How To Install OmniSD On Jio Phone – Step-By-Step Guide

Are you looking for simple and easy methods to install OmniSD on your Jio Phone? If yes then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to share some easy methods to install OmniSD on Jio Phones.

Omnisd for jiophone

Jio Phone is powered by the KaiOS operating system. KaiOS is a lightweight mobile operating system specifically developed for feature phones like the Jio Phone. OmniSD helps you run Android applications on KaiOS. 

What is OmniSD?

Omnisd is a third-party app installer for KaiOS devices like the Jio Phone. It allows users to install apps that are not available through the official KaiOS store.

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Benefits of OmniSD on Jio Phone

Omnisd offers several benefits when installed on a Jio Phone:

  • Additional Apps: You can install extra apps on your Jio Phone that are not available in the official app store of the Jio Phone.
  • Personalization: OmniSD helps you to use the Jio Phone according to your needs, you can install any type of app.
  • Extra features: By installing OmniSD you will get some of the extra and advanced features for your Jio Phone.

How To Download OmniSD On Jio Phone?

To download and install the OmniSD file on your Jio Phone, follow the below-listed steps:

  • Step 1: Connect your Jio Phone to your Computer or Laptop.
  • Step 2: Restart your Jio Phone.
  • Step 3: Now download the Omnisd file on your PC according to your Jio Phone model.
  • Step 4: Transfer the Omnisd file to your Jio Phone.
  • Step 5: Open your Jio Phone and transfer the Omnisd file to the sd card.
  • Step 6: To install the OmniSD after transferring, follow the below-listed steps.

How To Install OmniSD On Jio Phone?

To install the OmniSD file on your Jio Phone after transferring the file, follow the below-listed steps:

  • Step 1: Once the Omnisd file is transferred to your Jio Phone, switch off your device.
  • Step 2: Open your Jio Phone in recovery mode.
  • Step 3: Now click on apply update from the sd card option.
  • Step 4: Select the folder to which you have transferred the file.
  • Step 5: Come back to recovery mode and reboot the device.
  • Step 6: Done, you will see the Omnisd app on your Jio Phone home page.

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OmniSD File Download Apk

Jio Phone ModelsLinks File Size
Jio Phone F90Click Here67.88 MB
Jio Phone F300BClick Here47.33 MB
Jio Phone F220BClick Here47.33 MB
JioPhone F50YClick Here71.49 MB
Jio Phone F2403NClick Here24.5 MB
Jio Phone F271iClick Here1.75 MB
Jio Phone F61FClick Here293.82 MB
Jio Phone F41TClick Here293.78
Jio Phone IF-2439NClick Here39.4 MB
Jio Phone F221SClick Here39.4 MB
Jio Phone F101KClick Here293.71 MB

FAQs – OmniSD for Jio Phone

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What is Omni SD in Jio phone?

Jio Phone is powered by the KaiOS operating system and it allows only selected apps to run. OmniSD helps Jio Phone users to use all Android apps on their devices.

Can we insert SD card in Jio phone?

Yes, you can insert an SD card into Jio Phone.

Is KaiOS an Android?

No, KaiOS is not an Android operating system. KaiOS is a separate mobile operating system designed specifically for feature phones.

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