How To Publish Article & News on UC News and Earn Money

Hey guys we are back again with a new and reliable method to earn money online just by doing some part time job. We are talking about UC News. You already know about UC news. Have you ever wondered who write those articles and news on UC news. They are normal people like us who publish their own article on uc news and earn money. You can also do that and earn money bu posting article on UC News.

Many of us publish their own video on Youtube and earn money when someone watch our video similarly uc news pays us when someone watch our article. The most interesting thing about monetize on uc news is that the minimum requirement for monetize on uc news is that you only need 2000 views on any single post which is very easy on a platform of 5 million users. In my case i got 12000 views on my first ever post. So without wasting time let we start how to register on uc news creator account and earn money.

How to register on UC News Creator account

  1. Firstly visit this page
  2. Click On Signup or Create Accountimg 20171210 100400956311365
  3. Enter your Email ID, Password and verify it.IMG 20171210 100455
  4. On the next page enter your desired Channel Name, Pan Card, and select your category on which you will write post. If asked for post link enter your youtube channel link or you can make a free website on wordpress and enter that link and click on submit
  5. Now your account will go for review and approved within 3- 5 days.
  6. After approval you are ready to make post.

How To make post

  1. Click on Post at the Top.Screenshot 2017 12 10 10 08 42 249 org.mozilla.firefox
  2. Now click on New Article. And select whether you want to upload a video or a written post.(Note:- Written post will bring many more views than video post)
  3. For creating post enter Post Title, Post Material with minimum 300 words.After than select category and create tags.IMG 20171210 101244
  4. And publish it. Within 24 hrs it will be reviewed and will get publish if all rules are followed.

How To enable monetization

  1. You need minimum 2000 views on any single post. You can easily achieve this target by writing post on trending topics.                                       Screenshot 2017 12 10 10 07 58 519 org.mozilla.firefox
  2. You need minimum 20 index points. For this you need to be regular in writing post, write on a particular category and write original content. You will get 20 points within two weeks.
  3. Account should be minimum 30 days old.
  4. You need to be upgraded to advanced partner which will be automatically done when above mentioned point achieved

After this you can apply for monetization by going to income section.

Follow these rules to get your article approved

  1. Never write any copyrighted content.
  2. Never write illegal topic.
  3. Use proper grammer.
  4. Use of different languages in one post may lead to its suspention.
  5. if you write on politics never favour any party.
  6. Never use vulgar pics.

Benefits Of UC News publisher Program

  • For writing hindi post you can use Google voice function. Just speak and google will automatically write it in your own language.
  • You can copy article from any website then convert it in hindi by using google translator and publish it. Their will be no problem of copyright.
  • you can use your youtube videos in your post. When people will watch them your views will also increase.

Conslusion– So Guys at last i just want to said that uc we media program is a best way to earn money online if you have better writing skills. UC is a reliable company so we can trust on them. If you want to open your own blog and write in that so i think you should skip that plan because uc already provide you a platform where 5 million users are joined. You can easily make Rs 50000 on an average if you publish articles daily within in next 2-3 months. The next article by me is going to be on Newsdog which is a similar platform to earn money just by writing posts.

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