Injoy App- Earn Rs.30 Signup bonus,Refer And Earn More

Today we share the best app to earn paytm cash, here you can earn paytm cash with fun. Injoy is a lol community to read, post, share, and save a huge number of lol gifs, pictures, and funny videos. As you know currently the Internet is all about MEME which gives us a lot of laughs.

Injoy App

Read, and share, the many funny posts per day with earnings. You can also submit the post and earn by sharing and posting. So let’s start, with how to earn in the INJOY app.

Important Point Of This Offer :

  1. Earn Rs 30 On Sign Up.
  2. Rs 5 Per Refer.
  3. Minimum Paytm Withdrawal is Rs 100 Only.

Step To Download And Earn RS.30 In Injoy App

  • 1) First download the Injoy app  click here
  • 2) Now open the app and click on the ‘ME‘ tab.
  • 3) Now login via ‘Google’ (don’t try login via Facebook)
    (Congrats you get your 100 points (Rs.30) instantly.)
  • 4) Now read the post, submit a post, share it with your friends, and earn more.
    ⚪ You can also earn points by daily check-in.

Step To Refer And Earn More

  • 1) First of all click on the ‘HOME‘ tab.
  • 2) There you can see the Rs icon on the top corner of the dashboard, click on it.
    wp image 486353099
  • 5) After click, share it with your friends.

⚪One click on your shared link can win you Rs.1. Maximum: Rs.20.
⚪Every Injoy app download by clicking your shared link can win you Rs.5.

Step To Withdraw In Paytm

You can withdraw your reward into cash when it adds up to Rs.100.

1) Click on the ‘Rs icon’.

2) There you can see your earnings.

3) Click on withdraw and submit your WhatsApp and paytm no.

4) Enter the amount you want to withdraw (withdrawal must be multiples of Rs.100)

5) You get your cash within 48 hours.

Payment proof uploaded soon.


Terms And Conditions

⚪Please don’t clear the browser data during the event.

⚪Injoy has the right to block any participants who violate the rules.

⚪Injoy has the right to stop the SHARE REWARD PLAN with any participants without reason.

⚪When you use our Application, you can access the information that you choose to back up and store to delete or remove it from time to time unless we have to keep that information for legitimate business or legal purposes.

⚪The Injoy Services are not intended for children under the age of 16.

⚪Your Account can become active after being authenticated by us.

➡️ If you face any problems contact us on.

This app is trusted and used by millions of people so we recommend keep using this app and enjoy MEME plus earn money from it.

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How to earn 50 rupees in a day?

It is possible to earn 50 rupees daily by engaging in micro-tasks, providing tutoring services, or selling handmade crafts online.

Which app gives real money for referrals?

Paytm is an app that offers real money for referrals through its referral program.

How can I earn in one day?

Earning in one day depends on your skills, resources, and opportunities available to you. Common ways include working a job, freelancing, or selling products or services, but success may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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