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Hey Guys, hope You all are Good & enjoying Our Blog Today we come with an amazing Instant Whatsapp Alert Service where you get Cricket Score alerts, IPL Match alerts, Ball by-ball Whatsapp Alerts, News alerts in Hindi & English, Jokes, PNR Stats & many more service Alerts directly in your WhatsApp number absolutely free.

I have been using this WhatsApp alerts service for last 2 years and it working perfectly so I am sharing it with you today you can also enjoy this amazing alert service.

DUTA Receive Cricket alerts in Mobile
Whatsapp Cricket Alerts

This WhatsApp notification/alert service offer by DUTA  which is completely free and has no spamming with ads Only alerts you receive to which you subscribe.

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Currently, DUTA Whatsapp Alerts service is offered in the Below fields which means you can get free alerts below categories.

  • NEWS

How DUTA Whatsapp Alert Service Works:


Subscribing DUTA Alerts is very Simple. Duta gives specific numbers for each category of cricket this is +13146011151 and For news +918754449297 Each number for specified for special service.

So If you subscribe particular service you only Get updates or Alerts from that number.

Important Update: DUTA WhatsApp Services are down i.e. you can not get WhatsApp broadcast service. Please use telegram to get updates.

Step To Subscribe to DUTA WhatsApp Alert Service for Free!

To Subscribe DUTA WhatsApp Alert Service You must use WhatsApp on your mobile & active Internet.

First of all Decide which categories of Alerts you want on Your mobile. Note down that number from Below given Categories For example if you want IPL Updates (Cricket) then You have to Note down +13146011151 this number and Save that number in your mobile with DUTA Cricket service.

After Creating Contact Open WhatsApp And Create a Group of a minimum of Three people which Must Include the DUTA Cricket Number, your Number, and any third number you want and create it.

As You Create a Group with a Duta number it automatically Sends You Commands of Cricket To subscribe to it. Simply Reply Confirmation Command to confirm You want Updates.

Bingo !! You have Successfully Submitted Free DUTA Alerts Now You get Updates from time to time With Videos Text alerts and more.

Below Are DUTA Numbers With Categories Save that Number and add it in the group To start Getting Updates.

Football +18622981942
Cricket +13146011151
WWE +917823989474
Sports +16618773068
NBA +18326774330
Tennis +919043013032
FormulaOne +917397668136
Chess +916385082633
Hindi cricket +919042015534
Tamil cricket +916385082116
Malayalam cricket +919042009508
Kabaddi +16573479005
Hockey +17635164614
Rugby +18167881456
Video Games (ESports) +916385082716

For Different Service Updates Save the below Number and add it to your WhatsApp Group. This is my Favorite service without Going to any site I do Most Of my Work Via WhatsApp.


Wiki (wiki Gandhi)Add +919043015248
to your contacts.
Then add the contact
to your group.
Currency Price (finance INR to USD)
Translate (translate French happy)
Weather (Weather London)
Daily Horoscope (astro dd/mm/yyyy)
Weather (Weather London)
Calculator (calc 60+30)
Currency Price (finance INR to USD)
Stock Price (finance BMW)
Movie Showtimes (movie 400001)
Train Status (train 12780)
PNR Status (pnr 4567894506)

For News Updates Save them below Number & Add them to your WhatsApp Group.


World News +916385081980
Tech +918056258347
India News +918754449297
Nigeria News +917397776964
Ghana News +917823938254
Modi News +17063157366
Trump News +916385135534
Hindi News +16024976781
Tamil News +16469344263
Mygov News +919940214108

For entertainment like Jokes, advice, and Bollywood Updates Save the below Number & Add it to your WhatsApp Group.


Bollywood +17729245334
Hollywood +61497592404
Kollywood (Tamil) +14783050446
Jokes +919360135841
Fashion +19044809608
Indian Deals +917397380131
Nigerian Deals +917540066021
Trivia +916385082746
Advice +19842443264
Daily Quote +14783186516

For Your Favourite Actors Updates Save it below Number and add it to your WhatsApp Group.


Salman +18056388112
SRK +13609108339
Aamir +917540045975
Hrithik +916385135616
Sunny Leone +16267806493
Anushka +916385077688
Deepika +61458635640
Katrina +917824032958
Priyanka +916385077494

Do you want to Do More and spend Time then Play a Quiz For This Save it below Number and add it to your WhatsApp Group.


CricquizAdd +12673428149
to your contacts.
Then add the contact
to your group.
To play, type name of
the game into your group.
e.g. jumble

For BHAKTI  Updates Save the below Number & Add it to your WhatsApp Group.


Shirdi Sai Baba +916385082352
Vivekananda +919360136183
Quran +12516234938
Gita +15596445961
Gurugranth +14704434783
Ramayana +917824024028
Balaji +917824059258
Ganesha +919677092429
Bible +17575978853
Jain +17723335773
Panchang +917338875698
Dalai Lama +14702652833
Gandhi +917824064012

So Guys That’s it! It is a great service By DUTA I have been using it for the last 2 years so rest assured you get the best service. If you need anything more just comment below We will be here to solve out & do’t forget to share this Blog Post with others too.

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