How To Disable Voice Calling In Whatsapp (Latest)

Are you looking for a guide to disable voice and video calls on WhatsApp? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. I am going to share the step-by-step process to disable calling in WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp launched free calling services, people have used Whatsapp for calls. If you have a lot of contacts on Whatsapp, then people may call you again and again on WhatsApp without any purpose. This is a big problem as Whatsapp doesn’t provide any feature to disable voice and video calls. But now you can block WhatsApp calls with our guide by using GBWhatsapp.

disable whatsapp calling

GBWhatsapp is a mod version of the official Whatsapp. Actually, it is the best app to use instead of WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp is the same as official Whatsapp but it also provides a lot of features. Some of the features include hiding blue ticks, deleting sent messages, and changing Whatsapp color and theme.

There are hundreds of features you can enjoy in GBWhatsapp. One such feature is to disable voice calls on Whatsapp. So, have a look at the tutorial to disable voice and video calls on WhatsApp. Below I have mentioned some requirements. You should see these.

• Requirements.

There are some requirements to disable calls on WhatsApp. I have listed them below. You should have these things before going to the tutorial

  • GBWhatsapp apk. (Download GBWhatsapp here.)
  • Android devise with OS 4.0+
  • Empty space on your phone to handle the app.

These are the necessary things you should have. Then you can move to the guide described below. So, let us now move to the tutorial to turn off WhatsApp calls.

• How To Disable WhatsApp Voice Calls?

Now, we are going to the guide to disable voice and video calls on WhatsApp in Android. The guide is easy to follow. You only need an app GBWhatsapp. After downloading GBWhatsapp, you can follow the below steps to block Whatsapp calls.

1. First of all, create a backup of all your Whatsapp data. So that you can restore all your data in GBWhatsapp.

To create a backup of your Whatsapp data or chat history, open Whatsapp. Click on the Menu button. Then go to Settings>>Chats>>Chat Backup. Click on Backup. This will create a backup of your data on Google Drive.

whatsapp data backup

2. Then download GBWhatsapp by clicking the below link.

Download GBWhatsapp

3. After downloading GBWhatsapp, install it on your Android phone.

If you can’t install the app because of blocked installation, follow the below steps.

Go to Settings>>All Settings>>Security>>Tick Mark on Unknown Sources. This will allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.


4. Open GBWhatsapp and complete the registration process. You can restore the backup you created during registration.

4. Now open GBWhatsapp and click on the Menu button from the top right corner.

Screenshot 2017 10 07 22 13 15 1507394957383

5. You will see a list of options. Simply click on GB Settings.

whatsapp GB setting

6. A new list of settings will appear. Scroll down and click the Other Mods option.

Gb whatsapp setting

7. On the next screen, again scroll down. There will be an option of Disable Voice Calls. Tick mark on it

disable voice calls

That’s it. This will block all calls on WhatsApp from your phone. All voice and video calls to your Whatsapp account will be disabled. This means no one can disturb you by calling on WhatsApp. This is the easiest method to disable WhatsApp calls by using GBWhatsapp. GBWhatsapp is also a trusted app used by millions. You don’t have to worry about security issues.

• Conclusion

Above was the trick to turn off voice calls on Whatsapp. You can follow the guide and images for facilitation on your phone. The method is working fine. If you still fail to turn off calls on WhatsApp, let us know by comments. We will help you soon.

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