Best Water Heater / Geysers under 5000 in India [2024 List]

Winter season is on it’s shore and cold water is going to become a norm. So the demand for Best Geysers under 5000 is going to rise soon.

I used to avoid taking shower in the morning during winter season and bath in afternoon when water becomes bearable.

But then I thought let’s just spend some money and get at least a water heater or geyser. Trust me, that was the best decision my lazy self took during last winter.

Best Water Heater under 5000

I did an extensive research from various eCommerce website and shortlisted some of the best water heater under 5000 in India.

I thought why not share it with my blog readers. So here are one of the top geysers under Rs. 5000 with minimum 500 reviews and 4-star rating on Amazon India.

Best Geysers Under 5000 in India

S. No.Product NameCapacityBuy on Amazon
1.Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater3 LCheck Price
2.Lifelong Flash Geyser3 LCheck Price
3.Bajaj Splendora Instant Water Heater3 LCheck Price
4.Crompton Arno Neo Storage Water Heater10 LCheck Price
5.Racold Pronto Neo Water Heater3 LCheck Price
6.Havells Instanio Geyser3 LCheck Price
7.ACTIVA Instant Water Geyser10 LCheck Price
8.Crompton Solarium Vogue Instant Geyser3 LCheck Price
9.Longway Decora Glass Instant Water Heater7 LCheck Price
10.Orient Electric Aqua Spring Storage Geyser10 LCheck Price
11.Havells Immersion HB15 1500 Watt Water HeaterN.A.Check Price

1. Crompton Bliss 3-L Instant Water Heater (Geyser) with Advanced 4 Level Safety

Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater

It is quite compact and pretty looking. If you looking for a low-cost solution for geyser then this comes in one of the top list of 3-litre instant water heater.

It gives hot water instantly so you might need to keep the water tap in the middle to get warm water.

It is extremely easy to install and highly recommended for bachelors.

The only drawback is that the basic things like inlet / outlet pipes, two connectors and plug is not provided in the package. You have to purchase them separately.

It will cost you extra Rs. 500-1000 for hardwares and installation. That’s probably the reason of lower price of the product.

If you face any problem then you can call their customer care and they will send person for repair.

2. Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater (3000W, ISI Certified, 2 Years Warranty)

Lifelong Flash 3 Litre Instant Geyser

It hardly takes 1 or 2 minutes for hot water. It is easy to install and you can do it manually too. The product has a classy look and performance is ok.

The thermostat cutoff mechanism is also superb which is why it is an energy saving appliance.

You won’t get three pin plug and connection pipers along with the product. Also, the length of power supply wire is short so install accordingly.

You get 2 years of warranty but the customer support is quite slow. Many customers have similar complaint of customer care.

This product is ideal for the people who wants good looking appliance in their bathroom and also 3-litre instant water heater.

3. ACTIVA Anti Rust Coated Tank 10 L Geyser with ABS TOP Bottom, HD ISI Element

Activa 10 Litre Geyser

With 10-Litres of storage it takes around 6 – 7 minutes of heating time. It have a feature of automatic shutoff to save power.

The water remains hot for a long period of time. The performance and the quality of the product is extremely satisfactory.

This is budget-friendly water heater with 10L of storage at this price range. It might cost you a little bit for installation but it is worth the money spend.

You can easily give geyser’s connection to other rooms and fulfill hot water supply throughout the house.

4. Bajaj Splendora 3L 3KW IWH Instant Water Heater

Bajaj Splendora 3L Instant Water Heater

It is an instant water heater with 3L of storage and efficient longer life. It has fire retardent cable and neon indicator for heating.

This compact size water heater works as expected but connector pipes & plugs are not provided. You also have to spend around Rs. 250 for installation.

It is preferrable to be used for kitchen or lab purposes. Since this is compact heater hence you cannot use it for continous shower and you have to wait again for water to heat.

It comes with a warrantly of 2 years on product and 5 years on inner tank.

How to Properly Use Instant Water Heater?

There is a general perception that once water heater does it’s job you can simply move the water tap to hot side and have an enjoyable bath. But that is a wrong way to use geysers.

In order to use it properly follow these steps-

  1. Turn on the power supply for water heater.
  2. Wait for atleast 4-5 minutes and automatic power cut indicator.
  3. Now, open the water tap and keep the position in the middle for light warm water.
  4. Keep the tap position little bit towards hot side for warm water.
  5. Keep the tap position extremely left towards the hot side for extremely hot water.

Some people prefer shower over bucket (like me) and these steps really help in comfortable bath.

If you are a bucket person then step 5 is best for you since you can have all the hot water inside bucket and fill it with cold water to make water warmer according to your preference.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the list provided by me was helpful in choosing the best water heater under 5000. I have listed geysers from various price ranging from Rs. 600 to Rs. 2000 to even Rs. 4000.

If you have any other instant water heater in your mind with positive result other than the list provided then kindly share the link in comment section below and I will add them in futute updates.

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