Best Online Medicine Delivery App in India for 2024

Medicine is an essential part of our lives nowadays every household needs some kind of medicine that’s why the Medicine industry has reformed now and You can order Online medicine from an App or website.

Earlier we shared about the Best Grocery Apps in India and today we will tell you the Best Online Medicine delivery App In India So you can know which app is the best app for medicine delivery and what unique features it offers.

Online Medicine delivery App
Online Medicine Delivery App

As you know we are ordering A to Z human needs items online these days and we getting product delivery within 24 hours at our doorstep.

In India, Many Online e-Medicine Apps like PharmEasy give us the option to order all types of medicines. Insulin, and Medical items in a single app by uploading your doctor’s Prescription and You get FREE Medicine delivery within 24 hours at your home.

How Online Medicines Apps Work:

Doing Online orders of medicine is now very easy and anyone with basic knowledge of mobile can place medicine orders online.

You have to simply download any app from the Best Medicine app and create a login after that search for your medicine add it to your kart and upload your prescription so in backed your medicine is verified by a health professional and the Order is processed for packing and delivering.

Medicines App Working
Medicines App Working

“Some medicines are general medicine which does not need any Doctor’s Prescription and most of the medicine need Dr. Prescription so you have to upload it on the APP or website so no wrong medicine will be delivered.”

Benefits Of Doing Online Medicine Order Online

  • Easy To Order.
  • Bumper Discount & Payment Offer.
  • Authentic Medline.
  • Order Any Kind of Rare Medicine.
  • Users can place medicine orders from anywhere and have them delivered to their doorsteps by nearby pharmacies.
  • The app streamlines the ordering process, saving users time through mobile orders.
  • Pharmacies can boost sales by listing their products online and establishing an online presence.
  • Advanced search options enable users to find the best products by comparing alternatives.
  • Exclusive mobile app offers can be found, and users can redeem codes for discounts.
  • Online ordering offers flexible payment methods for users to choose from.

In these critical times when the pandemic running and no way to go outside and Procure medicine in these time you can use online eCommerce medicine platforms to order medicines.

Benefit's Of Doing Online Medicine Order
Benefits Of Doing Online Medicine Order

Plus you can order rare or new medicine that is locally not available or you can order substitute medicine as many medical websites provide generic medicines.

By Doing Online order you can get a bumper discount of up to 30 % with Payment offers.

So Guys you can see there are so many benefits of doing online orders so don’t hesitate to start doing online medicine orders.

List Of Top 5 Best Online Medicine Ordering Apps :

List Of Top 5 Best Online Medicine Ordering Apps
So NoPharmacy App NameDownload Link
11MG1mg App
2MedlifeMedlife App
3PractoPracto App
4NetmedsNetmeds App
5Apollo PharmacyApollo Pharmacy App

#1 1MG


1mg: India’s Leading Online Pharmacy & Healthcare Platform

1mg is One of the best Online Pharmacy Services which gives choices to order health Products and all types of medicines & also gives you the option to book online health checkups on the basis of the report you can get a consultant.

1mg almost giving 15 to 25 % discount every time you order medicine via 1mg with cashback points and payment offers which gives you a bumper discount.

1MG gives two options you can directly call to place an order and use their 1mg Android or iOS App to place an online order.

#2 Medlife


MedLife: India’s Largest Online Pharmacy Store

Medlife is one of the biggest online platforms which delivers health products all over India.

Online Medicine Purchase is Now Made Easy by Medlife. Medlife Pharmacy is an all-in-one solution for all your health-related product needs.

Their Android app is well-equipped and an easy interface gives you a tap option to upload a Doctor’s Prescription and You receive a call to confirm it.

Medlife gives lots of debit and credit card discount offer which allows you up to 30 % discount.

Medlife has all popular branded Pharmacy stores so you just need to go to the Medlife app or website app page to browse all products and order them. You will receive your health products or medicine within 2 to 3 days via the medlife app.

#3 Practo


Find & book appointments with doctors, diagnostic tests, clinics, and hospitals. Order Medicine

Practo provides an online medical store in their all-in-one app where you can get a Free Doctor consultant and book Online Doctor appointments in the nearest clinics or Hospitals.

This popular Consultant App also gives the option to order online medicine on the go.

You can consult a Doctor online in the Practo app and from there you can place online medicine orders.

This healthcare App is one of the oldest and most trusted apps in India which gives you the nearest Doctor clinics, hospitals, and Labs.

#4 Netmeds


Find & book appointments with doctors, diagnostic tests, clinics, hospitals. Order Medicine

In the Online Medicine Delivery App list, Netmeds is a big competitor of all others . Netmeds app offers Personal care , and wellness products along with medicine delivery service at your home address.

Netmeds also gives up to 45 % off on branded products and they are offering coupon and discount which gives you maximum discount.

Netmeds First subscription where you can extra discounts and fast delivery like Amazon Prime, In Netmeds First you can get 2.5 % NMS Cash, Basic health checkup, unlimited free consultations, and more.

#5 Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy

Buy online from India’s most trusted brand Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy is the most trusted online medicine store because it is a popular Apollo Hospital medical chain that delivers medicine or health products from its offline medical store and by doing online orders.

The USP of Apollo Pharmacy is they can take orders online and deliver from their nearest offline medical shop within 4 to 6 hours.

Apollo Pharmacy is also offering Apollo Card membership where each time you order online medicine you will get up to 5 to 10 % points on MRP and you can use that points to get more discount on your next order.



SmartMedics is a top-rated medicine mobile app that allows online doctor consultations, offers free delivery nationwide, and can save users up to 22%. It supports prescription uploads and offers Cash-on-Delivery for medication orders.



Capsule, another popular medicine delivery app for iOS and Android, provides same-day delivery, accepts insurance plans, and offers free services. Users can also chat with pharmacists for medication information.


image 14

Epocrates, owned by Athenahelath and available on Apple devices, is a point-of-care app used by healthcare professionals. It delivers medications, serves millions of users, and offers both free and paid versions, allowing users to check medicine details.

Scope of Medicine (Online Pharmacy) Apps in India

The scope of medical (online pharmacy) apps in India is substantial due to its vast population, offering convenient services that save time for users. Pharmacies are leveraging mobile apps to increase orders and boost sales, following the trend seen in food, grocery, and e-commerce.

Major players like Reliance entering the online pharmacy space, exemplified by Nedmets, will intensify competition. Apps like Practo have revolutionized virtual doctor consultations, and the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly boosted the online medical sector, leading to high anticipated valuations for online pharmacy apps in the coming years according to industry experts.

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Which app is best for medicine delivery in India?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, some popular medicine delivery apps in India included Medlife, PharmEasy, and Netmeds. However, I recommend checking the latest reviews and ratings to determine the best app, as the best option may change over time.

Which online site is best for medicine in India?

Which app delivers medicine fastest?

PharmEasy app. 

Which is the biggest online medicine store in India?

Apollo Pharmacy – Largest Online Pharmacy In India

Best medicine app with discount

One of the best medicine apps with discounts is GoodRx, which offers users access to lower prescription prices and coupons at various pharmacies.

Which app delivers medicine in 1 hour?

Pharmacy apps like “PharmEasy” and “Medlife” often offer one-hour medicine delivery services in certain areas.


So Guys we have presented the Top 5 Best Online Medicine Delivery App in India I hope this popular pharmacy app helps you with your medicine 7 health-related products.

We will add more popular and personally tested best Online Medicine delivery Apps to list in the future. If you have any queries drop the comment below we will help you.

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