Apply For Paytm Postpaid Service & Get Rs 10000 Credit Each Month

Paytm Postpaid: Paytm Launch New Service Paytm Postpaid where You Get up To Rs 10,000* shopping credit each month For doing Online shopping and Other Online sites which Support Paytm Payment . This Service is launch in Partnership with ICICI Bank & Paytm(One97 Comunnication).

Paytm Postpaid BANK BANNER

Paytm Postpaid service same like Credit card service where You get up to Rs 10000 Balance which you can spend without having actual bank balance at the time of shopping and You can Pay this Rs 10,000 in upcoming 15 to 45 days .

paytm Postpaid Sucesfull submit trick

Guys as You know Paytm Launching each day new services currently their Paytm Payment Bank going Popular Now Paytm Postpaid service which offer You same benefits like Other Bank Credit card do .


So in Our Opinion it is Game changer Concept which are going to change Indian Shopping Market and In future we See Many More New Initiatives.Before we start Giving step to open Paytm Postpaid Service Below is the dash board of Paytm Postpaid service and available credit Limit.

Paytm postpid dashboard

Who are Eligible To Paytm Postpaid Service:

Every Paytm Customer eligible for paytm Postpaid service But as it is Launch today Currently Only ICICI Bank user are eligible To use this service .In near Future Paytm Promise it will Give every Paytm customer this service even if you are other Bank user to.

Benefits Of Paytm Postpaid Service:

  • Get up To Rs 10,000 Spend Limit
  • Spend Now & Pay Next month
  • Rs 50 Joining Bonous
  • 0 % Interest
  • Rs 50 Joining Bonous
  • Get Exclusive Rewards

Paytm Postbank steps

Requirement To Open Paytm Postpaid Service:

  • Paytm AADHAR Verified Account
  • ICICI Bank account (Linked with same Paytm number)

Steps To Open Paytm Postpaid Service & Enjoy Rs 10000 advance shopping:

  • First Of all download and Sign in Paytm app.
  • Now Go to Profile Option in Right side Top icon.
  • Now in Profile Option Browse below You will see Paytm Postpaid Option.paytm Postpaid Option in paytm
  • Now Open it You will See benefits screen .
    Paytm Postpaid Benifits
  • Here click  Apply for Paytm -Icici Bank Postpaid
  • Now On next screen it ask your detail start Filling it .paytm Postpaid Profile detail
  • After filling all detail Proceed next.
  • Now You will Receive OTP in your ICICI Bank linked Mobile Number.
  • Enter OTP And tick both box Below On it & Click I accept Button.paytm Postpaid Profile Otp Verification
  • Bingo! You see You successfully applied for Post paid service and it approve in 2 hours.paytm Postpaid Sucesfull submit trick
  • Now wait for 15 to 20 min To approval now You are ready to use your Rs 10000 Credit.

Important Terms & Condition Of Paytm Postpaid service:


1. There are no joining fees, annual fees and supplementary Paytm Postpaid powered by ICICI Bank fees associated with ICICI PayLater Facility. ICICI Bank Limited at its sole discretion reserves the right to apply/introduce such charges in future in relation to Paytm Postpaid powered by ICICI Bank.

2. Usage:

ICICI PayLater Facility can be only used to make online INR denominated purchases on Paytm Platform and on select Merchant categories where the availability of Paytm Postpaid powered by ICICI Bank would be indicated by Paytm. Cash withdrawal option against ICICI PayLater Facility is currently unavailable.

3. Other Fees and Charges:

Late Payment Charges: Rs.50 + applicable taxes

Goods and Services Tax: Effective 01 July 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applicable instead of Service Tax. GST may be applicable from time-to-time, presently the GST rate for banking and financial services is at 18% (applicable on all fees, interest, surcharge and other charges).

4. Default Interest and Late Payment Charges:

Monthly Rate: 3% | Annual Rate: 36%

i. Default interest will be charged if the Total Amount Due is not paid by the Payment Due Date. Such default interest will be charged from the Payment Due Date till such time as the outstanding amounts are paid in full.

ii. The default rate of interest shall be 3% per month on the Total Amount Due and 36% per annum subject to revision from time to time, depending on factors such as but not limited to, credit history, purchase patterns, payment behavior and month-on book.

iii. Late payment charges will be applicable if the Total Amount Due is not paid by the Payment Due Date.

In the table given below, it has been assumed that the Total Amount Due during the previous month has been paid within Payment Due Date and there is no outstanding amount. The account statement date is 1st of every month. Given these assumptions, default interest and late payment charges levied will be calculated as below:

Purchase on 25th April, 2017: ₹ 5000
Total Amount Due on statement dated 1st May, 2017: ₹ 5000
Payment due date 15th May 2017: ₹ 5000
Purchase on 10th May 2017: ₹ 1000
ICICI PayLater Facility access temporarily blocked on 15th May 2017
Payment on 25th May 2017: ₹ 4000

On statement dated 1st June 2017, following default interest charges will be levied:
Default Interest calculations @ 3% per month for ICICI PayLater Facility
a. Default Interest on ₹5000 for 9 days (from 16th May 2017 to 24th May 2017): ₹ 44
b. Default Interest on ₹1000 for 7 days (from 25th May to 31st May 2017): ₹ 7
Default interest debited from ICICI PayLater Facility on 31st May 2017: ₹ 51
Late payment charge debited from ICICI PayLater Facility on 1st June 2017: ₹ 50

Applicable taxes will be levied on interest charges & late payment charges

5. Transaction Limit:

The Transaction Limit shall be communicated at the time of sanctioning ICICI PayLater Facility and shall also be indicated subsequently in the account statements. Available Transaction Limit is calculated by deducting the utilized limit from the Transaction Limit. The PayLater Paytm Customers shall be entitled to apply for a review / enhancement / reduction of the Transaction Limit provided by ICICI Bank, upon completion of 12 months of Tenure.

Change upon such review, if any, of the Transaction Limit shall be at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank shall at its sole discretion be entitled to review (including enhancement or reduction) the Transaction Limit assigned on Paytm Postpaid powered by ICICI Bank to the PayLater Paytm Customer at any time. Enhancements, if any, to the Transaction Limit, shall be effected by ICICI Bank only after obtaining prior written consent of the PayLater Paytm Customer.

6. Billing and Payment:

i. Billing Statements – Periodicity and Mode of Communication: All PayLater Paytm Customers will be billed on a monthly basis for all purchases made by using ICICI PayLater Facility. However, there may be no statement generated for the period in which there has been no outstanding dues and no transaction on the account in the past month. The account statement will be available on the Paytm Platform on a monthly basis. The same account statement shall also be communicated on email, if the email is updated on Paytm Platform.

ii. Total Amount Due: Without prejudice to the liability of the PayLater Paytm Customers to immediately pay all charges incurred. Default interest will be charged if the Total Amount Due is not paid by the Payment Due Date. In addition to this ICICI Bank may also temporarily block or suspend ICICI PayLater Facility of such PayLater Paytm customers.

If PayLater Paytm Customer has registered for auto debit facility for repayment of dues under Paytm Postpaid powered by ICICI Bank, then the amount due will be


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