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Hello friends! We are back with new online poker app called Justice Poker. Where you can earn real money by playing poker online. In this app you can play with 1M+ real users and enjoy the Lowest Platform Fee across the Industry.

You will also get ₹100 on SignUp which can be used 100% and earn real cash. You will also get ₹50 for each person who will sign up using your Justice Poker referral link. Don’t forget to use Justice Poker Referral Code 8UHQQG2TTC to get ₹100 on SignUp.

Justice Poker Referral Code – 8UHQQG2TTC

Justice Poker
NameJustice Poker
Download LinkClick Here
Justice Poker Referral Code8UHQQG2TTC
SignUp BonusRs. 100
Referral BonusRs. 50

About Justice Poker :

Justice poker, is a poker platform that hosts real as well as free (practice) tables. It has an in-house developed technology/software (unlike others) and proves to provide a far better user experience. The platform is relatively new and has the potential to embark the enthralling users’ engagement. Consequently, they claim to have a better leg in playing poke as a skill-based game rather than a game of luck.

Also, Justice Poker is a portfolio product of Fanmade11. Fanmade11 is made up of a group of strategic business verticals, each addressing a specific audience.

Combined, they address a broad global audience and provide the foundation engaging virtual ecosystem. A few of the other names in the portfolio are League11, ScoresNow, Stress Buster Games and their recent e-sport venture wherein they host and stream console and mobile games (like PUBG aka BGMI).

Poker is a skill-based mind sport that involves strategy, deception, and a whole lot of fun! The card game is played both physically on live felts and virtually on a poker game site. Online poker has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in Indian poker game. The stakes are rising as online poker games are now played for real money in India!

Why Justice Poker?

Justice Poker Referral Code

Free Joining Bonus

Get the Joining Bonus of 100 INR to start your first table.

Justice Poker Referral Code

Hand of the Day

Surprising bonus for the best Hand of the day.

Justice Poker Referral Code

Secure Software

100% transparency in the game and you get to play with real users.

How to register on Justice Poker :

Justice Poker app download
  • Then click on Download App.
    • You might get a message that “This type of files can harm your device….” Just press OK and continue to download.
  • After downloading open the app.
  • Click on next button and you will see the button to Login with Google. (Don’t forget to apply Justice Poker Referral Code 8UHQQG2TTC otherwise you will not get ₹100 SignUp bonus)
Justice Poker register
  • After login with your google account, Enter your Player Name.
  • Now go to your Profile section and complete your KYC to get ₹100.
Justice Poker KYC
  • Click on Complete KYC
    • Enter your Phone number and verify it with OTP.
    • IMG 20211216 190033
    • Then enter your PAN Card details, image of your PAN Card and Submit for Verification.
    • IMG 20211216 190043
    • After that enter your Bank details and front page of your Passbook, Bank Statement or Check.
    • IMG 20211216 190059
    • Your KYC will be verified within 2-4 hrs.
  • When ever your KYC is completed you will recieve ₹100 Real Cash.

How to Refer and Earn :

  • To refer and earn real cash on Justice Poker go to Your Profile
  • Click on Share with Friends and share your Justice Poker Referral Link.
Justice Poker refer and earn
  • You will get ₹50 for each person who SignUp and do their KYC using your Justice Poker Referral Link.

How to Withdraw in Justice Poker:

  • To withdraw your money, click on wallet icon shown below.
Justice Poker withdraw
  • Then click on withdraw button.
  • Enter the amount your want to withdraw and click on Withdraw button.
Justice Poker Referral Code
  • Your withdrawal amount will be credited in your bank account within 2-4 hrs.

Withdrawal Proof :

Justice Poker withdrawal proof

How to Play and Earn Real Cash in Justice Poker :

  • There are 3 types of categories in which you can play
    1. SIT & GO Here you can participate in turnament in which you can earn huge winning amount while investing very less.
    2. CASH TABLE – In this catagory you can play with 4/6/8 players with real cash and earn real cash.
    3. FREE GAME – Here you can play and learn with free chips that is given daily.

Understanding Poker Basics :

Poker basics involve understanding the seating positions on a poker table, and the four stages of betting.

Seating Positions:

  • Dealer: The dealer is one of the most important position in a poker game as the button moves clockwise to the left each round. The positions are named relative to the position of the dealer button.
  • Blinds: Two players on the poker table have to pay the forced bets also called the blinds. The first player left to the dealer button is called the Small Blind and the player left to him is called the Big Blind. These positions must act first after the flop has been dealt.
  • Early Position (EP): The first three positions after the Blinds are called ‘Early Position’(EP). The position is called Under The Gun (UTG) and is the player to the left of Big Blind followed by UTG+1 and UTG+2.
  • UTG is the first playing position preflop which means that the player seated here is the first to act in a newly dealt hand before the flop.
  • Middle Position (MP): The three players who have approximately an equal number of players acting before and after them are seated in the ‘Middle Position’ (MP). Based on the total number of players on the table, they are MP, MP+1, and MP+2.
  • Late Position (LP): The late positions comprise of Hijack and Cutoff. After the MP+2, comes the Hijack, followed by the Cutoff. These two players only act after all the previous players have decided on their actions. The Dealer position is the last player to play.

Justice Poker Stages :

In each stage, one player posts the small blind and the player to his left posts the big blind. These are compulsory bets for these two players while the remaining players may decide not to bet. The small blind and big blind positions change clockwise after each hand.

Pre-Flop : This is the first stage where each player is dealt two cards face down, followed by a round of betting where you can check, bet or fold. Since Small Blind and Big Blind players have to make compulsory bets, the player acting next to the big blind i.e. the UTG position is the first to act. The UTG can act in three different ways i.e. call, raise or fold. The next player will also have similar options and once all players have acted, the chips are moved to the middle of the table and the second round begins.

Flop : After the first betting round is over, the Flop round comes where three community cards are dealt face-up on the table. Every player can use his two hole cards and the three community cards to make a five-card poker hand. The first player to act is the Small Blind. He can check. i.e. not bet anything, bet or fold. The Big Blind acts next and can either fold or call i.e. matching the small blind’s chips or he can raise. Once every player has contributed the same amount of money, the third stage begins.

The Turn: After the Flop round, the fourth community card called The Turn or fourth street is dealt face up. Now there are six cards available to the player, two in his hand, and four on the table and he/she can use any of these five to make a five-card poker hand. The action plays out exactly like the previous round.

The River : The fifth and final community card i.e. The River is also known as the fifth street is now dealt on the table. With seven cards available, every player has to make their best, five-card poker hand.

The Showdown : Betting stops and all remaining players have to show their cards. The player with the best hand wins the pot.

Justice Poker Poker Hand Rankings:

A player’s decision to bet, fold, call, raise or check depends on how strong his five-card poker hand is. For this, it’s important to understand the Poker Hand Rankings.

Poker Hand Rankings :

  • Royal Flush: This is the best hand any poker player can make and very rarely made. It has the five highest cards of a card deck i.e. Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten, all in the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: Any five cards in numerical order, all in the same suit are called Straight Flush. For instance, Queen-Jack-Ten-Nine-Eight or Eight-Seven-Six-Five-Four are Straight flush combinations.
  • Four Of A Kind: Aka Quads are four cards of equal value or rank, along with one side card or ‘kicker’. In case of a tie during a hand, the player with the highest four of a kind wins.
  • Full House: When a player makes a hand that has three cards of the same value (three-of-a-kind) and one pair of any other value, he’s said to have made a full house. For instance, a hand with three 10’s and two eights, irrespective of the suit, is a full house.
  • Flush: Any five cards, all of the same suit. Here, the numerical sequence is not important but the suit is. In case two or more players make a flush, the player holding the highest ranked card (higher flush) wins. If all five cards are the same rank, the pot is split.
  • Straight: Five cards of sequential value. Every possible straight will either contain a 5 or a 10. If more than one player makes a straight, the one with the highest-ranking card at the top of the sequence will win. Ace can be used as the highest or as the lowest card in numerical value. It can be used to make an Ace high straight i.e. Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Ten or Five-Four-Three-Two-Ace i.e. Five high straight.
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value are made. Since aces are the highest card in a deck, a player making a three of a kind with aces will have a better hand than one making a three of a kind of any card with a lower value.
  • Two Pairs: The player makes two pairs in his hand, each pair being of the same numerical value. So, a hand having two deuces and two queens will be two pair and the fifth card is the side card (kicker). If two players make two pair, the one with the higher two pair wins. If both players have exactly the same two pairs, the player with the higher kicker will win.
  • One Pair: There are two cards of matching rank or numerical value, making one pair. The suits are irrelevant here and the remaining three side cards may be of any numerical value. In a game of poker, a player with the higher one pair will defeat the player with the lower one pair. In case both have made the same pair, the player having the highest side card/kicker wins.
  • High Card: This is the weakest category where the cards don’t form a pair. A high card combo with the highest card will be superior to one with a lower-value high card.
  • Betting Rules: Play in poker centers the act on ‘betting’. Different poker variants usually have different betting patterns.
  • Poker Strategy: For amateurs and novices its advisable to start playing free games online so that they can get a real-time feel of the game. Once you get the hang of it, you can start playing low stakes cash games on various poker sites. As your confidence builds as a player, you can gradually transition to the live felts or higher stakes.

Justice Poker Contact Info :

Justice Poker Contact Number +91 9559966778

Justice-Poker Email I’d – help@justicepoker.com


In my conclusion, if you know how to play poker or want to learn poker and earn real cash then you should definitely download this app. You can also practice in this app using your free chips provide by justice poker every day to improve your poker skills or directly play online with real person and earn money. Don’t forget to download the app using my Justice Poker Referral Code / Referral Link to get ₹100 on Sing Up.

If you have any query regarding this then do let us know in the comment section. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible. And lastly keep visiting Earticleblog as you find the good offers and tricks here.

Note: Poker is a game of skill we are not promoting any gambling activity here also do own research before installing any app.

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