How to Pay EMI on with Debit Card (FAQs Added)

Many Of You thinking how to pay EMI through debit card on Amazon or Flipkart because Credit cards are available Only Metro Cites. Good News is That Amazon brings EMI On Debit card service which gives us Opportunity to shop with Our Normal Debit Cards threw EMI Option.

This Amazon EMI on debit cards Offer is new So Let’s Know what was it.

EMI on debit card amazon
EMI on debit card amazon

What is Amazon Debit Card EMI Offer ?

Debit Card EMI is new trend which e-commerce Companies try to implement now with the Help of banks . As You know Debit card is different than Credit Card. In debit Card Fund is in your Bank account and you have to pay from that Fund .

EMI on SBI Debit Card for Mobile Phones (Very Easy Explanation)

If you don’t have the fund you can’t Buy Product previously But Now On Bank giving Over Draft facility to its Customer so without Having Credit Card You can Buy Any item on Bank Credits same Like Credit cards or Convert it To EMI’s.

Which Bank’s Providing EMI On Debit Cards Facility On Amazon ?

Currently, EMI On HDFC Debit card and EMI On ICICI Debit card are available On Amazon with specific terms. Amazon promises More Bank cards available slowly in Future to Give its user more Option to Pay easy installment Via Debit Cards.

hdfc debit card emi amazon
Amazon Debit Card EMI

What was Interests Rate & tenure Offering on Amazon Debit Card EMI’s :

This is Important Guys as You Know whenever You take EMI option in Credit card you have To Pay Interest rate according to choosing tenure Period .Same Concept apply in Debit card EMI’s also .

Currently on Amazon HDFC & ICICI Bank offering 6 ,9 & 12 Months easy Installment Options.

Interest Rate On Debit Card’s EMI:

  • On HDFC Bank Debit Card You have to Pay 16*%  PA Interest Rate.
  • On ICICI Bank Debt Card You Have to Pay 14* % PA Interest Rate.

HDFC Debit Card EMI Important Points:

  • Minimum Shopping to Avail Debit Card EMI is Rs 10000.
  • First installment will be deducted 30 days from date of transaction.
  • You can also Close EMI early in 3 Monthly EMI.

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ICICI Bank Debit Card EMI Important Points:

  • Minimum Shopping to Avail Debit Card EMI is Rs 8000.
  • First installment will be deducted 30 days from date of transaction.
  • You can also Close EMI early in 3 Monthly EMI.
EMI On ICICI Debit card
Debit Card EMI Amazon

So Guys I hope I made Clear every thing about Amazon Debit card EMI Service . Now I am Going to Tell You How you avail This Offer on Amazon Website and easily convert your Product in EMI option’s.

How to Pay EMI in Amazon using Debit Card

  • First Of all, Choose Your Desire Product which You wanna Buy.
  • Now To check it comes under Amazon Debit card EMI Offer Please Click EMI Button On Product Page.
Debit card EMI Selection Amazon
Amazon Debit Card EMI
  • If You see HDFC BANK-DEBIT & ICICI BANK-CREDIT which means Product are eligible.
  • Now Normally Continue Buying Process Untill Payment selection Option Come.
  • Now On Payment Selection Page You See EMI Option Click On it. (If You have Not added your HDFC & ICICI Debit card then First add it on same Page)
  • Now Under EMI option choose your debit card last Four digit Number.
how to buy mobile on emi with debit card on amazon
  • Now Select EMI Tenure which You like.
EMI Easy debit card Tenure
  • Enter CVV of debit card & Continue .
  • Now Confirm Purchase Via OTP to ensure that You are using your card.
  • Bingo ! You have Successfully converted Your amount in EMI threw DEBIT Card.
  • First installment will be deducted 30 days from date of transaction.

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  1. I already made the payment through a credit card. Did not know that the EMI option has to be selected. Is it now possible to convert to No Cost EMI. The regular EMI is about 6% more

    • You have to consult your Credit Card provider on this one. As far as converting to EMI, ICICI bank provides this option.


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