ICICI Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Gone are the days when we need to visit a bank branch to deposit cash in a bank account.

There are multiple ways to deposit cash in your bank account.

One of the most convenient ways to deposit cash into an ICICI Bank account is through their Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs).

ICICI Cash Deposit Machine

Now anyone having a bank account can deposit cash by visiting a CDM.

CDM machines are located at various locations throughout the country, making it easier for customers to deposit cash anytime, anywhere.

But how to find a nearby ICICI CDM?

If you search for “ICICI cash deposit machine near me”, chances are you will only see ATM in the search results.

So you might be thinking “how to find ICICI cash deposit machine near me?”

In this post, you will find out how you can find an ICICI cash deposit machine near you.

Let’s get started.

Find Nearby ICICI CDM Using the ICICI Bank Website

You can find the ICICI bank cash deposit machine using the official ICICI bank website.

You may be already using the ICICI bank website.

But do you know you can use the website to find an ICICI CDM machine?

Here’s how you can find ICIC CDM

  1. First, Go to this ICICI bank link.
  2. You can find the CDM-enabled branches.
  3. Now look for your PIN Code or your current city.
  4. You can find all CMD here.
  5. You can copy and paste the address into your Google Maps to find your nearby CDM.

How to use ICICI CDM to deposit cash instantly?

Once you find an ICIC CDM machine, you need to know how you can use it to deposit cash.

The minimum amount you can deposit is Rs.100.

Here are the simple steps to deposit cash in ICICI CDM.

  • First of all, swipe your card in the CDM machine.
  • Now enter your 4-digit PIN.
  • Select your account type.
  • Then put the money that you want to deposit in the CDM machine.
  • The machine will count the money that you entered. The amount will show on the display.
  • The amount will be deposited to your account instantly.

If the amount displayed is wrong, you can do the whole process again.

Features of ICICI CDM

  1. Instant cash deposit
  2. Balance checking
  3. Mini statement
  4. Update PAN information
  5. Paperless transactions. No need to fill out a form
  6. Accept notes 100, 500, & 2000.
  7. Cash Withdrawal (Some CDM provide this feature)

What is a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)?

 A Cash Deposit Machine is a machine that allows bank customers to deposit cash directly into their bank account.

Now many banks offer this service in India.


What is an ICICI CDM machine?

An ICICI CDM is a self-service machine that will allow bank account holders to deposit cash.

Are ICICI cash deposit machines available 24/7?

Yes, most CDM machines have a 24/7 deposit facility.

Does ICICI have CDM?

Yes, ICICI offers CDM machines.


This a guide to how to find an ICICI cash deposit machine near you.

ICICI Bank’s Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) are a hassle-free way of depositing cash into your account.

With the help of the above-mentioned method, you can easily find the nearest ICICI cash deposit machine at your location.

Now you can deposit cash without visiting and at a bank branch.

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