2nd Innings Fantasy App List 2024 [Top 7 for Cricket]

If you are like me and looking for an opportunity to play fantasy leagues to earn real cash, then you are in for a treat. Fantasy sports in India are getting exciting day by day with a new fantasy app launching every month or two. These apps have low competition and take very low investment to get started.

With more apps launching every other month, fantasy apps are trying their best to provide unique features that are not available in old and popular apps like Dream11.

2nd Innings Fantasy Apps
Second Innings Fantasy App List

2nd innings comes under such a unique feature where the user is given the option to play fantasy league even after the match has started.

For example, if you want to play fantasy cricket then after the first inning is completed you can make a new fantasy team and play fantasy league for the second innings.

So here is the list of all fantasy apps that offer 2nd innings,

What is 2nd Innings Fantasy Cricket Apps?

An app is categorized under the 2nd innings fantasy app when it offers an option to play fantasy league even after the match has started. Once the first inning is completed, fantasy league contests for the second inning will start showing. Participants must create a fantasy team for the remaining part of the game and join fantasy leagues to earn real cash.

List of All 2nd Innings Supported Fantasy Apps

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This list has quite similarities to the top fantasy app list since nowadays every other app is introducing this feature to attract more fantasy players.

Before checking out the list of Best 2nd innings fantasy app with their download links, check out this video to get an idea about how second innings fantasy app works-

The list of new fantasy cricket apps with 2nd innings feature are as follows-

#1 Real 11

Real 11 is a daily fantasy sports platform that offers low competition and higher reward opportunities for players. After downloading Real 11 APK, you can now create fantasy teams even for the second innings of a match.

This means even if you missed out on a full-match league or you weren’t able to create a proper team then you get another chance for making it right in the second innings. 2nd innings in Real11 are played exactly like full-match leagues.

You just need to wait for the first inning to end and during the break of 10 – 30 min, you have to create your team and join 2nd innings league. If you aren’t already on Real11 then you can use this Real 11 referral code to get Rs. 50 signup bonus to get started.

#2 My Team 11

MyTeam11 is one of the best alternatives to the Dream11 fantasy app. With the increasing popularity of second innings, My Team 11 is also offering 2nd innings leagues upon their user’s demand.

The 2nd Innings contest on Myteam11 gets activated after the full match category is closed. Just download or update to the latest version of My Team 11 APK and use the My Team 11 referral code to get a Rs. 100 signup bonus.

#3 Fan2Play

Fan2Play is quite new in the field of the daily fantasy sports industry. They believe 2nd Innings Fantasy is the Mantra to success as it offers more excitement, higher chances of winning, and the best new feature in the market.

After updating to the latest version of Fan2Play APK, you will see an option to play second innings league. The process is quite easy and similar to the traditional full-match leagues. For new users, you have an opportunity to earn a Rs. 100 bonus by using Fan2Play invite code.

#4 BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is a fantasy cricket app where you can make your own team to play fantasy cricket and win real cash. They have recently introduced more ways to earn money like 2nd innings. With the second inning, players are allowed to create another team to play fantasy league after the first inning is completed.

Sometimes you forget to make a fantasy team for a full match, in that case, you get a second chance to make your team before 2nd inning starts. In test matches, you can separately make your teams for 3rd & 4th Innings as well. If you are a new user then you can claim your free Rs. 100 bonus by using the BalleBaazi referral code.

#5 PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is an old fantasy sports app where earning money is quite easy since joining fees are quite low. They are one of the early adopters of 2nd innings feature. Points calculation for the 2nd Innings matches on PlayerzPot are done the same as that of the normal matches.

Only events occurring in the 2nd innings are considered for awarding points to the players. So what are you waiting for? Just download the PlayerzPot APK and use the PlayerzPot referral code to get instant Rs. 50 signup bonus in PlayerzPot wallet.

#6 Vision11

Vision11 is quite a new fantasy app that is catching up with new features in the fantasy industry like 2nd innings. Update to the latest version of Vision11 APK to get the option of second innings.

Just like you play normal full-match fantasy leagues, you can play 2nd innings the same way. Use the Vision11 referral code to get a signup bonus of Rs. 100 and get started with multiple earning opportunities on the Vision11 fantasy sports app.

#7 League11

League11 is a fantasy platform that offers fantasy leagues for cricket, football, and basketball. You can create your own team and play a full-match league.

But recently they added an earning opportunity for their players with 2nd innings feature. With this players will be able to join leagues even after the match has started. Apart from the normal league, you can create another team for the second innings of the match which starts after break or halftime.

How to Play 2nd Innings Contest in Fantasy App?

Download or Update 2nd Innings Fantasy APK

2nd Innings Fantasy APK Download any app from the above list or simply update the app to the latest version to get the second innings feature.

Open & Login to 2nd Inning Fantasy App

Now, open any fantasy app with the 2nd innings feature and sign up or log in to your account.

Go to any match league and switch to 2nd Innings tab

Choose any match of your choice and switch to the 2nd Innings tab next to the full match tab.

Create a team for the second innings

You can now create a separate team for 2nd innings. Choose from the collection of 14 odd players instead of the 22 for the remaining match.

Pay to Join 2nd Inning Fantasy Contest

Use the created team to join any fantasy league and pay the joining fees.

How do you play second innings in Gamezy?

You can create your Second Innings team by choosing the Second Innings tab inside the match page. You can create your team by clicking the “Create team” button. You have 100 credits to make your team.

Final Thoughts on 2nd Inning Fantasy Apps

I hope you liked the post on the list of all 2nd innings fantasy apps in India. If you know more apps then share with us on our Facebook page.

This second-innings fantasy app list has recently been updated. We will add more apps in future updates so stay tuned and bookmark this page for future.

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