16 Best Business Startup Ideas for Students in India 2024

Now there’s a startup storm going on in India. Indians are coming into business like never before.

As of July 2023, there are 105 unicorns in India. If you don’t know, a unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over US$1 billion.

Best Startup Ideas in India for College Students
Startup Ideas in India for Students

Maybe you are tempted to start your own startup.

But you are not finding an idea to start one.

Or maybe you are passionate about something and want to know more details about it.

Then you Googled for startup ideas in India.

In this post, I will share some of the best startup ideas in India.

Let’s dive in.

Startup Ideas In India with Low Investment

When it comes to starting something on your own, budget is one of the main obstacles.

But do you know there are some businesses that you can start with little investment? 

Yeah, you don’t need huge investment to start a startup, thanks to the internet.

Here are some low investment business ideas.

#1 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Startup Ideas with Low Investment
Latest Startup Ideas in India

We’re living in the digital era. And we are spending a lot of time on digital devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet, smart tv, etc.)

Whatever business you are doing, you need digital marketing to grow online.

If you know digital marketing, you can help other businesses to get more customers.

You can learn digital marketing from YouTube, Blog, and Courses.

Once you know digital marketing, you can start offering your service.

You can also start a Social Media Marketing agency as well. There are countless scope in Digital Marketing.

An hourly digital marketing rate typically ranges between $50 (Rs.3,987) and $500 (Rs.39,874). The rate depends on your experience.

You can start digital marketing with just Rs.10K-50K.

#2 Website Designing

Website Designing Startup Ideas with Low Investment
Startup Ideas in Kerala

Many offline businesses are now going online. They’re looking for web developer for building websites.

If a business is not on the internet, they are losing customers.

You can build websites for them and charge them huge chunks of money.

If you are a web developer, you can start developing and designing websites.

Once you master the skill and enough confidence that you can build awesome websites for your others.

You can start your own website designing agency.

If you are building websites for small businesses, you can charge anywhere between Rs.20K-50K.

For high ticket clients you can charge lakhs.

You can get a basic web hosting and a domain at Rs.5K to 10K to get started.

#3 Influencer

Influencer Startup Ideas with Low Investment
Startup Ideas for Women in India

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly.

In marketing influencer refers to a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by recommending the items on social media.

There are many influencers in India. Sourav Jain is a popular influencer.

If you want to become an influencer you need to build a following.

Choose your favorite social media and start dominating.

In the initial stage, you don’t need that much money.

#4 Yoga Trainer

Yoga Trainer Startup Ideas with Low Investment
Startups with Low Investment in India

It’s a fact that most people are not fit.

Many people go to gyms to get in shape.

But the gym is not for everyone.

There are some people who don’t feel comfortable going to the gym.

They can do Yoga sitting at home.

You can help them to do Yoga and charge them a fee per month.

If you know Yoga, you can teach yourself or you can hire someone to teach them.

Startup Ideas In India For College Students

Are you a student and worried whether you can start a business or not?

Don’t worry, you can still start a business.

Yeah, you can start a business on a part-time basis. Many college going students are doing business in similar fashion.

Here are some businesses that you start if you are a student.

#1 Blogging

Blogging Startup Ideas for College Students
Small Start Up Business Ideas in India

Blogging is something you can start on a part-time basis.

There are numerous ways to earn through a blog such as affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorship, selling service, selling digital products, etc.

You just need a domain name and a hosting platform to get started.

Earning potential is huge on blogging.

You can see example of Harsh Agarwal, Anil Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi and many other bloggers.

#2 YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel Startup Ideas for College Students
Top Startup Ideas in India

YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the world. And it’s the most popular video platform.

You can start a YouTube channel without spending a single penny.

Just you need to start on a good topic.

You can start a YouTube channel part-time.

Later, if you want to scale it like a business, you need to give it enough time.

You might need a team to expand it in future.

#3 Content Writing

Content Writing Startup Ideas for College Students
New Business Startup Ideas in India

Love to write content?

Start content writing for others and get paid.

You can learn content writing from blogs and YouTube.

Many businesses/bloggers are always looking for high quality content writers.

If you can provide them high quality content for their blogs. You can earn a good amount of money.

Once you have some clients, you can start building a content writing agency.

You just need a laptop and internet connection to get started.

#4 Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Startup Ideas for College Student
Best Business for Startup in India

Graphic designing is another high paying skill.

You can design graphics, logos, infographics, illustrations, carousels, etc.

If you don’t know graphic design, you can learn by taking a course.

Once you have the skill set, you can start doing it for others.

Once you have a strong portfolio, you will get high paying clients.

Most Common Startup Ideas In India

Let’s see some startup ideas that are thriving.

#1 Automobile Repair

The numbers of vehicles are increasing rapidly. And it will only grow now. As there are more vehicles we also need more repair shops. But there are not many good automobile repair shops. You can provide excellent repairing service. If people like your service they’re gonna come to you repeatedly. This business model needs huge investment.

#2 Travel Agency

Travel Agency is another great business. We are now in the post COVID era, and now people are traveling more. Still there are some people who don’t know how to book hotels, flights, etc. They contact a travel agent to book hotels and flights for them. You can provide hotel, flight, bus, booking. You can also provide a package. To start a travel agency, You need to have some knowledge about hotels, flights, traveling, sightseeing, etc.

#3 E-commerce Store

Online shopping is booming across the globe. I am sure you are also using Amazon, Flipkart or any other platforms to shop online. If you have something to sell online, you can build your own online store and start selling. Starting an online store is not that hard. You can build a store easily with Shopify. Or you can pay someone to build one for you.

#4 Photography

Do you like clicking photos? If so then you should start professional photography. There are a number of ways to make money through photography. You can start wedding photography, stock photography, product photography, etc. You can learn photography by taking a course or you can also learn from YouTube. If you want to do it seriously, you need a high quality camera and lens.

#5 App Development

Smartphone users are growing like never before. As of 2022, there are 6.468 Billion smartphone users in the world. Most people are spending time on their smartphones. That’s the reason now businesses are launching their own app. All businesses can’t build an app themselves, if they don’t have a team of developers. If you know how to develop apps, you can start developing apps for businesses. App development companies are charging lakhs of rupees for building an app. There’s huge potential in building apps.

#6 Event Planner

Event planning is an evergreen business. And it is here to stay. These days many people are hiring event planners for planning their events. Most people don’t want to get their hands dirty on these things. So if you are passionate about organizing and planning. You can become an event planner and plan weddings, ring ceremonies, birthday parties, office parties, and other parties. You can plan and organize events and charge about 10-20% of the total budget. It’s one of the best business ideas for beginners. But of course, you should know your work well.

#7 Financial & Tax Service

It’s another evergreen service. The government legal and tax rules are quite difficult to understand. If anyone focuses on this, their business is gonna suffer for sure. In this case, it’s better to hire someone to do it for them.

Let’s say you want to start business, you need to:

  • Incorporate your business
  • GST
  • Trademark
  • ITR filing
  • And many other things

Now the number of businesses is growing. The demand for this service will be there. You should only do this, if you have proper knowledge and expertise.

#8 Interior Design

Do you have a passion for designing the interior of your home? You can do the same for others and charge for it. If you know interior designing well, you can offer the service to others. Interior designers charge a huge amount of money for decorating and designing. Experienced interior designer charges even more. Do you know Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan is an interior designer?


These are some Start Up Business Ideas in India with Low Investment. You can choose any and start building your business.

If you have decided to start a startup, you need to take action ASAP.

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