DOWNLOAD XENDER FOR PC [ Window 7/8/10 or MAC]

How to download Xender in PC ? is a common question and today in this post I’ll explain you in details how you can use Xender in PC? You can DOWNLOAD XENDER FOR PC. Whatever is your Operating system, you can use XENDER in Window, MAC, LINUX , UNIX etc.

Here is the step by step guide with images and video on how to download Xender for PC? Just you have to follow some simple steps and then boom. You can easily transfer from your PC to any device which supports Xender like your Smartphone.


Xender in PC works without downloading additional software. I mean to say that you guys use Xender in PC without any emulator or any kind of desktop application. The methods I have mentioned below are quick to operate and easy to handle.

It is always a painful thing to use data cable for data transfer. I hope you guys like this post. Please share this post with a needy person.

Xender For PC

To use Xender in PC you have to follow some easy task, mentioned below. Get Xender for Window 7/8/10/XP/Vista and Xender For MAC OSX

Method 1 : By Using Cloud Method

Note- Use this method only if your data size if lower than 10MB. Else, move to the second method or read the note below the method 1.

  • First, download Xender App in your Smartphone.
  • Now, go to your PC and open browser (Like Chrome, Mozilla)
  • Visit
  • Now go to your Mobile, Open Xender App and tap on the left upper corner.

xender for pc


  • And then click on “Connect To PC”.

download xender for pc

  • Now you have to scan QR Code on the browser.

Xender for pc

  • Done… Now, you can share Data from Mobile to PC or PC To Mobile Easily.


Please Note That : You can’t transfer a file or video or any kind of data which size is larger than 10mb. To transfer a file having a size larger than 10MB, you need to connect your PC and Mobile on the same network. Steps are mentioned below.

  • Take the third mobile and Create a hotspot on that mobile.
  • Now, connect your Main Mobile (in which you want to share data) and your PC with that Hotspot (created on the third mobile).
  • Now, again scan the QR Code.
  • Done. This time you can share data having a size larger than 10MB.


Method 2: By Using HOT SPOT

Note: No Size limitations. You can transfer any size of data by this method.

Step 1: Open Your Xender App.

Step 2:  Tap on left Corner.

xender for pc

Step 3: Click on “Connect to PC”.

download xender for pc


Step 4: Now, click on HOT SPOT and then click on CREATE HOTSPOT.

download xender for pc

Step 5: Once you click on it, it will show some information like Wi-Fi Name and its password. Connect your PC with that Wifi and Password.

download xender in window

Step 6: Now enter the IP Address in the browser shown in the above images-

Step 7:  It will ask you for permission.

download Xender software for PC

Step 8: Check your Mobile and provide permission. TAP on ACCEPT.

xender app for pc

Step 9: Done. Now you can share your data with your PC.

download xender in computer

As you can see that on the above image, along with your Mobile Name it contains the number of images you have, the number of videos, the number of songs, documents, etc. Also, you can see the option of a folder from where you can navigate to your phone easily.


Download Xender For PC Without BlueStacks

Are you guys tired of searching the best method for Download Xender for PC? Don’t worry, here is the best one. Now you can download Xender For PC without BlueStacks.

Here the above two methods does not require any kind of emulator like Bluestacks or NOX app player. You can use these two methods without downloading any software. It is fast and easy to conncet.


Benefits of Xender For PC

  • Xender in PC allows you to share data between Mobile and PC or Computer.
  • You can share data without any data cable.
  • Easy and wireless. So, you can exchange data within a given range. With cable, you can’t share data more than 2 Meter (If you have 2-meter long cable).
  • Easy and quick way to share data with PC.
  • Free of cost.
  • Fast and no need to download any extra software like bluestacks or NOX App Player in PC.

Benefits of Xender App

  • You can share data with any smartphone, PC or Tablet easily.
  • Wireless connnection.
  • Different Mobile has a different type of port. No need to buy different data cable for different mobile. Just use Xender and share your data with the wireless network.
  • Safe and secured.
  • Fast.
  • Easy to setup connection.

Conclusion: Xender For PC

Nowadays, data sharing is one of the major concern. There are a lots of varios devices and their variant are available in the market. It is hard to manage a data cable for each particular device. And with a data cable, you need a proper driver also.

In this era, there is two most famous app in the market which makes data sharing easy and fast. Their name are Shareit and Xender. Here we are talking about Xender App.

With the help of Xender App you can easily share data with your PC. But for sharing data you need Xender For PC. Above I have describe two methods by which you can share data with your PC.

In both the methods, you don’t need to download any kind of software for PC. If you are looking for Xender For PC? then you are at right place. Just read the above two methods. There are step by step guide with images. You won’t feel any kind of difficulties. If you feel then don’t worry. Just comment down below and I’ll resolve your issue in a blink of eyes.


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