Best Smartwatches Under 2500 in India | Experts’ Choice 2024

These days, smartwatches hold a great deal of interest for people. Smartwatches are their absolute favorite. Nearly every hand has a smartwatch on it.

Our personalities and physical attributes look extremely attractive and robust, thanks to the best smartwatch brands in India.

Smartwatch Under 2500
Best Smartwatch Under 2500 in India

In addition, smartwatches today not only cost less but also have the best features available. Even we are unable to imagine such features in our dreams.

Additionally, there are many smartwatch brands and models available in the market these days.  

As a result, here we are trying to help you bring out the list of 10 Best Smartwatches under 2500 in India 2023.

Know about the best deals and offers before buying a Smart Watch, Check. Multiple sports modes? Check. Water-resistant? Check. Several watch faces to choose from? and pick the watch of your choice.

We will go through well-known smartwatch brands like Boat, Fire Boltt, Noise, and many others.

List of Top 10 Smart Watch Under 2500

List of Smartwatch Under 2500Price in India
Boat Wave NeoCheck Price
Realme TechLife S100Check Price
Zebronics Zeb Fit 280CHCheck Price
Fire Boltt NinjaCheck Price
Noise ColorFit Pro 2Check Price
Boat VertexCheck Price
Fire Boltt MercuryCheck Price
Noise Color fit Qube SpO2Check Price
Boat StormCheck Price
Zebronics Zeb Fit 8220CHCheck Price
List of Smart Watch Under 2500

1) Boat Wave Neo

Best Smart Watches for Men Under 2500
Best Smartwatch Below 2500


  • Promising Battery duration.
  • SpO2 and Stress level tracking.
  • Big Screen with an excellent display.


  • Call Function is not available.
  • You won’t get any social media notifications.

The boat is one of the trending electronic companies. Boat Wave Neo comes first in the list of Boat best smartwatches. It features a touchscreen, Fitness & outdoor watch with a stylish design.

This Smartwatch has a 42mm HD screen and a 2.5D curved Display. Multiple sports features like walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, skipping & swimming are available. 

You can also check 24 24-hour heart Rate, SpO2 & Stress monitoring. Sleep tracking, music & camera control features are also available. Lastly, it is one of the preferable smart watches for men under 2500.

2) Realme TechLife S100

realme TechLife S100
Realme Smart Watch Under 2500


  • Long battery life
  • Social media message notification.
  • Fitness tracking
  • SpO2 and heart rate monitoring.


  • No call function feature.
  • Compass is not available.

TechLife S100 is the best Realme Smart Watch under 2500. This watch comes with a 4.3 cm LFT_LCD super bright HD Colour Display. Realme techlife S100 model has a battery life of up to 12 days, depending on the usage.

You can monitor 24/7 Heart Rate, SpO2, and body skin temperature. Besides, the options to check fitness & outdoor, Health & Medical is quite impressive. 

Also, It comes with a water-resistant and Sleep monitoring feature. This has a stylish look in an Ultra Lightweight design with silicon strap material. Hence, buy the best smartwatches from Realme now.

3) Zebronics Zeb Fit 280CH

Top Smartwatch Under 2500
Under 2500 Best Smartwatch


  • Easy navigation through the pages.
  • Quickly check SpO2 levels, Calories, step count, and distance tracking.


  • Average battery life.
  • Small Display screen.

The watches from Zebronics have become extraordinary in recent times. Zeb-Fit 280 ch is the other best smartwatch under 2500 from Zebronics company.

The Zeb-Fit 280 watch comes with a 3.55 cm display screen. Special features of this watch are Distance tracking and Heart rate monitoring. More interestingly, this Zebronics model comes with an IOS operating system.

This watch supports applications like photo gallery, weather, sleep monitor, social media notifications, and Alarm. You can also check your Blood pressure.

4) Fire Boltt Ninja SpO2

Fire Boltt Ninja SpO2
Best Smart Watch Under 2500


  • Industry’s first touch-to-wake feature.
  • Smart notification alert.
  • Running, walking, and cycling tracking feature is available.
  • You can also check SpO2 and Heart rate.


  • Poor battery life.
  • No call functions.

If you want to buy a Fire Boltt Watch under 2500 Flipkart, then the Ninja model is a suggestable option at the lowest price.

Fire Boltt Ninja model comes with specifications like the First touch to wake and has an entire metal body with an ultra-weight design that completes your look.

Meanwhile, features like SpO2 and heart rate tracking are accessible. You can also get notifications for social media messages and calls, which is reasonably needed for this generation.

5) Noise ColorFit Pro 2

Noise ColorFit Pro 2
Best Smartwatch Under 2500 Rupees


  • Long battery life.
  • Water resistant.
  • Comes with a Fitness and Menstrual cycle tracking option.
  • Impressive display.


  • Takes more time to get charged.
  • No call functions.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 is the best-selling watch among Noise Smart Watches under 2500. The watch comes with key features like Menstrual cycle tracking, Heart Rate Monitoring, and Fitness & outdoor.

It is compatible with both the Android and IOS operating systems.

The screen size of the watch is 3.3 cm. Finally, this best noise smartwatch is ultimately Sweat-proof and high Rain-Proof.

6) boAt Vertex

boAt Vertex
Top 10 Smartwatch Under 2500


  • Satisfactory battery life.
  • Fast charging.
  • Alarm clock feature along with fitness and sports options.


  • Less water-resistant.
  • No call function feature.

Vertex model comes second in the list of best smartwatch Boat. It is a HealthEcosystem Smartwatch and has highlighted features like 24-hour heart rate, SpO2 monitoring, and sleep tracking.

You can get the best Smartwatches under the most excellent deals from Boat. In fact, the Boat vertex model also provides features like Guided breathing, music, and camera control.

It facilitates multiple sports modes like walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, and football. Therefore, the boat is regarded as the best brand in terms of quality and affordability. 

7) Fire Boltt Mercury

Fire Boltt Mercury
Best Smart Watch Below 2500


  • Adequate battery performance.
  • Ultra-thin body with a decent look.
  • It has seven sports modes and fitness check options.


  • Less water-resistant.
  • Small display screen.

The Mercury model is one of the Fire Boltt beast Smartwatches. It contains a control for measuring body temperature, according to the specifications. Its body is an ultra-thin 9.2 mm and has a 1.7 HD screen.

With 8 days of consecutive use and 30 days of standby time, the battery backup is powerful. It includes 7 sports Modes & smart controls like Remote Cameras & Music, and weather options.

Also, fire bolt watches are known for their quality. Accordingly, purchasing this high-quality smartwatch online is not a bad choice.

8) Noise ColorFit Qube SpO2

Noise ColorFit Qube SpO2
Best Smartwatch Under 2500 with Call Function


  • Decent battery life.
  • Gets notifications for messages, emails, and calls.
  • HD screen display.
  • Sport mode options.


  • Deceased charging.
  • Less water-resistant.
  • No call features.

Color fit Qube SpO2 is one of the best-selling Noise watches. It is available in the colors Pink, Deep red, Blue, and Black. The dial is constructed of polycarbonate, and the strap is made of thermoplastic polyurethane.

It has things including a touchscreen, fitness equipment, and outdoor space. Noise Fit ColorQube has an accelerometer and a SpO2 sensor.

Numerous sports modalities are supported in this noise latest smartwatch 2022, including cycling, walking, yoga, jogging, hiking, spinning, and climbing. The full HD screen has a 35.5 mm display size and a TFT display type. 

9) Boat Storm

Smart Watch Under 2500 Rupees
Best Smart Watch Below 2500


  • Nice display.
  • Many sports features.
  • Wellness mode.
  • Smart notification alert.
  • Very Good battery duration.


  • Call function not available.

In the series of Boat smartwatches lowest price comes next on the list Boat Storm. Besides that, it has a 3.3 cm curved touchscreen that is fully touchable. The watch’s metal body can withstand 5 ATM of water pressure.

These watches are offered online on a variety of shopping sites. The Boat Storm watch has daily activity tracking and 9 sports modes. This top smartwatch under 2500 includes notifications with vibration alerts for calls, texts, social media, alarms, and sedentary alerts.

The watch has a sensor with an accelerometer, optical heart rate, and a G-sensor. Lastly, It is compatible with both the IOS and Android.

10) Zebronics Zeb Fit 8220CH

Zebronics Zeb Fit 8220CH
Smart Watch Under 2500


  • Fast charging.
  • Health & wellness mode.
  • Sports & Fitness mode.


  • Poor battery performance.
  • Less water resistance.

In the series of best smart watches under 2500 in India, the last one is Zeb- Fit 8220CH. It has crucial characteristics including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.

There is also a 12-sports mode available. It has a dual menu user interface.

Additionally, the display’s size is 4.29 cm, and its resolution is 240/280 pixels. So purchase this smartwatch right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which smartwatch is best Boat or Noise?

Both Boat and Noise are good. They give an equal performance. But per ColorFit Pro 2 is the second largest selling watch and Boat Storm is in first place with a larger market. Consequently, these are the 2 Best smartwatches under 2500 with a call function.

Which is the best smartwatch brand in India?

Boat smartwatches and speakers are currently quite popular. Besides, India’s top smartwatch brand is believed to be Boat Smartwatches. Boat smartwatches are appealing when they are reasonably priced.

Is Zebronics a good brand?

Yes, it’s a good and great brand offering the best smartwatches in the Indian market.


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Nowadays smartwatches have become part of our daily life. As people are becoming more fitness freaks and health-conscious these smart watches play a key role in keeping track of their fitness levels.

So, everyone is in search of stylish and durable Smart Watches.

Hope this article helps you with the top 10 smartwatches under 2500 in India 2023 will help you in finding out the best and most beneficial in selecting the best watch among many.

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