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Are You Aircel user then you Probably know You have to Port out your number to Other mobile service Providers because Aircel is allegedly closing all its 2G, 3G Services soon and Some places they had already closed it by not providing mobile network from few days.

Today we are Going to tell You Complete step by step Guide to Port your Aircel number By Generating UPC code Online or Offline even if you are not getting mobile signals in your Number so it is Very important Instruction Please follow to get your Aircel port number.

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Get Aircel UPC Code Online

Port Out From Aircel Online: Before we start I want to tell You as JIO enters Indian Telecom industry it brings down the storm to other network providers due to this Reliance Aircel Uninor and Other Mobile Operator decided to Close down their services that why they Given their customer notice that they shutting services and You have the option to do Mobile Number Portability.

Aircel Unique Porting Code Generation New Page (May Updated )

Link is now working again:


Below is the List of the state where Aircel Decided to Shut down their Mobile services If you are residential and you have SIM of these states you have to Port out your SIM. Are you facing Aircel network problem in Bangalore?

  1. Uttar Pradesh
  2. Gujarat
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Haryana
  5. Maharastra
  6. Himachal Pradesh

Generate Aircel UPC Code Online: Here we share Official Method to Get UPC code so you can Port your number in another network easily and if You are not seeing Tower in Your Phone Try Another method to Generate UPC code to do MNP. So follow it carefully.

If You are seeing Mobile Network on Your Phone then Try this Method to Get UPC Code.

Steps To Get Aircel port number (UPC Code) to do MNP:

  • If You are Aircel Mobile Tower then Open SMS app
  • Send Below SMS To 1900 PORT <Your AIRCEL Number>Example PORT 904440XXXX to 1900
  • As You send This command to 1900 you will Get SMS.
  • In this SMS you SEE UPC code.
  • Note down this code it will be required to do MNP.
  • Now Go nearest Mobile store and Give them this UPC Code to do Mobile Number Portability.

So Guys if You are not seeing any Aircel mobile Tower on your Phone then try this method to Generate UPC code easily.


  • Your Aircel Mobile Number
  • SIM Card Number (Last 5 digit)

Generate UPC Code in Aircel if You are not Getting Mobile Tower:

  • First of all, You need SIM number which is mentioned on the back side of your sim.
  • If you are not seeing sim number then Get this SIM number by downloading an App.
  • Download SIM Card Info app from here OR Download Aircel Sim Reader
  • Open the app here you see all details of your SIM.
    Aircel ICCID For UPC Code
  • In this, You see SIM card Serial Number (ICCID) which is Your SIM Card Number.
  • Note down last 5 digits of ICCID and Follow next.
  • Now Go this Aircel Official UPC Generation Page to get UPC code. (ekyc aircel com 444)
  • Here enter your Mobile number and Last 5 digit of SIM card number and click Generate UPC
Generate aircel upc code
UPC Generation Page Aircel
  • Bingo! You see UPC Code on next screen note down it.
  • Simply go the mobile store and give them UPC code to get the new sim or do MNP.
  • Aircel Working Method to Port OutIF you are not able to generate ekyc aircel com UPC Code via official website call Aircel customer care at state-wise cc number and give them sim number they will generate for you Aircel port number.

    • Andhra Pradesh: 9700012345
    • Assam: 9854012345
    • Bihar: 9852012345
    • Chennai: 9841012345
    • Delhi: 9716012345
    • Haryana: 9802012345
    • Himachal Pradesh: 9857012345
    • Jharkhand: 9852012345
    • Karnataka: 9738012345
    • Kerala: 9809012345
    • Kolkatta: 9804012345
    • Madhya Pradesh: 9806012345
    • Maharashtra: 9762012345
    • Mumbai: 9768012345
    • Orrisa: 9856012345
    • Rajasthan: 9782012345
    • Tamil Nadu: 9750999209 or 9551299210
    • Uttar Pradesh: 9808012345
    • West Bengal: 9851012345

    How To Port Out From Aircel To Any Network using UPC Code Method

    This is not a confirmed source and we just found this on Internet. This link is alternate link to link and may or may not be official of working. Try at your own risk. Use this new link to generate ups code for aircel.

    There is a speculation going on in telecom community that Aircel might soon announce the shutdown. Some Aircel users reported that they aren’t getting any mobile network from few days.

    Many Aircel subscribers have a huge balance in their Aircel number and are worried about what will happen with their money after Aircel shut down. Many users are even finding how to check Aircel net balance.

    Aircel Network Problem Today: Due to unavailability of Aircel mobile tower indicators, users are not being able to generate the port out code which is also called as UPC (Unique Porting Code). People are worried that why is my Aircel sim is not working. For porting out to another network like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, etc the user needs to send SMS from the number they want to port out. But in the case of Aircel, they can’t even do that without having a network.

    YouTube video

    So here is a solution to generate the UPC code for your Aircel number without the need of a mobile network. Out of two methods given, you can try any one for generating code online or over the call.

    In this matter, Aircel is claiming that they are not shutting down and this is just a technical issue with mobile tower service provider. But recently they also filed bankruptcy to TRAI so there must be something big coming soon.

    This is making customers skeptical and hence they are porting out from Aircel to another mobile network provider which is more reliable and stable.

    UPC Generation Code Aircel

    Aircel sim not showing network

    If you are wondering how to generate Aircel UPC Code Online from then here we are giving step by step tutorial. If you are going to a port out from Aircel but unable to find a way to generate Aircel UPC Code then here are two working methods.

    Using this working method to generate Aircel UPC Code Online using UPC Generation Page Aircel or another working method is by calling.

    Follow the step by step guide above to generate Aircel UPC Code Online easily.

    If you face any issue regarding how to get unique porting code for your Aircel number then do let us know in the comment section and we will try to provide you best working solution with step by step tutorial.

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    2. Not sure about the source and I don’t have Aircel SIM hence not confirmed but here is another working link from where you can generate UPC code for your Aircel number.

      Go to the above link and enter your Aircel number and last 5 digits of SIM number to get UPC code for Aircel

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    3. hello sir im aircel custember im use tha postpaid sim but not use im change tha onthery network
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