Best fantasy web series on amazon prime 2022

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to choose what to watch with so many streaming platforms and their huge catalogs. Amazon Prime Video is one of those services that has a large number of subscribers & one of the best fantasy web series on their platform.

Prime Video has one of the most complete catalogs, with hundreds of series, movies, and documentaries to watch. The fantasy genre is one of the genres that is gaining the most base in streaming .

Best fantasy web series on amazon prime 2022

The fantasy genre is becoming more popular after Game of thrones ,Vikings & The last kingdom type web series.

In fact, there are some new fantasy genre web series in the upcoming release of Amazon Prime Video that promise to explode among fantasy lovers.

Here are some of those series that we have selected for you that you would love to watch.

ListFantasy Web Series NameStreaming Link
1.The Wheel Of timeStream Now
2.LegaciesStream Now
3.Carnival RowStream Now
4.ArrowStream Now
5.The MagicianStream Now
6.Supernatural Stream Now
7.The OriginalsStream Now
8.GRIMStream Now
Best fantasy web series

8 – GRIM

This is one fantasy drama that you can definitely like if you have never seen it, you are missing out on a treat. But know that once you start watching, you won’t want to stop until the last seconds of the show.


It seems that Grimm’s stories were less about cute bedtime stories for kids and more about documenting Wessen’s true development over the centuries and it is this list of stories that Nick has learned about his classification of dangerous creatures. should be used to fight against and are often fatal.

Who hides behind the everyday faces of the people around him. Luckily, he has friends with him, including his friend Wesson Monroe and his police partner, Detective Hank Griffin. Life gets tougher for Nick as he tries to hide his secret and goes on with his normal life, but with more and more Wessen-related crimes happening in his hometown.

it becomes increasingly difficult to convince him. Especially since even Wesson can see he’s a Grimm. As the season progresses, the story delves deeper into the history of Grimm v Wessen, but it moves at an incredibly fast pace, is funny in places, gruesome in others and, overall, it’s drama, crime.

And has a wonderful balance. imagination. The cast of characters is so well developed that throughout the season it takes a mix of twists and turns to end in one complete story, with a beginning, middle and end, all wrapped up beautifully with one arc.

Watch GRIMM On amazon Prime Now

7- The Originals

The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries that focuses on the Mickelson family, Klaus, Rebekah and Eliza, the show is darker and more mature than its original series. Following a mysterious lead about an ongoing conspiracy against him, Klaus travels to the city his family helped make to New Orleans, to find out what’s going on and to stop the danger before it begins. terminates.


Klaus’s investigation leads him to a reunion with his former hero, Marcel, a vampire who completely rules the city, who has destroyed werewolves and subdued witches and humans. Claus, jealous of what his disciple found, decides to make a deal with the witches to dethrone Marcel and take back the city that once belonged to him and his brothers.

The trailer tells the entire first chapter, but don’t worry… there aren’t too many spoilers as a lot changes from the beginning of the story to the end of the season.

Stream The Originals On Prime Video

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6- Supernatural

Supernatural is a fantasy series that begins when Dean Winchester’s mother and series protagonist Sam Winchester is burned in a fire. The fire was caused by a supernatural event brought on by a demon whom they remember as a yellow-eyed demon.


After this incident, 22 years pass where now the brothers have grown up and their family is in complete disarray. Their father is completely missing in the action and the brothers’ lives are completely different. One of them, Dean, has become a hunter just like Dad. Hunter of monsters and dark shadows. Sam, on the other hand, has almost made up life with his girlfriend.

However, the girlfriend is killed just as the mother dies. All because of the yellow-eyed demon. This joins Sam and Dean, no matter how many problems they have as brothers, on a journey in search of this demon. This is where the story of both of them begins.

Gradually they find new characters, who will help them solve these predatory cases in a few chapters. Especially Bobby. That he is a friend of the family and has been with them since they were very young.

He is also my father’s friend. In this way, they realize that the only way to eliminate this yellow-eyed demon is to shoot a gun named Colt. This colt has a lot of biblical power and that’s why it is so powerful.

Stream Supernatural On Amazon Prime

5- The Magician

The dialogues in “The Magician” are a bit forced at times and the plot is not entirely clear and simple at first. The themes make it predictable on many occasions, but I think it played with that as well and we could take more than one surprise.


While technically it’s great, we don’t expect great special effects but they do meet the minimum required. The picture clearly separates the monotonous and desaturated non-magical world from the colorful and exciting magical world.

So is ‘The Magician’ worth it? Of course. If you like the genre, if you like wizards and magic in all its glory, if you like JK Rowling’s novels, you’re going to love this series because he called it ‘Harry Potter’ for adults. as baptized

Stream The Magician On Amazon Prime

4- Arrow

Arrow is a series created in 2012 and available on the Netflix streaming service. The series has 8 seasons and has been very successful with the audience. It was classified as a stock.


Oliver Queen’s achievements in the role of Green Arrow is one of the most anticipated events for all Arrowverse fans in the eighth season.

This is an AC series which when the audience starts watching, they do not stop till now, I hope you will also like this song very much.

Stream Arrow On Prime Video

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3-Carnival Row

Carnival Row: This is a series that was launched in 2019 and is already in season 2 and continues to be a benchmark of quality.


In this, a war veteran and half-disguised as a human, Rycroft “Philo” Philostrat and his love interest Vignette Stonemoss battle fa-criminals in this Victorian-era fantasy drama. This series is going to make your free time very good, so you can watch it

Stream Carnival Row On Amazon Prime

2- Legacies

Legacy is a very accessible series for those who know nothing about Vampire Chronicles or the origins. And if you like supernatural teen dramas I don’t know how to define it, you’re going to love this.


I am very happy to see it. In fact, I’ve kept it up to date since it came out, it’s one of the fantasy web series on amazon prime so I hope you can’t wait for season 2 when you watch season one of it.

Stream Now On Legacies Amazon Prime

1- The Wheel Of time

Prime video has streaming the wheel of time first season which gives us goose bump as it is story of 5 young villagers life who has destined with great adventure along side this story is also shows us how dark & white power collide with power.


Story goes back from ages and white forces has control over the world but now wheel of time is changing and dark forces coming in to the power .

The whole series never bores you ,and every charter it’s unique story which makes you super excited.

Stream Now On Amazon Prime

For that reason we have given the wheel of time first Position in our list.


Be it motion pictures or series, and individuals like to watch exciting and thrilling things. The tension of any story keeps the crowd snared till the end, and this is the justification for why individuals want to watch the series, particularly on the OTT stage. The OTT stage is loaded with such a web series.

Today, we have told you about the ten best fantasy web series. They have also taken some similar suspense which you must watch if you like this series, then share our post with your friend so that they too In their spare time, you can get a chance to watch such suspenseful and in which there is tremendous suspense and crime thriller.

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