coins you can claim gift vouchers.


App Name: BeneFit

Refer Benefits: 0 Coins

Invite Code: No Code

#8- Goqii

Goqii is India’s largest fitness & Social health app whose Brand ambassador is Akshay Kumar. Goqii is the best health fitness app which has its own fitness band that allows you to track Blood pressure, Heart rate, Calorie burn, etc.

Goqii has an inbuilt fitness Goqii coach which helps you stay fit . Goqii runs fitness challenges where you can earn Goqii points or Karma points which you can get a discount in their inbuilt Goqii Market Place.


App Name: Goqii

Refer Benefits: 10* Coins

Invite Code: GOQII58328

#9- HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is a recently launched health and fitness app that helps you with tracking your health, and weight loss, eating healthy food, and making custom diet plans to help you in weight loss.

HealthifyMe also gives you Professional advice about your health-related issues Along with that they are running a refer and earn friend offer where you get rewards such as Google Pay Cashback which adds real cash to your bank by scratching scratch cards.


App Name: HealthifyMe

Refer Benefits: Google Pay Scratch Cards

Invite Code: SARDAUV2G

#10- Lifesum

Lifesum is also a fitness app that helps with Diet plans, food diaries, macro calculators, calorie counters, and healthy recipes, all in one convenient place. Get healthy and feel great with Lifesum!


App Name: Lifesum

#11- Growfitter

Health is wealth we all know this in this concept of new startup app grow fitter in the market. It is gaining momentum after they appeared in Indian Shark Tank TV shows. They are rewarding users for their healthy activity.

Growfitter giving grow fitter points on every activity like Walking, running, cycling, health quiz & nearby activities. You can claim from this point mountain bike to apple iPhone.

Currently, grow fitter running the IPL fitness challenge where you can earn lots of rewards by staying active.


App Name: GrowFitter

That’s it guys we have given the top 10 best fitness apps which reward you for your activity. There are more than 10 fitness apps but we have shortlisted the best 10 fitness apps for India.

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Who Is the Number 1 Best Fitness App?

There are many apps that come and go but SSG and GOQII App is one of the oldest and continuously improving the app.

Is Fitness App Free or Paid?

Currently, in India most fitness app is free but if you want to health consultation according to your data then it may be chargeable.

How are they tracking Human activity?

These fitness apps use your mobile sensor to track your activity because every time you walk you carry your smartphone that helps collect your activity data.

If you know any fitness app that provide good reward and useful app then comment below We will list them if you have any queries do ask in the below comment we will help you with a solution.

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