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Best 10 Free VCC Provider in India 2023

Online Instant Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is very trendy tool in this internet area where without sharing your original debit/credit card you can generate Virtual credit card and do safe shopping online without sharing your original bank card .

For that reason today we are gonna share working Best 10 Virtual Credit Card (VCC) provider in India For 2023 with you .

In recent time when so many online fraud happening you can protect yourself via using VCC so you must be thinking how much VCC is actually useful and why i praising for vcc so much.

apply for virtual credit card
Best 10 Free Virtual Credit Card 2023

Before we tell you all benefits and virtual card provider first tell me give you brief about VCC and how it is beneficial as lock down going over all the vcc are going to use.

What is Virtual Credit Card ?

Virtual credit card also known as VCC .Virtual credit /Debit card helps you to shop online without sharing your actual debit or credit card details .

VCC is temporary and Mostly it is free so you can generate as much VCC you want use it and destroy it .

How Virtual Credit Card is Useful ?

Virtual Card is temporary debit or credit card which you can generate online via Net Banking and use it where you wanna shop online .

By using VCC you can secure your original Card details so hacker can not steal your original details .VCC is temporary and you can generate multiple time .

Let’s Take a example : If you wanna Buy Mobile worth of 10000 from amazon or flipkart and do’t wanna share your original bank debit/credit card with online sites you can generate VCC worth of Rs 10000 from Net banking .

From Net banking you get Online Virtual card details which include Card number ,expiry date & VCC.

Use VCC details to buy your Mobile and rest assure without sharing your original bank card you have bought your product successfully .

Virtual Credit Card Benefits:

  1. Protect your original Card details.
  2. VCC is Temporary & Destroy able easily.
  3. By using VCC you can enjoy Card Cashback multiple time.
  4. VCC gives you Online Privacy.
  5. No Annual Fees or usage Charges.
  6. Zero Documentation needed .
  7. No Minimum Balance condition.
  8. Can be used Anywhere Online .

Bonus :We have added Special VCC Provider which is new and mostly do’t know about it So read it and find out which one.

How to Generate Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Online :

Now you have understand what is VCC & How it’s work let’s come on how you generate or create Online free Virtual card .

Generally VCC will be generated via net banking but now many Android & iOs app giving this facility too that means many ways to generate Online Virtual Card .

In most of the bank giving VCC option in their net banking simply you have to login your bank Net banking portal and Find e-gift card or VCC option .

Go their enter amount and generate Virtual credit card and copy VCC Details to do online shopping.

Many app giving VCC option like freecharge, pocket etc .You have to simply register in app and do KYC process to start loading money in your wallet .

As you load money you are able to generate Visa or master card Virtual card .You can use this VCC card any E-commerce site safely & Securely.

List of Top 10 Best Free Virtual Card [VCC] Provider in India :

S. No.Virtual Credit Card List
1.SBI Net Banking
2.HDFC Net Safe
3.Kotak 811
4.Digi Bank
5.ICICI Pockets
6.HDFC PayZap
7.Yes Pay
8.Paytm Payments Bank

1) SBI Net Banking

I am starting from State bank of India Virtual card service . SBI is Government bank and Providing best services today.

They are giving Virtual credit card services via SBI net banking that means if you are state bank of India customer you can login in net banking and generate Unlimited Visa Virtual Credit card online.

You Can Find VCC Option in Login >>e-services >>e-cards>>State Bank Virtual Card

free virtual credit card no deposit
SBI Virtual Credit card

From here you can set your VCC limit & select Bank account and Generate VCC . You can instantly see Visa virtual card detail in your screen copy it and use it where you want .

From SBI you can generate each time unique VCC and after using deactivate it and generate unlimited Virtual credit card .

From SBI net banking You can also generate Prepaid card ,Travel card & Gift cards also .

2) HDFC Net Safe

Netsafe is unique platform by HDFC bank .It is safe & Secure platform where you can generate Virtual debit/credit card by the help of you HDFC bank Debit or credit card details .

From here you can generate MasterCard Virtual credit card or Visa VCC. The Good thing here if you do’t have net banking details still you can generate Net Safe VCC by Debit card Details.

YouTube video

It is separate from net banking so both login are different and safe. From HDFC net safe Card you can purchase any where and you can use it where VCC not allowed .

free virtual credit card for paypal verification
HDFC Virtual credit card

From HDFC VCC Card you can also verify Paypal account too . HDFC has changed user interface so see before carefully choosing option.So Go ahead and try it .

3) Kotak 811

Now we are moving more easy solution of VCC Providers that is app based vcc . In this field again we start with banking apps which gives you banking plus VCC cards .

In this field we start with Kotak 811 App based banking app . Kotak 811 app is powered by Kotak Bank which leading bank of India .

virtual credit card app
kotak 811 VCC

Simply Download Kotak 811 Banking app from play store and make new account by your aadhar number & Mobile number after creating account you are ready to get Virtual debit card which also work as virtual credit card after loading balance in VCC.

Good thing with VCC is that non Kotak bank user also register in the app and able to use VCC instantly . For full kotak 811 service upgrade your account by manual Bio metric verification.

4) Digi Bank App By DBS Bank

Digi Bank is Very popular in India it helps many young age student. As you know Young user do’t have Bank or debit or credit card so they easily create Account on Digi bank android app and they Instantly Get Free Virtual debit/Credit card .

instant approval virtual credit card

After that they load their Digi wallet by UPI ,debit or net banking they easily use Digi Virtual credit card on any online shopping portal .

Digi Bank is back by DBS Bank which is Aisa No 1 bank so you can imagine you get full security and easy user interface .

5) Pockets App by ICICI Bank

Previously ICICI Bank also offers VCC On their net banking as SBI & HDFC do But now they closed that service and they introduce that VCC in their latest android app name Pockets .

Pockets app is new area Banking app which gives you multiple option as bank do and any one can use Pocket app and Get Virtual Card .

free virtual credit card india

In pockets app You get Virtual card as you sign up and do basic KYC you also request physical debit card without having any bank account for extra card.

You can load Pocket VCC via UPI ,Net banking ,debit/credit card etc or If you are existing ICICI Bank customer you can load directly from your bank .From this you get extra layer and extra debit card which make your online shopping more secure.

6) PayZapp App By HDFC Bank

free virtual credit card for netflix
PayZAP Virtual credit card / Debit Card

As Pocket launched by ICICI bank .HDFC bank also launch their PayZap app which offer same benefits with virtual card facility .


BHIM is Gov initiative UPI App and Indian Bank like Yes Bank using this initiative service in their BHIM YES PAY app which gives you UPI Benefits & Virtual card benefits.

8) Paytm Payments Bank

Paytm Payment Banks is newly launched bank in India . As they launched they start giving banking services to its large user base which include virtual debit card which help you greatly in online shopping.

9) Solknit (Closed)

Solknit is individual platform which are not linked by any bank directly but giving VCC facility to all it;s user and many benefits if you use solknit card.

10) EntroPay

Now I am sharing with you my one of Favorite Virtual card EntroPay . It is Foreign based Virtual card provider which works all Over world and Gives you more option than others.

EntroPay sign up process it little bit tricky but i am sure you will register easily and create your Free Virtual credit card easily .

11) OneCard

OneCard is another new Online VCC which is still in Beta stage and providing Free Virtual credit card. It is simply credit card and on sign up on the app you will get Free VCC and when you receive metal Credit card then VCC disable.

their are many new VCC provider coming in market these days ,they are providing VCC on sign up and when you will got physical credit card then VCC will be disabled so you can create account on those app & generate VCC and use it to your work.

(Bonus) ICICI Bank Virtual Card

Yes It is 2022 bonus for all of you .ICICI Bank is also giving Free virtual card to all it’s user they changed name as ICICI Expression Gift Card which work same like VCC .


You need to go specific Link to generate ICICI Expression Card and you can generate it and gift to others or use your self by sending to own.

Remember one thing You can generate this card only ICICI Net banking no other method allowed so if you are ICICI bank user go ahead and enjoy.

How can I get a free virtual credit card?

To get Free VCC you just need to use any VCC provider app like HDFC ,ICICI etc and create your account and load some money then go to card setting and generate New Free VCC.

How do I get a instant virtual credit card?

Virtual Credit Card is same Like VCC because you have to generate that amount which is in your wallet or bank available .To generate it go to your virtual provider app or web and generate it.

How To Get Virtual credit card free without verification ?

To get free VCC without verification you have to buy it from some one who is selling it online platform like ebay etc.

So Guy’s That’s it for today ! Let me know what you think about my Top 10 Free Virtual Credit card providers and In your knowledge any VCC provides do comment so we will add here and help others to. This VCC providers are updated list of 2023.

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