Banking WhatsApp Numbers (Check Balance,Mini Statement)

Today, there is hardly anyone in the country who does not use WhatsApp. In such a situation, banks have introduced various services through WhatsApp to provide more facilities to the customers.

Many banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank and Saraswat Cooperative Bank informed the customers that their queries related to the bank account, debit, and credit card can now be resolved through WhatsApp.

Banking Via WhatsApp
Banking Via WhatsApp in 2020

Due to the coronavirus, people have reduced the use of cash in lockdown. Because of which the use of Digital Banking Services has increased. Because of this, many banks have joined hands with WhatsApp.

Whatsapp banking is new invocation and in now mostly essential banking services you can perform via whatsapp. In Future you may be do all core banking also if it continues.

Now basic banking services are being made available to customers through messaging apps.

Features of WhatsApp Banking-

  • Encryption – Data will be secured through https.
  • Free service – no cost for this service
  • Easily accessible- regional language also can be used in some banks

Service offered by Whatsapp Banking-

  • Know your balance
  • Know your credit card limit
  • Instant loan facility
  • Account statement
  • Detail about the last transaction
  • FD summary List
  • Information about ATM and Bank branch
Register For Whatsapp Banking
Register For Whatsapp Banking

It is beneficial for both banks and WhatsApp. The facebook-owned social media company has taken forward its existing partnerships with some big banks. These banks include HDFC Bank, ICIC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Saraswat Bank, and many more.

Application Programming Interface (API) integration has helped banks to provide basic services such as balance inquiry, routine updates, moratorium facilities, credit card statements, and in some cases saving account opening.

The demand for such services, the reason is that during this time, branches of banks are providing only necessary services. Banks themselves are also encouraging customers to use digital services.

How to use Whatsaap Banking?

  • The customer has to send the message from his registered number to the verified WhatsApp profile number of their bank.
  • In response, you will receive a list of services from the bank.
  • After, you have to type the keyword of the service you want to take.

Below we mention some banks with their registered mobile numbers.

Check Balance Via WhatsApp
Check Balance Via WhatsApp


For ICIC WhatsApp banking you need to save WhatsApp profile Number 9324953001 in your contact list. After your number is added message <Hi> on the contact from the registered mobile number to start the service.

ICICI banking Whatsapp number
ICICI banking Whatsapp number

Then, you will receive a response with the list of services available along with the registered keyword. The registered keyword will be <stmt> for statement, <bal> for balance and many more.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra’s profile number is “02266006022”. Once you save this number, message “help” and you will get a list with services.

You can type either the number or the service, and the answer will be automatically displayed on your Whatsapp screen.


For HDFC the profile Number is 7065970659. You need to add the contact in your contact list and start the conversation by <Hi>. Once you send this you will be subscribed for the service.


HDFC bank system is working based on the question asked instead of keywords. You need to ask “What’s my balance?”. And the balance will be displayed on the screen.

Saraswat Bank

For this, you need to give a missed call on “9029059271“. You will get a welcome message from the bank and then add “8291409100” to your contact list. After, search for Saraswat Bank in your Whatsapp and text <Hi>.

And you will get the keywords to initiate the chat.

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Frequently asked the question-

The service is offered free of cost, to reduce branch visiting and reduce the load on phone banking.

If you lost your phone you can mail to the bank so that no one can use your WhatsApp banking or you can mail  to deactivate your Whatsapp so that no one can use it.

The process is highly safe, you don’t have to enter any confidential PIN, PASSWORD, Account number to avail this service.

Yes, you can directly get the option of transferring money on the conversation window, select the contact you want to send money from the clip icon. Enter the amount you want to send. Now click on the send button.

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