Top 10 Best Free Fire Players in India 2024

The gaming industry is growing super fast. The global gaming market size is US$ 202.7 Billion as of 2022. And it will hit US$ 343.6 Billion by 2028 according to IMARC. Earlier we used to play games on PC and Console. But now most people choose smartphones to play their favorite games. I’m not saying that now people don’t use PCs and Consoles. Still, there are many people who love playing games on these two devices.

When it comes to popular games on smartphones, Garena Free Fire stands out. It’s one of the most-played games in India. Can you guess how many players it has globally? Free Fire has 1,000 million (100 Crores) players in the World. If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you are a fan of Garena Free Fire.

Top 10 Best Free Fire Player in India

As a fan, you might want to know who are the top 10 best Free Fire players in India. You can learn a lot of things from them and become a better Garena Free Fire player.

Today, you’ll get to know the top players of Free Fire. Without further ado, Let’s get started.

Top 10 Free Fire Players In India

As I have mentioned, there are over 100 crores of players across the world. Below, I’m going to share the top 10 Free Fire players in India. If you follow them, you can learn their secret strategies.

Top Free Fire Player ListFree Fire IDInstagram
1. Sudip Sarkar97653930Profile Link
2. RAISTAR12022250Profile Link
3. SK SABIR55479535Profile Link
4. TSG JASH123643969Profile Link
5. Jigs497887030Profile Link
6. SULTAN PROSLO16207002Profile LInk
7. Ajju Bhai451012596Profile Link
8. Action Bolt88651465Profile Link
9. Gyan Sujan70393167Profile Link
10. Ritik124975352Profile Link

1. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar Real Face

Sudip Sakar is an Indian Gamer and Youtuber. His channel has over 1.38 million subscribers. He creates videos around Free Fire.

He has quite good popularity in India. Many people watch his gaming videos and enjoy it.


  • Free Fire ID: 97653930
  • Number Of Kills: 3323
  • Number Of Squad Games: 1073
  • Booyahs: 221
  • K/D: 3.26 (Duo) and 2.71 (Solo)



Akshay, known by his online name “Raistar,” is a popular gamer based in Kerala, India.

He has built a large following on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has 7.11 million subscribers. 

Akshay is one of the best Free Fire players in the world.

His gaming skill is exceptionally good. Even some viewers have raised suspicions about the use of hacks during his gameplay.


  • Free Fire ID: 12022250
  • Number Of Kills: 1500
  • Number Of Squad Games: 14771
  • Booyahs: 2601
  • K/D: 3.9 (Duo) and 2.9 (Solo)


SK Sabir Real Face

SK SABIR’s real name is Sheik Sabir. He started his YouTube channel named SK SABIR GAMING. Sheik is one of the popular gaming creators. He initially gained recognition for his gaming content.


  • Free Fire ID: 55479535
  • Number Of Kills: 91346
  • Number Of Squad Games: 25737
  • Booyahs: 2601
  • K/D: 3.43 (Duo) and 2.24 (Solo)


TSG JASH real face

Based in Ahmedabad, Jash Dhoka is a popular gamer and YouTuber.

His YouTube channel is known as Two Side Gamers. It has 11.8 million subscribers on YouTube. He uploads gameplay videos of Free Fire, GTA V, Fall Guys, and Among US.

He is one of the best Free Fire players in India and a member of TSG squad.

Jash has other 2 YouTube channels named TSG ARMY and Jash Dhoka Vlogs.


  • Free Fire ID: 123643969
  • Number Of Kills: 91346
  • Number Of Squad Games: 7150
  • Booyahs: 257
  • K/D: 2.19 (Duo) and 2.50 (Solo)

5. Jigs

Jigs Avatar

Jigs is among India’s top 1% free-fire players.  He has a great huge kill-to-death percentage. He is also the leader of BOSS Guilds.

His actual name is Jigar Patel. Like other Free Fire players, he also owns a YouTube channel called JIGS OFFICIAL. His channel has 817K subscribers and 33,474,969 views.


  • Free Fire ID: 497887030
  • Number Of Kills: 33998
  • Number Of Squad Games: 10834
  • Booyahs: 109
  • K/D: 3.19 (Duo) and 1.41 (Solo)



Sultan Proslo is an Indonesian Free Fire player. He is one of the best players in the world

His actual name is Dyland Maximus Zidane 

He owns a Youtube channel named Dyland Pros. The channel has 15.8 million subscribers and 1,404,514,524 views.

He is a member of the NESC-IND guild.


  • Free Fire ID: 16207002
  • Number Of Kills: 2094
  • Number Of Squad Games: 9
  • Booyahs: 59
  • K/D: 3.85

7. Ajju Bhai

Ajju Bhai Real Face

Ajju Bhai is another successful YouTuber and Free Fire player in India. His YouTube channel is Total Gaming. It has 34.4 million subscribers and 5,314,665,645 views at the time of writing this post. You can see he is not only an excellent gamer and a popular Youtuber as well.

His real name is Ajay. He plays Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pub-G, and GTA 5. And upload those gameplay videos on his channel.

  • Free Fire ID: 451012596
  • Number Of Kills: 7311
  • Number Of Squad Games: 10834
  • Booyahs: 3067
  • K/D: 4.81 (Duo) and 2.78 (Solo)

8. Action Bolt

Action Bolt Real Face

Anup Mandal is the man behind Action Bolt. His YouTube channel is known as Action Bolt. The channel has 1.5 million subscribers and 153,802,307 views. He started his YouTube journey in the year 2018.

Anup has participated in 17773 Squad Battles and won 7959 of them.


  • Free Fire ID: 88651465
  • Number Of Kills: 4390
  • Number Of Squad Games: 17773
  • Booyahs: 300
  • K/D: 4.06 (Duo) and 2.40 (Solo)

9. Gyan Sujan

Gyan Sujan Real Face

Gyan Sujan is one of the top Free Fire players in India. Similar to other Free Fire players he uploads his gameplay videos on YouTube. He not only plays Free Fire but also players like Fortnite, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Call Of Duty Mobile, Pub-G Moblie, and GTA 5.

His channel is known as Gyan Gaming, it has 14.5 million subscribers and 2,175,949,042 views.


  • Free Fire ID: 70393167
  • Number Of Kills: 56441
  • Number Of Squad Games: 16680
  • Booyahs: 451
  • K/D: 3.41 (Duo) and 1.91 (Solo)

10. Ritik

Ritik Real Face

Ritik is another popular Free Fire player in India. His YouTube channel is TWO SIDE GAMERS. The Youtube channel has 11.8 million subscribers and 2,076,266,575 views.

He uploads gameplay around Garena Free Fire, GTA V, Fall Guys, and Among US.


  • Free Fire ID: 124975352
  • Number Of Kills: 22756
  • Number Of Squad Games: 9447
  • Booyahs: 51
  • K/D: Total 3.04

Final Thoughts

YouTube video

These are the top Free Fire players in India. They have earned their place among the best Free Fire players in India because of their hard work, dedication, and passion for Garena Free Fire.

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