Jio 4G Supported Dongle, Data Card, WiFi Router at Cheapest Price

Jio 4G Data Card: 4G Technology recently got a hike in the Indian market after the launch of Reliance Jio SIM and their free offers. Many people are buying 4G LTE-enabled smartphones to try out unlimited 4G internet data and free calling offer by Reliance Jio. But not everyone can afford or want to purchase a new smartphone if they already bought one recently. So for them, buying 4G dongle seems a better option.

In this post, we are listing cheap, but best 4G LTE enabled dongle, MiFi device or WiFi router which you can use to try out Reliance Jio SIM, and it’s complimentary offers like daily 1 GB of 4G data, unlimited free calling, SMS till 2019. There are no separate jio dongle plans as of now.

Reliance Jio 4G supported dongle, MiFi and WiFi router allows Jio SIM user to enjoy 4G internet access on their PC or Mac which can be shared with multiple devices like Mobile phone, Tablet, Smart TV, Gaming console, etc via MiFi or WiFi device. JioFi MiFi Hotspot device which works on battery power allows multiple devices to connect to Jio 4G internet.

Reliance Jio 4G Dongle
4G Dongle for Jio SIM

Jio Dongle Exchange Offer: Before we go ahead to discuss the list of 4G dongles, let’s check out some information and difference in dongle, MiFi & WiFi devices.

Choose Best 4G Dongle, MiFi Device for Reliance Jio

What is 4G Dongle Jio and How it is used?

4G Dongle is a type of Internet data card with 4G LTE band support where you can insert any 4G enabled SIM to access the high-speed 4G internet. You need to plug it into the USB port of PC / Mac / Router to make it work. It generally comes with a manufacturer built user interface where you can customize your internet setting.

What is 4G MiFi & JioFi MiFi Hotspot Device?

4G enabled MiFi device is a hotspot device which allows the user to share their internet with other devices over a WiFi Hotspot connection. It has a built-in WiFi system which helps to share the internet to multiple devices at a time. Moreover, it comes in both direct AC power as well as battery power variants. You can insert your 4G SIM into this device and connect many devices at a time.

What is 4G WiFi Router & How to use it?

WiFi Routers are the network connection sharing device which allows multiple devices to connect and use the network simultaneously. If you already have a 4G dongle then sharing data comes into question. So there are two methods which are either you install some WiFi hotspot application on your Laptop or simply use WiFi device and connect anytime you want irrespective of Laptop being ON the whole time. We have added WiFi devices which come with USB ports where you can plug your 4G dongle.

List of 4G Dongle, MiFi Hotspot & WiFi Devices Supported by Reliance Jio SIM

JioFi JMR815 Wireless Data Card

Jio Dongle Price:

#Update: Jio launched it’s own Jio 4G WiFi Data Card with unlimited audio calling offer. At a time you can connect 10 devices and the most interesting part is that you can get all this at just Rs. 999

DeviceSpecificationPrice in India
JioFi JMR815 4G Data Card150 Mbps Download Speed
Audio & Video Conferencing
Unlimited Free Audio Calls
WiFi Hotspot Connectivity
Connect 10 Device
₹ 999

JioFi 4G MiFi HotspotOver WiFi: 31
Over USB: 1
IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G
Micro-SD Card
Micro-USB Port
Nano SIM
Battery: 2300 mAh
₹ 1,999

Jio Shop
Lyf Store
Huawei Unlocked E3372 LTEDongle is UNLOCKED
Speed up to 150 Mbps
All SIM Supported (Jio)
₹ 2,890

Unlocked Airtel 4G DongleHuawei Brand
Works with any network
LTE Multi Mode USB stick
Micro SD card Slot
LTE Cat 4 support
₹ 1,849

Unlocked Airtel 4G Wifi HotspotHuawei E5573s-609 Mifi Router
Works on any 2G/3G/4G network
Connect 10 devices at same time.
₹ 2,630

Huawei E8372 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Dongle4G/LTE
Wi-Fi dongle
Up to 150 Mbps
Connect up to 10 devices
₹ 3,489

TP-LINK TL-MR3420 4G WiFi RouterSupports 120+ 3G/4G modems
150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
Any number of Device
Advanced Router Setups
₹ 1,848

Huawei E5573 4G MiFi Router4G Cat4
150mbps DL
50mbps UL
10 Device support
1500mAh battery
SD Card
₹ 2,580

Huawei E8278 4G Dongle4G Cat4
150mbps DL
50mbps UL
No Battery
3 Months Warranty
SD Card Slot
₹ 3,299

TP-Link TL-MR3020 4G WiFi RouterSupports 120+ 3G/4G modems
150mbps DL, 50mbps UL
Any number of Device
2.4 ~2.4835Ghz WiFi Band
USB/AC Power
₹ 1,370


In above list, we have shared some unlocked 4G dongle, Huawei 4g dongle with WiFi support, etc. We will update this list regularly with the best price.

Use Jio SIM in 4G LTE Dongle

After purchasing 4G supported dongle, you need to make sure that it is unlocked for every SIM. If you buy 4G Dongle from above list, then you don’t need to worry about this but if you already have a 4G dongle with you like Airtel 4G Dongle which is locked for Airtel only SIM. There is much software which can unlock a dongle, but you can also unlock in your nearby electronic shop at a nominal price of ₹ 100. After unlocking you can insert your Reliance Jio SIM and configure it with JioNet access point to enjoy unlimited 4G internet benefits.

How to Share Jio 4G Data with 4G Dongle?

To share Jio 4G Internet data with other devices like mobile, laptop then there are two possible ways.

Method 1: Using WiFi Hotspot Creator.

  • Your laptop or computer must have WiFi facility.
  • Download software like Connectify or mHotspot or MyPublicWiFi.
  • This software will use your system’s WiFi to create a hotspot connection.
  • You can now connect your other devices to WiFi by connecting to your created Hotspot connection.

Method 2: Using WiFi Router.

  • WiFi Router must have USB Port.
  • Plug your 4G dongle in WiFi router’s USB port.
  • Configure network connection setting in Router’s configuration panel.
  • Now you can connect other devices and share the internet.

Why Jio SIM not working in 4G Dongle

To fix this issue, make sure your 4G enabled dongle is unlocked for all SIM. Secondly, your dongle must have support for following frequency bands supported by Reliance Jio: Band 3, Band 5 or Band 40.

Jio SIM not working on 4G Dongle with Supported Band

This issue occurs only if the network is not reaching to your area so try and check in all possible area in your home or terrace. Although Jio network is now available in many parts of India still you might face a little bit of fluctuation in connection due to the high volume of users or compact place. Some of you might be thinking that can I use jio sim in 3g dongle then answer is no, you cannot use since Jio sim supports only 4G connection & frequency bands.

Getting Slow Jio Speed in 4G LTE Dongle

Speed mostly depends on the frequency Band supported by your 4G dongle and availability of that frequency in your area. So make sure to check whether your 4G LTE dongle supports all bands supported by Reliance Jio and check in all places at your home for best available speed which comes in Band 40. Some dongle allows you to choose Band so select Band 40.

How to Choose RF Band 40 in 4G Dongle

Some dongle does not provide an option to choose Band, and they automatically select best possible Band available in your area to provide best performance and speed. But some 4G LTE Dongle has this option so choose Band 40 for the best result.

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  1. Hi Abhishek,
    My Jio 4G dongle has issues so I bought the Airtel 4G WiFi Hotspot. It does not work with Jio. You should not believe all the advertising you read. Don’t believe everything you read and if you are going to style yourself as a tech reviewer than please buy and test before recommending.

    • Sorry that you feel that way but the dongle given above are unlocked ones. If you buy Airtel 4G Dongle from an official source then it will be locked to use another sim. You need to unlock it from the market at a price of around Rs. 100 or you could have bought a pre-unlocked dongle from above list.


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