Take Lounge Access without Carrying Credit Or Debit Cards

Airport lounges are a haven for travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and relaxation while waiting for their flights.

But what if you forgot the physical?

Lounge Access without Carrying Credit Or Debit Cards

Earlier any travelers need to have a physical card to access a lounge.

Fortunately, we are living in the digital era.

And now you don’t need to carry your physical card to get access to a lounge.

In this post, I’m going to share how to take lounge access without using a physical card.

Let’s see what are Lounge Access Cards

What are Airport Lounge Access Cards

A lounge access card is a membership card that provides the holder with access to airport lounges. These are typically operated by airlines or individual companies.

If you have access to the card, you can get comfortable seating, complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi access, and sometimes showers and spa services.

Usually, frequent travelers grab these lounge access cards who want to enjoy these benefits while waiting for their flights.

So you can see the card is beneficial for travel.

We are living in the digital era.

Let’s see how you get how to take lounge access without using physical lounge access cards.

Common Challenges When Accessing Airport Lounges

Limited Access for Non-Elite Travelers: This is a common problem travelers face while accessing their lounge.

Many lounges are only available to travelers who have reached a certain elite status with an airline or who had a specific type of credit card.

If you want to avoid this problem you need to buy a daily pass or you have a pay an annual fee.

Restricted Hours of Operation: Some airport lounges have limited hours of operation. You can research the hours of operation for the lounges and plan your trip accordingly.

Crowded Lounges: During peak travel times some lounges become overcrowded. And it becomes difficult to access airport lounges.

You can visit lounges during off-peak hours or you can book lounge access in advance.

How To Take Lounge Access Without Using Physical Lounge Acces Card

We are living in the digital age. So we don’t need to carry the physical card itself to use it.

This will work both domestically and internationally.

Below, I’m going to share how to do it.

  • Head over to DREAM FOLKS Website by using Below Button.
  • Log in with your Number & Verify with OTP.
  • Now click on Add Card(s) (One Time).
  • After adding Card in Your account Choose your card.
  • Now browse the Airport lounge where you gona visit.

  • Now Choose lounge from all Over India Airport List.
  • Now click on Access Now & To Select how many people going with you plus other details.
  • Finally, Click on Proceed Button to generate the QR Code.
  • Show this QR code to airport lounge entry point to get Free entry & access all lounge features.

Important Points :

You need to show the QR code at the Airport to get access to your lounge.

Even you can cancel the QR code in case you face any issues.

That’s it Guys without physically carry your card you can give this QR code to any one who are going to airport lounger & ditch the Que to get access.

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Benefits Of QR Code To Get Airport lounges:

Convenience: You can easily access lounges using your smartphone without the need for physical cards or paper documents. You just need a smartphone or tablet to generate the QR code.  No need to worry about forgetting or losing your lounge access card.

Contactless entry: As you don’t need to handle physical cards or interact with staff using QR codes It’s a safer and more hygienic option.

Accessibility: Regardless of their elite status or credit card affiliations, any travelers with smartphones/tablets can easily use and access QR codes.

FAQ’s Of Airport Lounge Access:

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This a complete guide on how to take lounge access without using lounge physical cards.

You don’t need to worry if you forgot your physical card.

Now you can forget your physical card. Just kidding.

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