Top 5 Apps / Platform To Watch NBA For Free

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a name associated with team spirit and unity. Fans can go to war for their favourite teams and players.

The league has 30 teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, and so on.

The NBA is more than just a league; it’s an emotion that unites fans to support their teams right up on apps to watch NBA games free until the final basket, which determines the outcome of the contest. 

Top 5 apps to watch NBA
Top 5 apps to watch NBA

Imagine this, it’s the game night between the Miami Heats and the Golden State Warriors.

Being a sports enthusiast, there is no way you’re missing the showdown.

However, instead of being cosy on your couch with a beer and the game playing on the TV, you’re stuck in traffic that shows no sign of resolving any time soon.

For moments like this, we have listed the top 5 apps to watch NBA where you can watch the NBA games and never miss a basket. 

You can also watch on Jio TV these games but not every time that’s why we listing 5 method to watch NBA games.

List of Live NBA Streaming Apps :

So.NoNBA Streaming AppLive Links
1 NBA Official AppWatch Live Streaming
2ESPNWatch Live Streaming
3Yahoo SportsWatch Live Streaming
4Watch TNTWatch Live Streaming
5HuluWatch Live Streaming
top 5 apps to watch NBA

1) NBA Official App

NBA Official App

The NBA official app has a dedicated team of writers who will keep you updated on the scores, news, timings, playoffs, and more.

Since it’s the official NBA streaming app, you get to learn about all new happenings over here first. 

On the NBA official app, you also get recaps of past matches and highlights as well as upcoming games between your chosen teams.

This way you can avoid getting spammed through this best streaming for NBA.

You can even customize your preferences to receive updates exclusive to the teams you want to know about.

2) ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

ESPN is widely known for its sports coverage ranging from the NBA, the Olympics, boxing, chess, and so on.

This free NBA live streaming app for Android keeps you informed about all recent developments in sports like scores, matches, highlights, wins, and stats. 

For a more well-rounded experience, this NBA live streaming apk offers fresh material that fits your preferences and is provided to you together with your most viewed and read teams and events.

The sports radio, a library, and shows that aren’t shown on cable networks are a few more advantages you may enjoy. 

Want to watch other sports like cricket football then you must check Free Live TV App for Android TV → [Top 7] in India . This guide will help you to watch other sports also.

3) Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports
Yahoo Sports

ESPN’s competitor and sworn rival, Yahoo Sports is a top-notch NBA live streaming free 2022 app where you can seamlessly watch NBA and read spicy news, match results, and updates.

The app is also useful if you’re into betting. You can utilise Yahoo sports NBA numerous guides and tutorials to get started. 

In fact, you can not only watch the NBA but also sports such as tennis and golf live. Moreover, the app also has a very user-friendly UI/UX interface.

Besides that, you get access to exclusive content from Yahoo’s team of sportswriters on this best app to watch NBA games for free. 

4) Watch TNT

Watch TNT

Watch TNT is a more diverse option & the best nba live streaming app free that something you’re looking for.

The app is not related only to basketball but to a variety of TV Shows and broadcasts to cater to all your media needs. 

Through this one of the best NBA apps for iPhone, you can checkout future NBA matches and get ready to watch it live.

Also, you can have your needs met and have a well-rounded experience and you don’t have to install multiple apps. All you have to do is sign up with your TV provider. 

5) Hulu

Hulu sports

Hulu has gained popularity among sports fans and movie buffs alike because of its high-quality and well-loved content that attracts new subscribers from all over the world.

On this nba live score app, you can watch any sport being shown on cable TV channels like ABC or ESPN and enjoy it while you’re out of your living room. 

Apart from that, you can watch matches of 25 NBA teams on Hulu and have highly-demanded content at the tip of your fingers.

This popular nba tv app also comes with Spanish add-ons. Plus, you get the option to record games to watch later. 


1) Are NBA live streaming apps worth it to watch NBA?

Yes, absolutely. You can avail benefits like rewind, rewatch and replay which may be unavailable on cable TV channels. What’s more? You also get the luxury of watching any sport you want from wherever you want.

2) What are the best apps to watch NBA on?

ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and Watch TNT are the best apps to watch NBA.

3) Is news on these NBA live apps reliable?

Yes, these apps provide accurate news information about events in the sports industry but if you’re worried about the authenticity, you can use the official NBA app.

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